A Look At Some Of The Myths Concerning Carpet Cleaning

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A Look At Some Of The Myths Concerning Carpet Cleaning

A Look At Some Of The Myths Concerning Carpet Cleaning

There are numerous myths and misconceptions about carpet cleaning that are doing rounds. This brings about confusion in the industry, mainly affecting the clients who want their carpets to be worked on. So, let’s sift through some of them, and set the record straight.

Watch Out For These Myths:


  • New carpets don’t need cleaning


After you get that perfect carpet for your home, why should it be worked on? Shouldn’t you wait until it has begun looking soiled? No. The longer that you hold out on the carpet cleaning, the faster that new look will be lost, and replaced with a dull and unsightly carpet.

The longevity of your new carpet depends on how well it is taken care of. Being new does not mean that the unit does not come under a barrage of abuse, from everyday soiling to the occasional stains from food and drink spills. Having a regular carpet cleaning program in place for your unit will enable you to maintain the characteristic elegance of your unit for longer. 



Previously the abrasive processes and formulations used for the cleaning process would impact the fibres and wear them down – but the industry has come a long way from that. New carpet cleaning technologies have led to the development of tough but gentle formulations, and scrubbing gear that dislodges the grime without fraying the fibres. Some even reduce the necessity of the chemicals and abrasive tools, such as with hot water extraction where the majority of the carpet cleaning power comes from the temperature of the water used, and the pressure with which it is pumped into the carpet. As such, you don’t have to wry about frequently cleaning the carpet. 

Note that the carpet cleaning should be carried out by qualified personnel. Rookies or overenthusiastic DIYers are more likely to damage their carpets, with the wrong applications. The dye of carpet is key, together with the kinds soiling and stains being dealt with. The personnel carrying out the carpet cleaning should achieve the optimal balance in power needed to get rid of grime, without damaging the material being worked on. That way you won’t have a case of chemicals attacking and bleaching out the carpet, or abrasive brushes fraying the material. Engage with experts who actually know what they are doing.



Those powders that are sprinkled onto the carpets only serve as a temporary solution to keep it fresh. With many of them being developed with talcum powder, this insoluble material will remain in the carpet, increasing the amount of gunk getting stuck to the carpet’s backing. In the short term, it will bring that fresh smell to the interior space, but in the long term it will result in a higher grime build up – meaning that a deep carpet cleanging will still need to be carried out. 



Its role is to get rid of the carpet’s odours. However, just as is with the commercial deodorants, this is just a temporary solution. While the smell will be masked for a short while, it will still recur given that the source of the smell has not been got rid of. Actual carpet cleaning needs to be done, which will get rid of the problem right from the source. 


  • Carpet cleaning processes are the same – just get any


How you get the carpet cleaning done is a key determinant whether you’ll wind up with the desired results, and whether your carpet will be safe through the process.  Different techniques are used, based on the particular condition of the carpet. From dry foam cleaning, to hot water extraction processes, there will be conditions affecting the mode of operation. For instance, while dry carpet cleaning processes enable you to resume using the carpet immediately, they don’t provide a deep clean, causing it to get resoiled faster. On the other hand, with hot water extraction, the deeply buried grime in the carpet is got rid of, but there will be a drying time required. Here, professional carpet cleaning processes use drying systems, from wet/dry vacuums to air movers, to extract most of the moisture from the carpet. That which remains gets get dry off in a few hours – even just three, meaning that you can resume using your carpet within the same day that it has been cleaned. 

Hire the Right Carpet Cleaning Services

When hiring the carpet cleaners, first ensure that they are well accredited, and come with insurance coverage. The company should have a valid license to ensure that you’re dealing with the legitimate carpet cleaning business, and not some free-traveller company that shows up randomly and vanishes into the thin air when you want to make follow-ups. The insurance coverage is key since, just as is with any other industry, accidents can occur during the carpet cleaning, and you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re facing liabilities. 

Next, have a discussion with the carpet cleaning crew about the methods that will be used. This need to be clear right from the onset. From dry cleaning to wet carpet cleaning procedures, you want to know what to expect from the particular company you intend to hire. Note that the carpet cleaners will ask a range of questions before proceeding. These include asking about the type of carpet, the different stains that are on it, the presence of pets in the household, and issues like duration in which it has been since the last carpet cleaning was carried out. You should give correct answers so that the personnel can know the right chemicals that will be needed for the task. A site visit can be conducted, where the carpet cleaning crew come to your residence to assess the condition of the carpet. 

Also, be keen on the general appearance of the carpet cleaning company. This ranges from the personnel to the vehicles they use. For instance, a shabbily dressed crew that arrives is a battered truck would point something being amiss.  Their dressing, punctuality, and responsiveness when engaging them will be a sign of the level of service delivery that you can expect. 

A Look At Some Of The Myths Concerning Carpet Cleaning

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