A Look At Why Your Carpet Needs To Be Cleaned

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A Look At Why Your Carpet Needs To Be Cleaned

A Look At Why Your Carpet Needs To Be Cleaned

With the loads of grime that gets buried in the carpet, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Dirty carpets in homes are some of the common causes of illnesses, especially for households with children. The dust that keeps accumulating in the fibres, allergens that trigger reactions, contaminants that put the health of your loved ones at risk – these are not conditions that you want in your home. The carpet cleaning is key for multiple reasons, whether you’re single and have all the space to yourself, a couple who have just started living together, or you have a household with kids and the elderly. 


  • Breathe easier 


The air quality is one of the first casualties of a dirty carpet. From the living rooms where you keep sneezing and having watery eyes, to the carpets in bedrooms that have so much allergies that they bring respiratory problems while you sleep – these are issues that you don’t want to be exposed to. With the regular carpet cleaning, issues like the dust mite populations in the carpet are effectively resolved. Speaking of which, did you know that just an ounce of duct can have 40,000 dust mites? These tiny creatures are too small for the naked eye to see but they will be thriving in the carpet as they feed on the skin cells being shed by the persons in the household. The dust mites produce faecal pellets, and these will trigger allergic reactions once they are inhaled, and thus carpet cleaning is needed to remove them. 



Given that carpets can be even 4000 times dirtier than the toilet seat, this is not something that should be taken lightly. The germs crawling around can land your loved ones in hospital, and this can easily be prevented by being keen on the carpet cleaning schedule. That way, cases of infection and the discomfort and frustrations that come with them decrease. There could also be pests like mites or fleas in the carpet, brought into the house by cats and dogs from their outdoor escapades. These will hide out in the carpet, but will easily be destroyed when carpet cleaning measures like hot water extraction are undertaken.  

Has there been a person who is ill in the household? This also applies to pets, such as when dogs come down with Parvo. During these situations, it is recommended that you have a thorough cleaning of the different sections of the household, which includes the carpet, in order to protect the household members from reinfection. 



With the little ones enjoying spending time on the carpet, they are at a greater risk of being affected by the contaminants and pathogens that are in the material. There could even be lead dust that’s in the carpet, with studies showing that there is a relationship between the lead levels in the carpet and that in children’s blood. 



Mould spores lying in the carpet are a huge problem waiting to happen. In addition to being allergens, even linked to people getting asthma attacks, they will also sprout and lead to an all-out infestation if the carpet is wet for long. These incidents are witnessed when carpet is left with too much water after the DIY carpet cleaning, or of the personnel handling the task did not have machinery that was powerful enough to extract the moisture from the material. 

As the fungal growth intensifies, there will be increased cases of allergies, some strain of the fungi will produce mycotoxins, which can end up affecting organs such as the liver. The more widespread the fungi infestation in the carpet, the more difficult it will be to reverse the situation you may end up having to replace the unit – which costs you far much more than simply having the carpet cleaning carried out by a professional 



You also want a warm and cosy living space that you can enjoy and you can get that with regular carpet cleaning. When this keeps being procrastinated, the increasing grime builds up in the material, causing its elegant look to be replaced with a dull state that drags down the rest of the ambience with it. This is especially due to the large size of the carpet. This means that you can have stylish furniture, the latest hardware gadgets and state-of-the-art electronics, but if the carpet is soiled it will negatively affect the whole look of the space. With the stains they will be hard to ignore, given that they boldly stick out of the carpet, clashing with the rest of the colour and patterns of the material. Powerful carpet cleaning products that break down the stubborn stains will enable the charm and appeal to be restored to the unit. 

We’re here for your local carpet cleaning needs. Our team has been proficiently trained, and comes with vast experience to take care of the task and deliver quality results in moments. Our personnel will inspect the carpet first, and determine the right approach to take for the carpet cleaning process – from the products to use to the carpet cleaning machinery that is required. This can also have been handled with the initial in-person visit provided at the onset, when discussing the project and setting the quotation. 

With high-capacity carpet cleaning machinery, our personnel will be able to flush out the grime that is buried within your unit, and deal with those stubborn stains. They will also take note of issues in your residence that are ageing the carpet, bring these to your attention so that arrangements can be made to have them resolved. This is to avoid the need for costly repairs later on. Our carpet cleaning crew love their job, and will treat your home with utmost respect and care. They are friendly too, to ensure that you’re comfortable all through the carpet cleaning process. After all, our goal is to ensure that you’re satisfied with the whole operation, from the results obtained, to the customer service. 

A Look At Why Your Carpet Needs To Be Cleaned

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