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Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown



Carpeted floors are often neglected. People think that if the carpet is not dirty then it does not need to be washed. We disagree. A carpeted floor can accumulate alot of dirt, dust and bacteria that you cannot even see. The dirt deposits at the bottom of the carpet fibres and there it will thrive. Some of the dust can be extracted with a hoover but the smallest and most dangerous particles will stay on the carpet. Every carpet needs at least one professional deep carpet cleaning per year to refresh and sanitise, not only will this help to keep your carpets dust and bacteria free but regular care will prolong the life of your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown – How often should I wash my carpets?
It all depends on the traffic. If you have small kids or pets that are spending a lot of time on the carpet, you should wash your carpets at least twice per year. If you don’t have kids but there is still a fair amount of traffic on your carpets, you should wash your carpets once a year at least. For child minding businesses, schools, old folks homes, pubs, etc. places with high footfall, the carpets should be washed regularly. A carpet doesn’t have to look dirty to be dirty. Many commercial places complain about dust on furniture and they are constantly looking for better cleaning products, when in fact all the dust is coming from the carpets. You should consider deep cleaning your carpets once per year at least to disinfect it.

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown – Our system
Dublin Carpet Cleaning uses a hot water extraction carpet cleaning system with high water lift technology. Most of the small dust particles will deposit at the bottom of your carpet and will bond together. We will inject high pressure steam and an eco friendly carpet cleaning shampoo and carpet cleaning softener into your carpets. The heat will soften the dirt, the pressure from the pumps will break it into small particles, the shampoo will sanitise and the extraction motors will extract 98% of the moisture and dirt. Your carpets will look like new and will smell clean and refreshed. We welcome all our customers to have a look at the waste tank of our carpet cleaning machine after a deep carpet cleaning job. People are usually shocked to see what was extracted from their carpets. All that dirt was hiding inside your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown – Stain removing
Many people will expect full removal of all stains. We will try to remove all the stains but no carpet cleaning company can guarantee complete removal of ALL stains. Some food stains are very acidic or have been left untreated for too long and have caused carpet discolouration, there is very little we can do in these situations. We can fully remove or partially remove most types of food stains, coffee stains, tea stains, blood stains, urine stains, etc. We wish to avoid customer disappointment so we will always advise you if we think we cannot completely remove certain stains. We will do all we can and we will use the latest stain removing techniques and products. But the results are never guaranteed.

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown – Prices
Like in anything else, you pay little you get little. Dublin Carpet Cleaning is a very affordable carpet cleaning company that provides a great balance between high quality services and fair prices. We own top of the range carpet cleaning equipment and our carpet cleaning specialists are some of the best in the industry. Here is a list of prices for your information:

1 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning – 100€
2 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning – 120€
3 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning – 140€
4 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning – 160€

If you property is much bigger or much dirtier than usual, you should expect to pay a little more. Dublin Carpet Cleaning will provide free estimates over the phone but the price will be as accurate as the information provided initially.
We can also charge 30€ per bedroom, 45€ for stairs & landing, 45€ for living room. Our minimum order for any carpet cleaning job is 50€. We do not do jobs under this price.


Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown – Opening times
Dublin Carpet Cleaning is open 24/7 subject to good notice. We require 24 hours notice for appointments over night, over weekend or bank holidays. Same day appointments are available but subject to conditions. Our office is open standard hours but we can be contacted by email or by mobile phone all the time.

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown – Insurance
We are a professional carpet cleaning company and we comply with all the insurance legislation. We are fully insured to undertake any type of carpet cleaning job, commercial or domestic. We are covered for damages of up to 6.5 million so you are in safe hands with Dublin Carpet Cleaning. If you require a signed copy of our insurance please contact our office and we will provide you with any information that you might need.

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown – Commercial Carpet Cleaning
We are the carpet cleaning company you were always looking for. Dublin Carpet Cleaning provides high quality commercial carpet cleaning services. We are a highly regarded commercial carpet cleaning company and we have never let any of our customers down in 11 years of business. We understand that business is different than domestic and the fact that businesses only have a limited amount of time to have their carpets cleaned. We are reliable, affordable and we provide superb quality commercial carpet cleaning services. We usually price per square metre for jobs over 100 square metre or per room for smaller jobs. Give us a call and find out more information about our services.

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown – Payments
We accept cash, cheques, EFT, card payments, over the phone payments, etc. All our invoices need to be paid on the day and we can only provide credit to our regular carpet cleaning customers. Please contact us and tell us more about your project and we will see what deal we can offer you.

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown – Try us
Even if you already deal with a carpet cleaning company why not give us a call next time you need carpet cleaning services? You just never know, we could be better value and we could provide better service for less. Thousands of carpet cleaning customers who have been using our services for years cannot be wrong. We are a very customer orientated carpet cleaning company and our website was designed with our customers in mind. You can book us online, chat to us online, get invoices online, pay online, etc. We even provide a free phone line to all our carpet cleaning customers.

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown – Call us today and join our list of regulars!

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