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Carpet Cleaning Rathfarnham


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Get Your Carpet Cleaned By The Experts

You don’t want a dull, dirty or depressing carpet. No one likes working in an office with dingy carpets, and you don’t want to come home to a stained or smelly carpet. You invested a lot in it, and you want to get the most out of your carpet. Dirt and grime will accumulate in it. After all, that’s a carpet’s job- to filter the gunk and dirt particles floating in the interior air space, and scrape off whatever is at the bottom of your shoes. If you have pets, they’ll bring in their dander, and the occasional urine stains. The people in the building are also shedding skin, and there are accidental food and beverage spills. All this wind up in your carpet, and it needs a regular thorough wash. Call us in to get it done for you.

Hiring carpet cleaning services is for more than just the shine of your carpet. You also want to protect t. The dirt and grit is abrasive, and it will wear down the fibres, and reduce the texture of the material. You want to be sure that the dirt and debris are actually removed, instead of simply being pushed deeper into the carpet. This can only be achieved using the right tools for the job. That’s what our hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines are designed to do. Our deep carpet cleaning is so good you’ll seem smell and feel the difference. The professional carpet cleaning also enables you to maintain your carpet’s warranty.

What We Offer

1. Hot extraction carpet cleaning

We come with carpet cleaning machines that use hot water and cleaning solutions to remove even the deeply ingrained dirt from your carpet. We’ll remove the heavy soiling stains, dirt, pet dander, cockroach waste, crumbs and even dust mites from the fibres. The cleaning agents are pushed deep into the carpet under high pressure, to loosen the grime and soiling, and bring it to the surface, where they are then extracted from the carpet. The carpet cleaning will get rid of the allergens, thus improving the indoor air quality of your establishment. This ensures the health of your family members at home, plus customers and employees at the workplace.

2. Commercial and domestic carpet cleaning

Our carpet cleaning services will return the vibrance and freshness to your home or office, and prolong the life of your carpet. The services are available to apartments, simplexes, hotels, malls, retail stores, gyms, yoga studios, office suites, etc. We’ll remove the stains to restore the appealing nature of your carpet, and enable you to enjoy how it feels under your feet. The carpet cleaning services handle all kinds of locations, from low traffic residences to high traffic public venues, and everything in between.

3. Fast dry time

You don’t want to seal off sections of your business premises for long. You also don’t want huge interruptions in your day to day life at home. Hence you need fast carpet cleaning services. We come with the latest equipment to make that happen. We’ll finish the task in moments, and your carpet will dry in 1 hour after the cleaning is done.

4. Eco-friendly practices

Mother Nature has to be preserved, and so does the quality of your establishment. You don’t want toxic fumes in your interior space, or chemicals that will get washed into the ecosystem and damage it. We provide an environment-friendly approach to carpet cleaning- from the machinery and processes to the cleaning products used.

5. Competitive prices

You’ll get clean carpets without breaking the bank. Our services are affordable, with the cost being tailored to suit your specific situation. We consider factors such as the carpet type and size, to give you an optimal price.

6. Convenience

Our systems are online. You can book your carpet cleaning from the comfort of your home or office. Even the payment system is online. The quotations ensure that you’ll know everything you’re paying for beforehand, and there are no hidden costs down the road.

7. Customer service

We want to hear from you. Give us a call today at no cost. The phone line is free, and we’ll address your carpet cleaning needs. Our experienced carpet cleaning personnel are also friendly, and will be sure to advice you on steps you can take to prolong the cleanliness and texture of your carpet on site.


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