Dust Mites – The Bug Living Large On Your Upholstery

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Dust Mites – The Bug Living Large On Your Upholstery

Dust Mites – The Bug Living Large On Your Upholstery

With sofas, drapes, mattresses, and the pillows, looks can really be deceiving. As you lounge back on that recliner or take a nap on that cosy mattress, do you pause to think about your immediate environment, and what could be crawling around? The infamous dust mite is a resident here. It’s too small for the naked eye to see, feeding on the dead skin cells and other organic waste on the items. It doesn’t take much to start an all-out infestation, given that they can be doubling their population every 10 hours. Each egg-laying female can bring about 25-30 new mites each week. It’s not just the thought of having the mites crawling around that’s a problem.

Health risks involved

As the dust mites gorge themselves on the skin flakes being shed by the people in the building, they produce faecal pellets. The larger the population of mites in your household, the more the waste that will be there to deal with. For instance, during the 80-day lifespan of the dust mite, it can have excreted about 200 times its entire body weight in faecal matter. Just a gram of dust can hold 1000 mites and 250,000 of the faecal pellets. Then there are the dead mites themselves, that add to the growing amount of organic waste in your furnishings. This waste is a major cause of allergic reactions. 

Symptoms of dust mite allergies include an itchy or runny nose, sneezing and nasal congestion. In case one is asthmatic, then there will be more wheezing, cases of attacks. These reactions are more intense when on the units that have a higher concentration of the waste – like the sofa that is used by everyone in the household, or in your bed as you sleep at night. The mite is a primary cause of allergic rhinitis, which affects close to 400 million people around the world, a huge chunk of whose also suffer from asthma. In fact, dust mite allergies are one of the leading cause of bronchial asthma in the world, and #1 cause of perennial allergic rhinitis. It doesn’t take much to trigger a reaction in sensitive persons. Already, 70% of those with asthma are already allergic to dust mites. When children in this particular group exposed to just 10 micrograms of the allergen can have a severe asthma attack. 

Cutting down the populations of dust mites is key to protect the health and comfort of your family members. Sure, it will not be possible to eliminate 100% of the dust mites in your home. The goal here is to drastically reduce the number in order to create a healthier space and prevent allergic reactions from occurring. 

Dealing with the dust mite infestation

First, it will be important to point out their favourite spots – the warm upholstery and humid areas that have lots of dust. This tiny bug will be all over the carpets, furniture, bed pillows and mattresses. Ensuring that each of these areas has been thoroughly cleaned will make a huge difference in your home. First the bedding will need to be frequently washed, preferably in hot water. You can even incorporate dust mite laundry additives as you run the washing cycles, in order to increase the efficiency of the process. Drying at high heat also aids in killing the mites. 

Routine vacuuming is needed. Here, use higher capacity units such as HEPA vacuum cleaners, that filter the trapped allergens and prevent them from getting blown back into the airspace through the exhaust of the unit. In addition to the vacuuming, your carpets and upholstery occasionally deep cleaned. Here, since there are additional factors to consider such as the types of solutions required for the process, and heavy machinery tends to be involved in order to flush out the grime that is in the units, it is recommended that you hire professional services for the job, such as licensed and insured sofa cleaning specialists. Let’s delve more into this.

Outsourcing your upholstery cleaning tasks

Getting professional help does more than just improve the health standards of your units. For instance, the soiled units ruin the aesthetic appeal of your furniture, and no doubt you want it restored. Coming home to a dishevelled residence, with the dirt spots and stains riddling your furnishings – this is not a sight that you want to be welcoming in you home, nor are they conditions that you want to be raising your family in. Hosting guests becomes difficult when you keep finding yourself in awkward situations, reassuring them that the stains on the sofas will not get transferred into their clothes, or getting embarrassed by the odours that are emanating from your upholstery. Some even put off hosting altogether, due to worries about how the state of affairs will reflect on their personalities. Your peace of mind is also affected. You can barely enjoy a good book on the sofa or some time cuddled up with your significant other when your immediate environment is messy. Those nagging thoughts about the pending mattress and sofa cleaning chores can also get on your nerves. Hiring a professional company to undertake the task will give you back control of your living space, and restore the peace and comfort that you desire. You even get to look forward to hosting guests and enjoy the compliments that will be flowing about the space. 

The protection of your units also factors in. All that dirt and grime on the furnishings is a threat to its longevity due to the abrasion that results in wear and tear of the units. Your elegant sofa can be transformed into an unsightly squeaky version of its former self. The food crumbs and organic waste attracts insects, and even rodents, that further accelerate the damage. Since these were a heavy purchase, you want your units to last you for long. Investing in regular mattress and sofa cleaning services will enable you to enjoy your sets for longer, and retain them in optimal condition all through, without you having to incur extra costs in premature repairs and replacements. 

Dust Mites – The Bug Living Large On Your Upholstery

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