Eco-Conscious Sofa Cleaning Services

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Eco-Conscious Sofa Cleaning Services

Eco-Conscious Sofa Cleaning Services

When it comes to having the furniture cleaned, one of the issues that homeowners and business owners have is harsh chemicals being used for the process. These formulations, touted for their capacity of breaking down stubborn dirt spots and stains, end up harming the environment in the process. However, this does not have to be the case for your establishment. Technological advancements over the years have seen the shift from the harsh chemicals to products that are safe for the environment, while still delivering the required cleaning power. Natural ingredients use agents that quickly biodegrade, enabling you to have your units worked on while still playing your role in promoting green living and working conditions. 

Safe For The Building’s Occupants

Sofa cleaning processes that result in toxic fumes being generated put the cleaners and the rest of the persons on the premises at risk. Harmful residue that the kids and pets can easily pick up as they play around with the cushions – this is not a situation that you want to expose them to. As such, when hiring a sofa cleaning company to provide the service to your home or workspace, ensure that you enquire about the products and processes that will be used. While the goal is to get rid of the dirt and grime, it doesn’t mean that the persons on the premises should be put in harm’s way. 

Protecting Your Sofa

The different kinds of sofas – from the natural and synthetic fabric units, to those that come in leather, have their varying requirements. This is especially with the type of products that can be used. For instance, with the fabric upholsteries, there will be labels like W, S, WS and X on the furniture, which indicate the kinds of solutions that can be applied. W means water-based, S for solvent-based, WS upholsteries can be worked on with either of the solutions, while those with X are particularly delicate as neither water nor solvent-based solutions can be used on them. When it comes to leather, working with water actually exposes the upholstery to more damage. Products that have been specially developed for use on leather sofas are required, and the processes should occasionally be followed with the conditioning of the unit, in order to restore the lost oils from the unit. 

You want the grime to be resolved without corroding the upholstery, and you can achieve that by leaving the task to the professionals. You want a skilled team on the task, where the cleaners are trained and have experience in dealing with the different types of sofas. Let’s delve into some of the aspects you should look into when hiring a sofa cleaning company.

Pick The Right Sofa Cleaner To Take Care Of Your Needs

Given that there are numerous sofa cleaning companies out there, how do you settle on the one that will be most appropriate for your particular situation? Your goal is to have the dirt and grime got rid of, in a fast and safe manner, without having to break the bank to do it, right? In light of this, there are aspects that you need to consider:

Let’s start with the experience of the company. Here, the focus is on issues such as how long the company has been in operation, plus the training and certification of the personnel. Competition within the sofa cleaning industry is intense, so if for a company to have survived and thrived for long, it must be doing something right. What’s more, the established brands have put the appropriate structures in place, from the workforce to the processes used, in order to efficiently serve their clients. With these companies, there will also be a track record for you to assess, and it will be easy to find reviews that their current and previous customers left on the company’s social media pages. Going through the comments will show you the level of satisfaction that the customers have had after hiring the company, and it also gives you the opportunity to see how it handles complaints from customers who weren’t particularly pleased with some of the services rendered. 

Next, you want to be fully clear on the kind of sofa cleaning processes that are used. From dry cleaning and shampooing to hot water extraction, there are different measures that can be undertaken. Have a talk with the company’s representatives about the approach that they will take when handling your set. The kind of chemicals used, whether they are eco-friendly and safe for your kids and pets, how long it is expected that the drying time will take – these will all aid in enabling you to make a selection of the sofa cleaning company that is best suited to handle your particular needs. While on this point, it will be important to notify the cleaner about particularly troublesome issues that you would like resolved, like pet stains that may be on your upholstery, as these will require special attention. Your protection also comes into play. This is mainly to do with issues like licencing, where you want to deal with a legally recognised business; and insurance, where you want to be protected from liabilities in case there is an accident while the sofa cleaning is being carried out. 

Now for the cost: don’t be quick to run to the cheap sofa cleaning services. These usually end up being more trouble than they are worth. On the other hand, you don’t want to find yourself in a position where you’re paying extravagantly for the services. The goal here is to get value for your money. Compare different quotes to get a rough idea of the appropriate range for your situation. Aspects like the type of sofa to be worked on to its size will have a bearing on the cost. Recliners, armchairs, chaise lounges, to the large sectional sofas- they will have different rates. The frequency with which you’re scheduling the cleaning services also weighs in. Remember to get a written quotation before committing to the desired company.

Eco-Conscious Sofa Cleaning Services

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