Giving Your Leather Sofa Quality Care

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Giving Your Leather Sofa Quality Care

Giving Your Leather Sofa Quality Care

With the amount of money that you spent on it, no doubt you want it to last you for the long haul. Leather sofas are pricey investments, but worth every penny. The touch of class that they bring to the home, the durability of the material, plus the comfort that they provide, make them an ideal addition to the living space. While the material itself is strong, neglecting it will cause it to have accelerated wear. 

The leather sofa comes under attack from different sources, and any wear and tear on it will be highly noticeable. They ruin the appearance of the unit, affecting the rest of the decor. Take atmospheric soiling for instance. This includes everything from the dust particles that are blown into the room through the open windows and end up settling on the upholstery, airborne cooking oils and those microscopic pollutants floating around – they all accumulate in the cushions of the unit. Add this to the soiling from the gunk that is tracked into the home and winds up on the sofa, especially for households with pets, where the furry little ones go about trudging on all sources of grounds outdoors, and come hop to hop onto the fluffy cushion. The dirt on their paws is transferred to the sofa, contributing to the grime build up. Then there are the body oils from the people, and pets as well as they used the furniture. These are rubbed onto the upholstery from the skin, increasing the damage to the protective finishes that the leather furniture has been treated with. Inks from leaky pens, newspapers, denim, and other fabrics exacerbate the problems. These are all part of day-to-day life, and some can barely be avoided. For instance, you can be the most careful sofa owner, ensuring that it is spick and span, only for one unfortunately where an accidental spill occurs, creating an unsightly mess on your unit. Even the sunlight that is bathing the furniture is a threat to it, accelerating the breakdown of the protective treatments on the unit. Focus shifts to ensuring that you have a proper leather sofa cleaning program in place. 

Benefits Of Hiring The Professionals To Work On Your Leather Sofa


  • Restoring the aesthetic appeal of your unit


One of the core appeals to leather sofas is their grandiose look and feel. They bring class and elegance to any room they are placed in – and no doubt you want your unit to boost the décor of the space, not be the reason why the room appears gloomy and unkempt. While a properly maintained sofa will improve on the look and feel of the space, the soiled and stains units will drag down the ambience. Being a large structure, basically the elephant in the room, the state of the sofa will have a huge impact on the surrounding space. Professional sofa cleaning services entail the use of tough acting formulations that will dissolve the stains and break down the dirt spots that gave covered your furniture. This brings back that charm to your set, making you more proud of your space, and even eager to host guests in it. 


  • Getting rid of odours


With the organic waste that will be decomposing in the cushions and upholstery, there will be odours that will be produced. The increased bactericidal action on the material, coupled with aspects like pet fur and dander, sweat and body oils that were rubbed onto the upholstery – this will bring about musky smells to your sofa that make it uncomfortable to use. You can barely sit back to relax when you are surrounded by odours. For cases of pet urine stains, the resultant odour is so pungent that you will not even want to be in the room. What’s more is that odour becomes more repulsive over time as the urine breaks down. During the sofa cleaning, the source of the smell is first got rid of together with the rest of the soiling. Odour neutralisers then come in, to leave the unit all fresh and fragranced.


  • Leather upholstery maintenance 


Unlike other sofas, leather units require additional treatment after the cleaning procedures. During the day-to-day usage, those oils that they had been treated with gradually get depleted- which is accelerated when water is used for the occasional DIY cleaning. The result is that the sofa becomes all dry and clammy, and uncomfortable to use. If neglected, cracks begin forming. Leather is like skin- and you know how uncomfortable you feel when you skip applying the lotions and moisturisers after taking a bath going about your daily activities. Leather conditioners come in to restore these lost oils, basically nourishing the unit. That way, you will get to enjoy the soft and supple sofa for longer. 



With the DIY processes and those cases where one hires inexperienced cleaners for the task, there will be plenty of room for mistakes. Leather is particularly sensitive to the chemicals that are used to for the sofa cleaning – which is why one needs to pay particular attention to the solutions that are needed for their aniline, semi-aniline, and even nubuck upholsteries. Here, an intricate balance needs to be achieved, where you want to get rid of the tough stains and heavy dirt build-ups that are on the furniture, without posing a risk to the set. Even the machinery used comes into focus, and aspects such as the amount of water required for the process. The professionals, who have been providing the leather sofa cleaning services for years, will know the right approach for your particular situation. What’s more, they have the tools needed to accomplish the task quickly, in order to restore normalcy to your establishment sooner. Cases of prolonged drying times are avoided, and you also won’t have to strain yourself with the arduous chore that would have ended up consuming most of your day. 

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Giving Your Leather Sofa Quality Care

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