Mattress Cleaning Dublin

Mattress Cleaning Dublin

We spend an average of one-third of our entire lives cosily snuggled up on our mattress so why is it so far down on our list of priorities when it comes to cleaning?

Mattresses, just like every other part of your home, need to be regularly cleaned and properly maintained. Mattresses can suffer accidental spills and staining and they can harbour a disturbing amount of dirt, dust, dust mites, bacteria and even nasty viruses as a result.

Mattress cleaning is extremely important, we would recommend a professional mattress cleaning at least once per year in order to clean, sanitise and deodorise your mattress.

We offer:

  • A friendly and professional mattress cleaning service
  • Maximum stain and dirt removal
  • High-quality anti-bacterial products that will kill dust mites, bugs and bacteria
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Minimum order €50

€40.00 – Single Mattress
€50.00 – Double Mattress
€60.00 – King Size Mattress
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We are mattress cleaning experts. We have years of experience and expertise in mattress cleaning and offer our professional mattress cleaning services in Dublin City and County.

We are renowned for our high quality service and affordable prices. Our mattress cleaning technicians are highly skilled, friendly and professional and our services are fully insured and guaranteed.

We use only the best mattress cleaning equipment and products which have been tried, tested and carefully selected to ensure best possible cleaning and stain removing results.

Our products are eco-friendly and anti-bacterial and will kill dust mites, bugs and allergen causing bacteria.

So, if you want to sleep easy in the knowledge that your mattress is clean, fresh and bacteria free then give us a call, we guarantee an excellent mattress cleaning service at a price you can afford. We are using professional eco mattress cleaning shampoos only

Professional Mattress Cleaning Dublin
Eco Mattress Cleaning Dublin

Mattress Cleaning Dublin