Residential Sofa Cleaning Services That You Can Rely On

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Residential Sofa Cleaning Services That You Can Rely On

Residential Sofa Cleaning Services That You Can Rely On

That huge stain in the middle of the seat can be unnerving – but you don’t have to toss out the whole sofa. Simply call in our qualified sofa cleaning team to get rid of the spot, and restore the beauty to your set. We understand the value you place in your furniture, given its impact on the décor and the loads of funds that went into purchasing it in the first place. You want the dirt and stains to be removed quickly, without having to punch a hole through your wallet to get it done. We hear you. Our services have been tailored to suit the different homes and budgets, and we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art machinery and an experienced team to get the task done to the required standards. Here are more benefits you get by outsourcing your sofa cleaning task to our crew:


  • Protecting your set


First, the threat to your furniture – that dirt and grime that has been building up on it over the months, or even years, since its last cleaning are got rid of. High-powered machinery flushes out the grime from cushions, nooks and crannies of the furniture. The extraction processes used ensure that your unit is left truly clean. What’s more, we use products that will be suited to your particular type of sofa. From the natural and synthetic fabric units to those with leather upholsteries, each requires its unique method of approach. The goal is to remove the dirt and stains without damaging the underlying material. Our sofa cleaning crew are well-versed with the different types of materials, and they come with lots of experience under their belt, garnered after years of service delivery. We also invest in their professional development, to ensure that they are up to date with the advancements within the sofa cleaning niche. That way, you can rest assured that your furniture will be in safe hands, and that you will get the desired results.

Additional measures such as conditioning of the leather sofa can also be carried out. This is to nourish the upholstery, in order to restore the oils that had been lost over time, and prevent the sofa from drying and cracking. These measures go a long way in ensuring that the sofa is maintained in optimal condition throughout its life in your home. 


  • Getting rid of pet stains


While pets are cuddly and adorable members of the family, the messes they make are far from pleasant. Fluffy tinkling on the sofa comes with lots of problems. First, there’s the immediate threat of corrosion of the fibres, due to the acidic nature of the urine. As it gets absorbed by the material, its damage extends to the deeper layers of the sofa. Then there is the odour that is generated. That characteristic ammonia stench is enough to dissuade anybody from using the furniture. How can you, with that stench pervading your senses? What’s more, the odour becomes worse over time, compounding your problems. Our sofa cleaning crew will treat the spot, using enzyme-based formulations that crystallise the elements of the stain for them to be extracted, and then deodorisation follows to deal with the odour, leaving the furniture all fresh and vibrant. 


  • Eco-friendly processes


We are big on environmental care. After all, we each have a part to play in the global efforts aimed at mitigating the damage that has been caused on Mother Nature over the past centuries, for our safety and that of the generations that are to come. We use eco-conscious sofa cleaning processes, from the products that are selected for breaking down the stains and dirt spots, the suitability of the machinery used, all through to the waste disposal. That way, you will get to have your sofa worked on without increasing your carbon footprint. We’re also keen on using products that are kid- and pet-friendly, that way the little ones will be safe, all while ensuring that the grime has been effectively removed, to restore the beauty to our sofa. 



With the number of things that demand your attention in your work and social life, taking an entire day to scrub those dirt spots and stains on your sofa is certainly not how you want to spend your free time. This is in addition to the time it will take to research on the stains affecting your furniture, and the different types of products that will be needed to cater to the situation, then having to wait in line at the local dealership store to rent out the sofa cleaning machinery that will be needed. This is while there are still the inherent risks that come with DIY sofa cleaning processes. For instance, using too much water can result in shrinkage of the upholstery fabric or discolouration. There are even fabric types that shouldn’t be worked on with water at all, as it will shrink the material and ruin your sofa. The rental units also come with less capacities compared to the industrial-grade machinery that professional sofa cleaning crews rely on, as the latter are much more expensive to purchase and maintain. 

With reduced power and performance, you will already be beginning the task at a considerable disadvantage, which draws out the process – and this is certainly not how you want things panning out. Soapy residue that is left behind due to inadequate rinsing, which results in rapid resoiling that forces you to repeat the sofa cleaning, prolonged drying times caused by leaving too much moisture in the sofa, which not only inconveniences your family, but also increases the chances of mould and mildew developing – these will all end up costing you in the long run. You don’t have to trouble yourself. Our sofa cleaning crew is up the task, taking away the strain and allowing you to focus on the things you love, and accomplishing the task in a fraction of the time that the DIY sofa cleaning would have taken. 

Residential Sofa Cleaning Services That You Can Rely On

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