Selecting The Right Local Sofa Cleaning Company

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Selecting The Right Local Sofa Cleaning Company

Selecting The Right Local Sofa Cleaning Company

Is it time to get your furniture worked on? Tired of the grime that is coating the cushions, and the stains riddling the upholstery, ruining your favourite set? Are you dealing with stubborn dirt spots and stains that have adhered to the unit, defying the cleaning measures that you have taken to remove them? Has the sofa cleaning been put off for so long that you can barely remember how the furniture originally used to look like? Whichever the case, calling in the pros to take care of the job is recommended, as opposed to taking it on as a DIY task. First, it is a hefty job, and there are lots of factors to consider for it to be done appropriately. These range from the type of sofa material being worked on, the kinds of stains that are to be removed, all through to the chemicals that will be relied upon, and the machinery that will come into play. Purchasing the equipment yourself will be an expensive endeavour, and given that the sofa cleaning is not something that you plan on doing every other day, it ends up being unfeasible to have the machinery just staying in your store without much use. However, before you go out to hire a company to do the job for you, there are aspects that will need to be taken into consideration, to weed out the rookies and fly-by-night types who would simply end up frustrating you more. These include:


  • Finding out how long they have been in operation


Just like any other service, establishing how long a sofa leaning firm has been in business will give you a basis of the opinion that you will form about its quality of service delivery. The longer that a company has been offering the services, the higher the chances that you will get the expected result from the process. This is a competitive industry. For a company to thrive in it, it needs to invest in its operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. What’s more, the companies that have been around for long will be well-versed in the ins and outs of the industry, offering you practical advice and resolving issues that crop up during the sofa cleaning process. 


  • Checking the sofa cleaning chemicals that will be used


Breaking down those dirt spots and dissolving the stains will require chemical formulations to come into play. The question then becomes, what kind of products are being used? Firstly, you want to be sure that they will be safe for your future. Experience also comes into play here. A company that has been providing the services for long, and one that has a trained and experienced crew, will have a wider knowledgebase and more resources to work with. This, plus the skill level of the crew, enables them to use products that will be effective in getting rid of the soiling and stains on your upholstery, without posing a risk to the underlying material.

Do you have kids or pets in the household? Here, you will specifically want sofa cleaning products and processes that will be safe for the little ones. There is also the increased emphasis on green cleaning, which will be a major priority for clients who incorporate eco-conscious processes into their activities, and will want the same from the sofa cleaning company that is being hired.


  • Asking about the machinery involved


Giving the sofa a deep clean goes beyond simply relying on the vacuum and a couple of scrubbing brushes. Extraction gear is required, that flushes out the grime that is buried in the upholstery and cushions. Which equipment will the company be using, and what resources will it require from you? For instance, some cleaning processes involve high pressure and temperatures being required for the task, and the company may come with truck-mounted systems, which will require to be parked as close as possible to the building. Are there any prior arrangements that will be needed on your part? In case you have a pet that will get disturbed by all the machinery being used in the house, it will be prudent to notify the personnel as well, for them to make arrangements. On your end, you can as well plan to have the pet away from the house during the day scheduled for the sofa cleaning – perhaps having a family member take it out for a walk or a visit to the park, having it stay with the neighbour, or housed in the kennel. Getting the information cleared upfront will enable the process to run smoothly. 



Hearing from previous clients who have hired the company’s services will enable you to gauge the quality of service delivery. Companies with satisfied customers will have some references that you can look up. Go a step further and check out the social media pages of the company, places like its business directly listings where there is a review feature in place, and see what the previous clients had to say about the sofa cleaning business. In case there are negative reviews, how were they handled? After all, you can’t please everyone 100% of the time. Here, focus shifts to seeing how well the client’s complaints were taken care of. Did the company address the issues raised? This will show just how much the company is keen on client satisfaction. 

When it comes to the pricing, rushing for the cheap services is not recommended. Remember, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”. Rock-bottom offers may end up being costly in the long run, with everything from unlicensed or uninsured firms, bait-and-switch tactics, or outright scams that end up costing you far much more in the long run. The goal should be to get a company whose costs are justifiable, with a detailed quotation that explains exactly what you’re getting into. Comparing the costs of different service providers will give you a rough estimate of the rates expected for the particular sofa cleaning task that you want to be handled. 

Selecting The Right Local Sofa Cleaning Company

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