Why Sofa Cleaning Is Vital

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Why Sofa Cleaning Is Vital

Why Sofa Cleaning Is Vital

Your furniture comes under a barrage of abuse over the course of its life in your home. It’s where you host your guests, the kids keep jumping on it, and it provides the perfect napping spot for humans and pets alike. Hours of every evening after you come from work are spent lounging back as you catch up with your significant other and follow the day’s events on Prime-Time news. Those free weekends and days off from work are spent relaxing on it with a novel, or scrolling through social media posts on your phone. During parties, it is the go-to set, with all the food snacks and drinks involved as well. It also one of the areas that steamy couples are bound to use as their bodies get intertwined in ecstasy. All this action leads to dirt and grime building up, and unless proper care is provided, the furniture ends up fading and losing its appeal. 

Why The DIY Route Is Problematic

Giving the sofa a thorough wash is not about just grabbing any detergent and scrubbing the upholstery. This is one of those chores where any mistake can lead to costly ramifications. DIY tales are full of experiences where the situation ended up worsening, forcing the owner to call in the professionals to salvage the situation. One of the common issues witnessed is overwetting. Here, the DIYer basically drenches the sofa in much more water than is required. This leads to issues like the fabric shrinking, or the dyes that the furnishing has been treated with getting washed off. These are upholsteries that shouldn’t even be washed with water, such as those that come with the “S” and “X” labels on the furniture. With leather sofas, water also messing things up, forcing the dirt deeper into the material. 

Then there is the issues of the capacity of the sofa cleaning machinery that is used by the DIYer. This equipment is usually rented from the local stores. The focus is on usually hanging machines that will be light and more portable, for the user to easily move them around. However, this ends up compromising on the power that is needed for the task. As such the DIYer ends up working at a distance compared to the professional sofa cleaning crew who come fully equipped with industrial-grade machinery in truck-mounted systems which supply the power and pressure needed for the task. For the DIYer, the lower capacity gear that had been rented causes the task to take far much longer, exasperating them in the process. 

A combination of the rented equipment and low skill level leads to unsatisfactory results. For instance, residue that remains in the unit causes there to be fast rate of dirt build-up, forcing one to repeat the task far much sooner than had been anticipated- leading to more resources behind used in the process. Without sufficient extraction power, lots of water remains in the sofa, extending the drying time, which in turn encourages mould and mildew to grow. All this is while the task is taking up hours of your day – which is not how you plan on your weekend playing out. 

Back to the DIY sofa cleaning blunders. There are cases where the individual uses the incorrect cleaning chemical for the task. Natural fabric upholsteries, those sofas with synthetic material, and the leather unit varieties each have their own cleaning requirements. The W, S, WS and X labels on the furniture indicate the range of solutions that can be used (W for water-based and S for solvent-based), while the sofas that are labelled X should not be worked on with either, making their cleaning more of a delicate process. Harsh cleaners will damage the furniture, from bleaching out the dye to corroding the upholstery, damaging it and reducing its life. 

Giving Your Furnishings Quality Care

Our professional team come in to give your furniture a deep clean. Safe solutions and systems are used for the process, getting rid of the dirt and grime without putting your sofa at risk. The personnel have been providing the residential and commercial sofa cleaning services for years, and also keep up to date with the technological developments in the industry, to ensure that your furniture is being worked on with the appropriate approach. Tough stain removers are used to get rid of those unsightly patches that have formed on your upholstery as a result of drink spills or pet stains. Odour neutralisers come in to deal with the stenches emanating from the cushions, leaving the unit all fresh and vibrant. The systems used get to the dirt that is in the nooks and crannies of your sofa and buried within the cushions. Food crumbs, dead skin and dust mites crawling around in the unit, pathogens, contaminants and pollutants- a thorough sofa cleaning will tackle these issues and enable you to sit back and relax on your cosy sofa. 

We are also environment enthusiasts. We take our duty in conversation efforts seriously, and have structured our sofa cleaning processes to be eco-friendly and sustainable. From the products that are used, to the mode of waste disposal, they all come into play. The products that are employed for the task are also kid- and pet-friendly, and you won’t have to worry about noxious fumes being produced and ruining your indoor air quality. 

All this is done quickly, in order to reduce the disruption in your day-to-day life. We understand that you want normalcy to be restored as soon as possible. The high-capacity commercial-grade machinery that is used, coupled with the skilled nature of our cleaners, ensures the task is carried out fast without compromising on the expected standards. High-powered suction is also employed after the processes, yanking out the bulk of the moisture from your furniture, thus reducing the duration in which it takes to dry. In fact, you can resume using the sofa in same day in which it has been washed, since it will take as little as 3 hours to have dried. This also means that you will not need to worry about issues such as fungi growth or rapid resoiling. 

Why Sofa Cleaning Is Vital

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