Your Sofa Needs Quality Care Too

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Your Sofa Needs Quality Care Too

Your Sofa Needs Quality Care Too

During the usual cleaning sessions, as you focus on the surfaces and carpeting in the household, one item usually keeps being looked over – the sofa. Standing there in the middle of the living room, its large structure makes it the focal point of the space. Be it a loveseat, recliner, or sectional sofa with multiple part, it forms a core part of the decor, and should be attended to. After all, being one of the popular furniture units in the household, it witnesses lots of use. From simply relaxing after that busy day at work, your kids playing on it, the pet napping on the sofa arm, guests hosted on those cosy cushions, late-night movie marathons, and those occasional cuddles with your significant other – it all goes down on the sofa. When did you last have your unit washed? Not just the random wipe when some food crumbs fall on it, but a thorough and deep sofa cleaning that reaches to the nooks and crannies of the unit, flushing out the gunk that has accumulated on the upholstery?

The Threats Facing Your Elegant Sofa

There are different kinds of grime that accumulate the sofa. Take body oils and lotions for instance. The substances applied onto the skin get rubbed onto the upholstery whenever one uses the sofa. This is in addition to one’s own body sweat. Skin flakes too are shed. In turn, these provide nourishment for colonies of dust mites, which grow in huge colonies all over the sofa. The gross thought of the millions of microscopic bugs calling your sofa their home is not the only thing to worry about. Dust mites’ faecal pellets are allergens. These are produced in copious amounts and the tiny creatures feed on the dead skin cells, adding to the gunk that is accumulating in your sofa set. Do you have pets in the household? No doubt they love the cosy cushions of the sofa, to the extent of spending entire afternoons sleeping on them. The fur and dander that they leave behind contribute to the allergen concentration. For instance, you can have sections of the furniture- like the sofa arm, getting such a high concentration of the dander that it would trigger a more severe reaction than if you went ahead and put your face in the animal’s own fur. 

Atmospheric soiling also factors in, which includes the dust parties floating about in the airspace, gradually settling on the sofa. Pollen grains blown into the house, pollutants like cigarette smoke particles or those households with smokers, soiling that gets tracked onto the cushions by kids and pets hopping up and down the sofa – a whole mess ensues. Food and drink spills are common, especially with all the snacking that goes on while lounging back on that large sofa. The crumbs are a magnet for insects and pests. Ants crawling around, the occasional cockroach, to cases where rodents make an appearance – these are not situations that you want to encounter in your home. Calling in the sofa cleaning crew to give your unit a thorough wash will protect your set, and give you peace of mind. 

The dry soiling, being abrasive, contributes to the wearing down of the upholstery. As people use the furniture, the particles get ground against the material. Those spills that seep deeper into the cushions also oppose a risk to it, especially chemically corroding the fibres of the material. Some are particularly notorious, such as tea and wine stains, and those cases of urine stains from your furry friend who had an accident on your favourite sofa. They take away the beauty of the set, forming unsightly patches that clash with the rest of the patterns and colourations of the unit, which is not how you want things to remain. The lifespan of your sofa is also on the line, and given that it was a pricy unit, you don’t want it getting prematurely old and dilapidated. 

Get in touch with the pros

We understand the value of your sofa, and will undertake stringent measures to ensure that the grime is got rid of, without posing a risk to the set. we have a trained team that is proficient in the task, proven by the years that they have been in the industry. We are constantly investing in the development of our personnel- both personal and professional, to ensure that they are up to date with the latest in cleaning technology and measures to put in place for the different situations, and that they provide quality services to you, our client. 

Our team will evaluate your sofa’s condition, and set forth the most optimal approach to take, that will be suited for your situation. This includes analysing the level of soiling and the kinds of stains that are involved, plus the kind of upholstery material, in order to determine the appropriate approach. The emphasis is on getting rid of the grime that has adhered to your unit, those stubborn stains that are ruining the aesthetics of your upholstery, and the odours that are emanating from it, without posing a risk to the material itself. Natural and synthetic fabric upholsteries, to the grandiose leather sofas – they each have their own cleaning requirements, and you want to engage with a crew that is well versed with handling the different types of units. With us, you also get a customised quotation, which will factor in aspects such as the sofa type, size and material being worked on, the timing with which you want the sofa cleaning session to be scheduled, aspects like weekly, monthly and bi-annual sessions, once off sofa cleaning sessions, all through to those cases where emergency cleaning is required. Routine services, preparing for a family event, dealing with the aftermath of a party in your home that left your sofa in a mess – we will handle it all. 

Our goal is to ensure that you’re satisfied with the services being offered. Get in touch with us today to discuss your sofa cleaning needs, and let’s prepare a package that you will be comfortable with.


Your Sofa Needs Quality Care Too

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