10 Facts, Tips And Tricks Every Pet Owner Needs To Know About Carpet Cleaning

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10 Facts, Tips And Tricks Every Pet Owner Needs To Know About Carpet Cleaning
10 Facts, Tips And Tricks Every Pet Owner Needs To Know About Carpet Cleaning

As a pet owner, having a carpet is one of those decisions you seriously need to think about. Whether it is a cat, a hamster or a dog, you will have a much harder time keeping your carpet nice and clean. With these furry little buddies, there are three key things that you have to worry about in a house with a carpet. These are fur, potty accidents and dirt drugged in from outside. This make the responsibility of keeping the carpet clean a much bigger challenge for you. However, there are a few tips that should come in handy to ensure that you make the most of your situation. Below are a few of these as well as a few additional facts that every pet owner needs to know about carpet cleaning. 

1. Always clean up pet messes as soon as they happen

This applies mainly for poop and pee accidents. As soon as you notice the mess, make sure you clean as much of it up as possible. For poop, scoop up as much of the waste as possible and clean with warm water, soap and a wash cloth. For pee on the other hand, your immediate response should be to blot the area dry using absorbent paper. After this you may go on to use the water, soap and cloth hack. Doing this is important as it prevents permanent stains on the carpet as well as odors. 

2. Invest in pet vacuum cleaners, you won’t regret it

Pet vacuum cleaners are basically vacuum cleaners that are specially designed to deal with pet related carpet messes including hair balls, fur shedding and dirt. These are significantly more effective when it comes to regular carpet cleaning and should leave yours looking fairly fresh all the time. 

3. You will need special carpet deodorant

Whether or not the pet actually leaves a potty accident on the carpet, you will need to invest in odor neutralizers. These help to get rid of nasty smells from poop, pee and generally the animal’s natural smell. These could be in the form of sprays or even deodorant strips attached to cleaners. Whatever the case, they will come in handy to ensure that your carpet smells good all the time. 

4. Wet cleaning tramps dry cleaning any day

When it comes to dealing with stains from pet messes, water and soap are your best weapons. These dissolve the solids and solvents in the stain and allow easy and efficient removal. Dry cleaning including vacuuming only gets rid of loose waste materials including fur and dirt. This is not always enough. To get it all right in one go, simply opt for cleaning methods that include water. 

5. Avoid exclusive steam cleaning for pet stains

Despite wet cleaning being so effective in removal of pet stains, it is important to avoid relying exclusively on methods like steam cleaning that include heat. This is because it is believed that the heat causes the stains to set and makes them more difficult to remove. To get the best results, simply clean the stain with warm soapy water then go over the spot with the steam cleaner for disinfection. 

6. DIY remedies do not always work on pee and poo

The internet is full of home remedies for pet messes on the carpet, couches and other fabric based home accessories. These range from vinegar and lemon dabs to baking soda as a deodorant. To be fair, there is some truth to the effectiveness of these simple methods when it comes to dealing with pet messes. However, it is important to understand that they are only great as complements to other cleaning methods. So simply sprinkling baking soda on that pee stain does not magically solve the problem. You also need to employ traditional cleaning methods to make it all effective. 

7. Try special pet mats over the carpet

If your cat or dog has a favorite spot on your carpet, you might want to consider getting them a small mat to rest on. This allows them to chill out on the floor without leaving your carpet as furry as the pet itself. The small mats and rugs are also usually a lot easier to clean thus making your life a whole lot easier. 

8. Vacuum and clean the carpet on a regular basis

This is important as it helps get rid of pet messes on the carpet that you might not be able to see. These are basically things like fur, dirt and even pests like fleas. So do not wait for the dog to leave you a stinky carpet parcel to whip out that vacuum cleaner. 

9. Leave the deep cleaning to the professionals

Sometimes, it is best to let professional carpet cleaning crews to do the heavy lifting for you. You may choose to get their help with serious stains or with simple routine cleaning. Whatever the case, it is an investment that is fully worth it. They are equipped with the best pet carpet cleaning equipment as well as experience to help them handle any kind of mess. Working with pros also pretty much guarantees that you will get great results leaving you with a nice, fresh and clean carpet. 

10. Train your pet in order to avoid little accidents

Finally, if you have a pet and a carpet under one roof you might want to consider potty training the former. The best way to deal with the stinky messes is to prevent them in the first place. Get specific potty areas for the animal and train them to use them. That way, your lovely living room rug or bedroom wall to wall piece will not be the dog or cat’s designated bathroom spot. You should also avoid things like rewards or treats when they make messes on the carpet to emphasize that it is unacceptable. This will save you a lot. 

Bottom line

With all this information, it goes without saying that you should be able to fully enjoy the benefits of having a carpet and being a pet owner. In summary, just make sure to be consistent in cleaning and try your best to potty train your animal and you should be all good.
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