5 Habits That Will Keep Your Carpet Clean

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5 Habits That Will Keep Your Carpet Clean

5 Habits That Will Keep Your Carpet Clean

With the impact that the carpet has on the décor, you want it to remain elegant for longer. You also spent lots of money to purchase it in the first place, so you want to obtain optimal value for the amount spent. Ensuring that the carpet remains clean is key for this. From the area rugs to the wall-to-wall carpeting, they pick up loads of dirt. Left unattended, this dirt causes the material to deteriorate, looking dull and dilapidated faster. Then there are those occasional stains. Accidents happen, and your carpet is not immune to spills either. Add to this aspects such as the sun’s radiation, and the grime that is tracked into the building under people’s shoes- the carpets come under a barrage of abuse on a daily basis. Here are habits that, when practised, protect your carpet, prolong its life and preserve the beauty of your unit:


  • Invest in doormats


Preventing dirt from getting into the house is a great way to start things. Ensuring that there is a mat on all the entrances- from the front door, the door leading in from the backyard, and even the garage door will give peoples walking into the opportunity to wipe off the dirt that’s at the bottom of their shoes. This prevents dirt from being tracked in, the salt and slush picked up from the outdoors during those snowy winter months, will go a long way in reducing the rate at which dirt build up on your carpet. You can even go the extra step to have two mats at the entrance- one that’s positioned outside for the guests to wipe their shoes on, and the other on the inside where they will be able to take off their shoes without a mess being made. This brings us to the next point. 


  • The ‘No Shoes’ policy


Taking off shoes in their entirety will drastically reduce the rate at which your carpet gets soiled. The fibres of the material keep scraping off the gunk that it as the soles of the shoes, so making it a rule that the shoes need to be taken off the moment one walks into the house will avert this. Having designated slippers for wearing in the house positioned close to the door will further aid in people making the switch.  Note that the slippers or sandals that are worn in the house should not be worn outside- that would just defeat the purpose altogether. 


  • Clean up spills immediately


Sure, you can’t predict when or how they will occur. You may have simply been deeply engrossed on that show on TV, and unconsciously loosened the grip on your coffee mug- sending it sprawling to the ground, spilling its contents onto your carpet. It may be during that brunch where your friends have come over and you’re deeply engrossed in a debate with hands being waved around to emphasise the points being made- and one accidentally knocked over a cup. Kids, as they drink their yoghurt or soda, are known to keep making messes. Ink blots that have been caused by pens which were faulty end up creating an unsightly spot on your carpet. Perhaps you were applying some nail polish on your toenails as you prepared to head out for your date, and some of it dripped onto the carpet. Whichever the case, the absorbent nature of the carpet causes it to soak up the spill, and the longer that is left unattended to the more it will set into the material and become difficult to remove. Note that the different types of stains have their required method of removal, so the appropriate solution needs to be used for each situation. After all, you don’t want to find yourself causing the stain to become permanent. 


  • Get a good vacuum – and use it often


The vacuuming needs to be frequent, and for you to carry it out effectively you need a unit that is up to the task. The dust and loose debris that accumulates in the carpet is gritty. As people walk about, the particles get ground against the fibres of the material.  Usually, it’s recommended that you vacuum at least twice a week. However, for the busy households with kids running around and pets hopping up and down the premises, the vacuuming will need to be more frequently. How you vacuum also matters. Pass over each spot a couple of times, especially those that handle the foot traffic. 


  • Schedule routine professional carpet cleaning


While vacuuming is important, it isn’t enough.  Regular deep cleaning will be needed. Over time, more grime gets buried within the carpet pile, accelerating the rate of wear. The soiling adheres sternly to the fibres, and it needs to be flushed out. This calls for a thorough carpet cleaning, and not just a case of pushing the dirt deeper into the carpet and away from view- as is witnessed with the rookie cleaning companies. Getting the professionals for the task also ensures that the appropriate cleaning methods are used for your particular unit. The different types of carpets- from the pile construction to the dyes and treatments that have been used on it, call for specialised cleaning measures. The efficacy of the process used also comes into play. For instance, when it comes to hot water extraction, the machinery that is employed by the professionals has greater capacities compared to the rented carpet cleaning machines. The latter have their component parts- from the motors to the pumps, reduced in size in order to make them lighter and portable. While this makes it easy to move them around, it also compromises on the effectiveness that is needed for the process. The truck-mounted machines that are used by the professional carpet cleaning crew deliver the power needed for the process, and you get quality results delivered fast- in a fraction of the time that you would have taken had you gone the DIY cleaning route. Maintenance measures- such as stain-proofing and antistatic treatments on your unit, can also be carried out, further protecting your carpet. 

5 Habits That Will Keep Your Carpet Clean

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