5 Reasons Why Sofa Cleaning Matters

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5 Reasons Why Sofa Cleaning Matters

5 Reasons Why Sofa Cleaning Matters

As you carry out the routine chores at home, how much attention does the sofa get? When was the last time that it received a thorough, deep clean? In many cases, the upholstery maintenance just involves vacuuming, and occasionally wiping up a spill that occurs on the furniture – yet much more is needed to keep it in top shape. The upholstered furniture sets, from the armchairs, multi-seater couches, to the ottomans need to be regularly given a thorough wash. Here are some of the reasons why this is an important part of the maintenance:


  • Retain their aesthetic appeal


It’s common to find homeowners not putting much thought in having the upholstery cleaned until its appearance has significantly changed – like when it is riddled with stains, or the dirt that has been accumulating on it over time has made it too dull and dilapidated to be ignored. That gradual build-up of soiling in the unit will take away the elegant appearance, and replace it with one that drags down the décor. Do you recall how the furniture looked when it was first purchased? Actually, in many cases the homeowner gets surprised at the drastic change that occurs when the furniture is worked on. 


  • Host with confidence


This goes in line with the appearances as well. What image does the state of the furniture portray about you? You don’t want your guests coming over to find the seats all messed up, yet that is where they are expected to sit and relax, to ‘feel at home’. Questions about whether the stains or pet fur will transfer onto their clothes can be embarrassing. Odours reeking up the place, making it uncomfortable will negatively affect your visitors, and so will the allergens that give them the sniffles or trigger reactions like asthma attacks. This is not a setting that you will be confident to host in, with some homeowners choosing to cancel the visits altogether, or change the location to a different setting. Avoid the embarrassments involved and enable your guests to be comfortable by keeping to a routine sofa cleaning schedule. Let’s focus more on the health issues next. 


  • Keep health issues at bay


The dirt and grime that builds up within the furniture puts the health of those using it at risk. This is n tot just about the dust and allergens. Contaminants, mould, pollutants like smoke for those households with a family member who uses cigarettes – these all will negatively affect those on the premises. For those with pets, there are concerns about the furry little guys bringing in pests like fleas from the outdoors, which will find a suitable habitat in the cosy upholstery. Pathogens are a concern as well. When a family member is ill, chances are that they will spend time on the cosy sofa to rest and recuperate. Amidst all that coughing and sneezing there are bound to be viral loads that get deposited onto the cushions, which can then be transmitted to others touching the surfaces and putting their hands on their faces. This is an issue when it comes to pets as well. For instance, if the dogs have had a recent case of Parvo, the indoor spaces where they frequented – which will also include the sofa as well, will need to be given a through clean to prevent them from being reinfected, or the virus spreading to other dogs in the household. 


  • Give your furniture a longer life


Not everyone has the financial liquidity to toss out the furniture and replace each time it starts to look dull and work out. Others will want to retain the sofas for as long as they can, due to the sentimental value attached to it. After all, it is one of those large decor investments, and when properly taken care of can stick with you as you move through the different life stages. The soiling that builds up the furniture is a threat to it. this ranges from the abrasive dirt particles that are grinded against the upholstery material, to the food crumbs that attract insects and rodents which will accelerate the damage to the unit. Spills to are an issue, especially those where there are potent chemicals involved which will react with the upholstery fibres and corrode them. These are not issues that you want affecting your furniture and cutting down its lifespan. A routine sofa cleaning will ward off the wear and tear, allowing your furniture to last for longer, and for you to enjoy it all through. 


  • Deal with those musky odours


The last thing you want as you take a seat and relax is to be assaulted by funky odours emanating from the cushions. These will be hard to ignore, and will make day to day living uncomfortable. The odours can have different sources, from the decaying food that is within the cushions, sweat and body oils that have been rubbed onto the upholstery over time, pet odours for those with cats and dogs, smoke, all through to the pungent urine stains for those cases where your furry friend makes a mess. The stronger the odour, the more it will permeate to the surrounding rooms, ruining the indoor air quality. A deep cleaning that gets rid of the source of the odours, coupled with specialised odour neutralisers that react with the lingering smells at a molecular level and make them inert, will restore that fresh feel to the furniture sets, enabling you to sit back in comfort. 

Hire a pro for the job

The choice of sofa cleaning company will determine the quality of results that you obtain from the process. Go through different local companies to gauge the kind of rates to expect, and as you zero in on your preferred companies, ensure you also check out their reviews and ratings, such as on their social media profiles and on business directory listings. Ask about the kind of training that the personnel have received, and also look into aspects like how long the company has been providing the services.

5 Reasons Why Sofa Cleaning Matters

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