A Look At What Is Lying Inside Your Carpet

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A Look At What Is Lying Inside Your Carpet

A Look At What Is Lying Inside Your Carpet

Carpets come with lots of benefits. It’s the softest type of flooring, it muffles footsteps, and helps in insulating the room – reducing the impact of temperature swings. However, within that plush pile lies lots of grime. The very thing that brings the attributes of the carpets – the yarn fibres, also makes it the perfect grime haven, holding in both dirt and microorganisms. Without routine carpet cleaning, the concentration of the soiling and germs increases, putting the household members and structural integrity of the carpet at risk. Here is a look at what would be hiding out within your carpet:


  • Tiny bugs


They are drawn to the carpet by the food crumbs and other organic residues. Carpeted homes actually have higher varieties of insects compared to the non-carpeted homes. Some simply pass by looking for the bits of food– like the ants and cockroaches, others perch on the carpet for a moment or two as they pick up their food – the pesky fly falls under this category, and others like mites are actually pests that are usually brought into the home by dogs and cats, and they find suitable hiding grounds within the carpet. There will also be the insects that will be leaving behind body parts in the carpet, and others will be dying, turning that lush pile into a bug cemetery. It’s important to vacuum the carpet regularly – at least once a week, to get rid of the bugs. Carpet cleaning systems like hot water extractions come into kill the bugs, and flush out their waste from your unit. 


  • Skin flakes


With a person shedding an average of 1.5 million skin flakes a day, there are bound to be copious amounts of it in the carpet. The more people there are in the household, the higher the rate of the build-up. The skin flakes actually make up a majority of the dust that’s on your carpet. The gross nature of it is not the only problem. The skin flakes are one of the favourite meals of dust mites. In turn, they produce faecal pellets, that are some of the leading causes of indoor allergies. The vacuuming and regular carpet cleaning is key here as well, to get rid of the grime and keep those dust mite populations low. It’s also important that the carpet is kept dry, as the mites will thrive in an environment with high humidity. 



The absorbent carpet will readily soak up spills. This means that those occasional drink spills, will be quickly wicked deep into the carpet and reach the pad – so they need to be addressed as soon as possible. The longer the section remains wet, the higher the chances of mould growing. With the mould growths come increased concentrations of spores in the indoor air space, putting the health of your loved ones at risk. Blot up the spills are soon as they occur, and follow through with the carpet cleaning product that is suitable for breaking down the stain. Do you have lots of stains that you want dealt with, or particularly troublesome ones like wine stains or pet urine stains that have refused to come off your unit? Get in touch with the carpet cleaning professionals to come over and handle the situation for you. 



The allergens just keep on coming. Pollen grains – produced by the surrounding flora through the year and carried into the building by wind, wind up in the carpet. This one of the common causes of hay fever, and it increases the asthma flare-ups for the affected persons in the household. Weekly vacuuming is important – especially since the windows are still meant to be kept open to improve aeration. The concentrations of these allergens will be additionally kept low when you have a routine carpet cleaning schedule in place. 



For those with cats and dogs, there is the issue of tiny bits of droppings that wind up in the carpet. From kitty litter that gets tracked all over the house to waste that was picked up while out at the dog park, and transferred into the home under the bottom of your shoes or Fluffy’s paws. Speaking of which, a no-shoe policy would come in handy, where people take off their shoes immediately they get to the front door, changing into a pair of house shoes or slippers that are exclusively used in the house. 



Then there are those microorganisms that are too small for the eye to see – and the carpet has loads of them, clocking in at 200,000 bacteria on every square inch of material. For perspective, that is much higher than the toilet seat, since the latter receives more care, yet the carpet cleaning sessions are few and far in between. Increasing the frequency of the cleaning will enable you set a healthier space for your family members to thrive in.  

Get Your Carpet Worked On By The Professional

For the carpet cleaning, you want to ensure that your unit is in safe hands. There are lots of factors that should be considered during the process. One can’t simply go sloshing around any cleaning detergent on the carpet and start scrubbing away One of the mistakes made by DIYers and rookie carpet cleaning companies is working with the wrong cleaning chemicals, which end up corroding the carpet fibres, bleaching out the dyes, or ruining the protective treatments that had been applied onto the carpet. Issues like overshampooing where lots of residue is left behind in the carpet which causes it to get soiled faster, overwetting that risks shrinking the carpet material or cause it to get separated from its backing, to the carpet being let too wet that it takes days to dry – these are not aspects that you want to be forced to endure. Bringing in the professional carpet cleaning team from the word go will ensure that the task is carried out appropriately and that you get quality results at the end of the process, without you having to sweat it out. 

A Look At What Is Lying Inside Your Carpet

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