Can You Save Money With Carpet Cleaning Services?

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Can You Save Money With Carpet Cleaning Services?

Can You Save Money With Carpet Cleaning Services?

From homes to commercial establishments, carpets are exposed to plenty of dirt and grime. This includes dirt that is transferred from people’s shoes onto the capes, spills that cause stains, pet fur and dander, issues like ink blots, to food debris trapped within the fibres which attracts a horde of pests that come to pry out the material from the carpet. Corrosive liquids – be they from spills or the wrong carpet cleaning agents being used, abrasive debris that wears down the fibres – it all contributes to ruining the unit. Most of the modern carpets come pre-treated to improve the strain resistance of the material, but this does not make them immune to the effect – especially as time progresses and the treatment wears off. Routine care and maintenance is needed, and this includes everything from vacuuming to having a thorough carpet cleaning carried out. 

Hiring a professional to provide the carpet cleaning services is an investment. The carpet itself costs lots of money to purchase, and you don’t want it getting premature wear. With a professional providing a deep cleaning to remove the dirt and grime that is the main threat to the installation, your unit gets to last for longer. Ensuring this is done on a regular schedule will enable you to enjoy a fresh and vibrant carpet all through. 

Get More Value From Your Carpet

Ignoring the dirt piling up in the carpet is a recipe for disaster. The dirt and debris are abrasive, with the resultant gradual wear causing it to lose its charm and appeal – to an extent where you’re forced to consider having the carpet replaced. Buying a new carpet definitely costs more than having it cleaned. Moreover, even the new carpet will need to be properly maintained, otherwise you will find yourself in the same predicament again and end up digging deeper into your wallet. 

Mistakes made due to the wrong carpet cleaning methods have adverse effects as well. This is commonly seen during DIY processes, which start out in a bid to cut on costs, people usually end up spending more to rectify damages made. Harsh chemicals can corrode the fibres of the carpet. Incompatible formulations can result in issues like the carpet getting bleached out. There are also those who overwet the carpet, causing it to take too long to dry, such that it now creates a fungi problem which will cost more to resolve, all while putting the persons in the premises at risk. Lacking the requisite skills and effective machinery for the task, as is common for the DIY projects, thus exposes the carpet to harm, and the amounts of money spent to deal with the issues that arise will be more than the savings that could have been desired to be made. 

Note that excessive water treatments, the use of harsh chemicals or inappropriate machinery can also affect the underlying flooring. For instance, if the carpet has been laid on a wood floor and it gets soaked in too much cleaning agents, this can bring out the risk of water damage to the wood structure. This in turn forces you to incur hefty costs in making repairs – which is not a route you want things taking. 

Removing pet odours

This is a common problem for households with pets. The furry members of the family are known to occasionally soil carpets, with ramifications that can be frustrating. Those urine stains and resultant pet odours make everyone in the household uncomfortable. You don’t want to remain in such an environment, or have the guests coming into your home being accosted by the foul odours. 

Bringing in the professionals enables you to ensure that the pet stain is summarily dealt with. Going the DIY route often ends up with more damage being done than good, from harsh chemicals that break down the texture of the carpet or bleach out the dye, chemicals that end up not being safe for use around pets, all through to using deodorizers which simply mask the smell — and it will return later on. With professional pet urine removal services, the source of the odours is eliminated. The urine crystals are removed from the carpet, and odour neutralizers are also used in the process to react with the molecules of the odours and make them inert. That way you can resume having a fresh and vibrant carpet. 

When dealing with the pet stains during the carpet cleaning, an inspection is carried out. This can take different approaches depending on the tools that the contractor uses. One of the common ones is having ultraviolet light that is used to assess the area – even exposing tiny deposits that would have otherwise been missed. The formulation used for dealing with the stain in turn depends on the particular material being worked on, where the goal is to work with chemicals that are powerful enough to break down the urine stain and neutralise the odours, without posing a risk to the carpet material. 

Monetary Benefits For Businesses

With commercial establishments, placing extra care on the appearance of the working space is crucial for both the employees and customer’s experience. While commercial carpet cleaning can appear as an added expense, it actually ends up saving you more money in the long run. This is through:

  • Reduced expenses on supplies

As a business owner, you definitely keep track of your operational costs. From the utilities, marketing, and maintenance, it all affects your bottom line. Running a full-fledged in-house cleaning team adds to these expenses. Hiring permanent personnel with the skills needed to work on carpets, as well as purchasing the powerful equipment needed for the task – and ensure that it is well-maintained, will eat into your profit margins as well. On the other hand, outsourcing the task to a commercial carpet cleaning company that is already fully equipped with the right machinery for the job, as well as having their own personnel to undertake the task, will be the more economical option. 

  • HR requirements

To have an in-house cleaning crew means you’ll need to spend extra on aspects like making advertisements for the job listing, training them, as well as covering their wages and benefits. These are expenses that would have gone into other aspects of your business, to generate more value for your brand. Giving the task to a professional carpet cleaning will take away the burden, while ensuring that the premises is maintained in the required condition. 

  • Increase client confidence

Appearances matter, especially to the customers accessing your business premises. You want them to have an inviting environment, one that inspires confidence in your products or services. Whether it is an office space or retail store, the impression you make on your customers will have a bearing on their willingness to spend money on what you have to offer. Soiled and stained carpets paint your business in a negative light. On the other hand, with routine commercial carpet cleaning services, you will be in a position to have a fresh and vibrant space that shows how much detail you place on the different aspects of your business. This positively impacts the revenue growth of your operations, instead of turning off your clients and making them go to your competitors. 

  • Time to focus on what matters

Can you put a monetary value on time? When you’re running your business, you want to focus on your product offering, not keep worrying about the dirt and grime that is in the carpets. Getting on-demand commercial carpet cleaning services from a qualified contractor will enable you to focus on other spaces of your business, with the peace of mind that your working space is being handled by the experts. 


How Carpet Cleaning Helps Deal With Allergies

One of the carpet’s main functions is “cleaning” the indoor air. Basically, the dust particles, pollen and other debris are gradually trapped by the carpet, locking them out of the circulating air. This is actually one of the reasons why carpets are a popular flooring material. However, their capacity for locking in the particulate matter is not endless. The longer that the carpet goes without vacuuming and cleaning, the higher the concentration of allergens that will be in the carpet. This means they are easily dislodged from the fibres and kicked back into the indoor air space as people walk about. The problem gets compounded because now you will have a higher concentration of allergens in the premises, triggering more reactions. 

The more clogged that the carpet gets with dust and dirt, the more the airborne particles that will end up circulating in the affected rooms. Ensuring that the deep carpet cleaning is done regularly will boost the effectiveness of the unit in promoting safer indoor air. With methods like hot water extraction, you can rest assured that the grime will have been flushed out of the carpet, enhancing the health standards of the premises.


Determining The Carpet Cleaning Frequency

So how often should professional cleaning be carried out on your carpet? This depends on the particular premises in which the carpet is, especially the levels of traffic it handles. For instance, in homes the carpet needs to be typically cleaned every 6-12 months, but more sessions will be needed for those households with kids and pets, since these see higher levels of dirt building up. In business environments, you have people from all walks of life coming onto the premises, tracking in dirt which is readily trapped within the carpet’s fibres. With more pollutants and contaminants involved, higher chances of spillages, and the need to have a well-maintained environment for your employees and customers, then the commercial carpet cleaning sessions will have to be more frequent – even multiple times a month if needed. 

Some signs to watch out for include:

  • Visible soiling, where there are dirt patches on the carpet, or the carpet is becoming dull and losing its lustre
  • Increased cases of allergic reactions – like occupants keeping on getting watery eyes and discomfort in the throat, coughing, and cases of more asthma attacks for those with the condition. These point to the presence of more irritants in the indoor space, and the carpet definitely will have a majority of the particulate matter. 
  • Smells emanating from the carpet – With odours stinking up the premises daily, the carpet is a prime suspect. They can be caused by the presence of decaying organic matter in the carpet, the mould that is developing within the material due to spills that soaked into the carpet and weren’t attended to, carpet odour from the danger that they leave behind on the carpet, or even those unfortunate cases of pet urine stains. One key step in creating a conducive environment in your home or workplace is by getting rid of the odours that are ruining the indoor air quality. 
  • Stubborn stains that are frustrating to get rid of – You will eventually have to contend with stains on the carpet, regardless of how careful one is. All it takes is a simple accident – especially with meals and beverages, for a spill to occur and stain your carpet. Or those with pets, there is also the risk of urine stains. Stains that are tended to immediately are usually easy to remove. The longer that they remain on the carpet, the more frustrating they are to deal with. However, having multiple stubborn stains on the carpet doesn’t mean all is lost. The professional carpet cleaning contractors come with the necessary formulations and machinery to deal with those difficult spots. 
  • Duration since the last round of carpet cleaning – Can you member when you last had your carpet thoroughly washed by a professional? The change in appearance of the carpet is gradual as dirt slowly builds up in it, such that the homeowner may not even notice the difference between how the carpet looked months ago, and its current state. There are even cases of the carpet having odours that the residents don’t notice, and it takes a guest coming over and pointing it out for them to realise something is amiss. Carpet manufacturers usually indicate that the units should be cleaned once or twice a year by a professional, with many including this as part of the conditions of their warranty. 

Can You Save Money With Carpet Cleaning Services?

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