Carpet Care And Why You Should Hire Experts For The Cleaning

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Carpet Care And Why You Should Hire Experts For The Cleaning

Carpet Care And Why You Should Hire Experts For The Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are different factors that need to be considered. Firstly, what kind of material is being worked on? The different natural and synthetic fabrics have their preferred cleaning processes. Using chemicals with the wrong pH for the carpet cleaning can easily corrode the material. Cases of the dyes that carpets have been treated with getting bleached out, stains being made to set more permanently into the fabric – these are not issues you want to face, and they are commonly witnessed during the DIY carpet cleaning jobs. Another oversight that the enthusiast DIYers usually make is overwetting the carpet. This can result in different outcomes, ranging from the material of the carpet shrinking, to delamination, where it gets separated from its backing. With overwetting, and cases where the drying processes are not effective such that too much moisture is left in the carpet, it will take days to dry naturally, exposing it to risks of mould and mildew growing. This will cause stains to form, and release spores and mycotoxins that reduce the indoor air quality, putting the health of the household members at risk. 

What of the workload involved? Carpet cleaning is not a walk in the park, especially if one doesn’t have the required skills and machinery for the task. You don’t want to spend hours scrubbing at stubborn stains that refuse to come off, or sweat it out for a whole day only to leave residue within the lush pile. The residue causes more dirt to build up at a faster rate, which makes a mockery of your carpet cleaning efforts. 

The capacity of the machinery itself is also a cause for concern, given that local dealerships usually have carpet cleaning gear that has lower capacity compared to the industrial-grade machinery that the professional carpet cleaning businesses use. This is usually in a bid to make them lighter, portable, and less expensive – which ends up compromising on the effectiveness of the process. Instead of working at a disadvantage, simply hire the pros who have already invested in the high-grade machinery for the task, as they use them to serve residential and commercial carpet cleaning clients alike. 

Your peace of mind is also vital. With the carpet is all dirty and stained, it makes the residence appear chaotic, and the pending chore keeps nagging at your mind. Since you can’t escape it – as you will be seeing the carpet each time you walk into the room, it will be a constant reminder that the carpet cleaning is needed, preventing you from being able to fully relax. the dull look at results from the grime build-ups negatively affects the décor – which you had worked hard to set up, further adding to your troubles. Even the hosting is affected. After all, when you have guests over, you want them to feel comfortable and at home, and that will be difficult when there are odours emanating from the carpet, or they keep sneezing and having nasal congestion because of the allergens getting kicked up from the soiled carpet. Some guests will not shy away from pointing out the stains that are on the unit, asking what caused them – and you end up getting embarrassed in the process. Speaking of which, the soiled spots on the carpet reflects negatively on one’s personality, such that are there those who choose to skip having guests over altogether. Even relationships get strained – especially with the arguments that come from the cleanliness of the home being neglected. It can be the trigger or fuel for disagreements, which is not how you want things playing out. Get the burden of the carpet cleaning off your back by calling in the professionals to take care of it for you.

How Many Times Should The Carpet Be Cleaned?

This largely depends on the traffic levels handled by the carpet. Issues like the presence of a furnace in the house also come into play, due to the ash and wood debris that gets transferred onto the carpet. The common take is that carpets should be vacuumed twice every week, and given a professional cleaning at least once a year. However, as mentioned, the specific schedule that will be suited for your situation will depend on factors that are particular to your needs. Let’s look at a general breakdown:



This is for those households where there are few people in the house – like for singles in thier apartments, or coupes that have just started living together. The vacuuming can be done once a week, and the professional carpet cleaning scheduled at least once every 12 months.



As the family grows, with the kids showing up or when you have the elderly living with you, then the maintenance should be more frequent. This is due to the increased rate of spills and dirt winding up on the carpet, plus the fact that that there are higher health risks, and more care needs to be undertaken. It’s recommended that the vacuuming gets carried out twice a week, and the carpet cleaning undertaken at least twice a year. 



When you add pets to the picture, then there will be copious mounds of fur and dander, from the dirt brought into the house as Fluffy goes on his escapades outside, to the seasonal shedding that the pets are known for. Cases of pests like mites and fleas being brought into the home are also an issue,  as these tiny creatures will find suitable living conditions in the carpet. Households with persons who smoke also fall in this category. Here, the vacuuming should be carried out two to four times a week, and the deep carpet cleaning should ideally be every three to six months. 



For large families with kids and multiple pets in the household, then this combination calls for daily vacuuming. The deep carpet cleaning should be done every two or three months, to protect both the household members and the carpet itself. 

In each of the above instances, spot cleaning should still be carried out immediately. Any spills that wind up on the carpet should cleaned up as soon as possible, to prevent them from being soaked deeper into the material. 

Carpet Care And Why You Should Hire Experts For The Cleaning

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