Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne

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Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne

Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne

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1 bedroom house carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bedroom house carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bedroom house carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bedroom house carpet cleaning 160 euro

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Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne

It is always handy to know that there is a professional carpet cleaning company near to you when you need them. No long waits for appointments or high charges. Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne is a well established eco carpet cleaning company with over 13 years experience. We are happy to contract commercial carpet cleaning and domestic carpet cleaning jobs. We provide free no obligation estimates.

Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne – Who needs carpet cleaning?

You do. If you have carpeted floors, you need to have it deep cleaned at least once per year. Your carpet is like a sponge, it absorbs dirt, hair, drink spills, odours, etc. A build up of dirt and dust can cause bacteria and bad odours to develop. So carpet needs to be deep cleaned to ensure it is clean and bacteria free and that you have good air quality and an odour free home. People who have pets or have sick people within their family, should have their carpets cleaned more regularly, at least two times per year.

Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne – Prices

What is a good price for carpet cleaning? It all depends on the type of carpet, the condition of it, the location and the extra treatments required. Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne provides free no obligation estimates for commercial carpet cleaning & domestic carpet cleaning services. Our minimum charge is 50 euro. All the prices listed on our website are informative only and apply to average sized projects in average condition.

Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne – Technology

We use state of art hot water extraction carpet cleaning equipment from Prochem. We will deep clean your carpets with a combination of pre-sprays & eco carpet cleaning shampoos mixed with warm water. There are three stages in the cleaning process. Pre-spray, scrubbing & extraction. The carpet will be pre-treated with a dirt softener, then the area will be scrubbed well & then the dirt and waste will be extracted with powerful extraction motors. Amazing results guaranteed. Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne use only 100% eco carpet cleaning products.

Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne – Drying time

The better the technology used to clean the carpet, the more water will be extracted, the quicker your carpets will dry. We use the best carpet cleaning technology which extracts about 98% of the liquid on the spot. The other 2% will evaporate on its own with good ventilation and a bit of heating. We estimate that most of our carpet cleaning projects will be fully dry within 1-3 hours but some carpets can take longer due to a number of factors i.e. poor ventilation, no heating.

Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne – Online booking

Our website was designed with you in mind. You do not need to be a computer expert to be able to book our carpet cleaning services online. The standard online booking form will ask you for your name, address, phone number & the service required. Then press enter and you will receive a confirmation within a few minutes. For commercial carpet cleaning projects we will need to do a site survey before quoting.

Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne – Other services

You do not need to book a number of contractors to deal with all your cleaning projects. Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne provides eco carpet cleaning services, sofa cleaning services, mattress cleaning services, rug cleaning services & upholstery cleaning services. You can create your own package to include 5+ items and you will save over 30%.

Have your carpets deep cleaned with the latest and the most innovative carpet cleaning technology. We will deep clean your carpets with soft eco carpet cleaning shampoos and unique odour neutralisers. Our staff are friendly, we are flexible and we are available at short notice.

Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne


Carpet Cleaning Ashbourne – Professional results for less!

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