Carpet Cleaning Ashtown

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Carpet Cleaning Ashtown

Carpet Cleaning Ashtown 

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1 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro


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Bring Back The Glamour To Your Carpet

The dirt winding up in the carpet comes from different sources. From the grime tracked in on people’s shoes or the paws of your pet, particles billowing from the fireplace, or bits of paint chipped off the walls, to the dust and pollen grains being blown into the building through the open windows- the plush pile of the carpet locks these particles within its material. Pet fur and dander, the dead skin cells from persons on the premises, the hordes of dust mites that they sustain, food and drink spills that form stains, body waste from the insects and rodents that come scavenging for the food particles- the grime piles up over time, and a thorough cleaning is needed to get rid of it. Carpet Cleaning Ashtown


  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning Ashtown


Our team is always up to the challenge, taking on tough corporate carpet stains even in large multi-story complexes. We do it all, from offices, churches, educational institutions, hotels and restaurants, motels and medical facilities, theatres and art galleries, all through to showrooms and studios. With our flexible schedules, you are able to book a session at the time that’s most convenient to your enterprise, in order to minimise on the disruption to your activities. Our goal is to ensure that you have a gleaming carpet, that will enable you impress those clients coming to your business, and also provide your employees with conducive working conditions. Carpet Cleaning Ashtown



  • Domestic Carpet Cleaning Ashtown


Do you have guests coming over? Stains riddling your carpet, and odours that are emanating from it, can be an embarrassment. How will you ask them to “feel at home”, when the moment they walk in through the front doors they will start questioning everything in the household? Call in our crew to fix the state that your carpet is in. Everyday dirt, unsightly stains from coffee and wine spills, ink blots and even pet urine accidents- they will get rid of them all. Carpet Cleaning Ashtown



  • Eco Carpet Cleaning Services


Carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction cleaning for various reasons. For starters, it provides a true, deep clean, by actually removing the grime that is buried within the carpet. This protects it from the abrasion caused by the dirt particles, preserving the structural integrity of the material. The high pressure and temperatures involved in the process also negate the need for harsh chemicals to be used. As such, gentler solutions are employed, that get the job done without posing a risk to the carpet. Our crew take this up a notch by using green products, that have been certified to be safe to the environment.  Carpet Cleaning Ashtown



  • Quick Drying Time


Our services are designed to save your time. After all, you already have plenty on your plate, with your work and social life. Adding an ardours carpet cleaning job to your to-do list will take a toll on you. The entirety of the process, from the setup, pre-treatments, the cleaning itself to drying the carpet is carried out with specialised systems. This ensures the job is done fast without compromising on the expected quality of the results. Carpet Cleaning Ashtown


Carpet Cleaning Ashtown


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