Carpet Cleaning Ballycullen

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Carpet Cleaning Ballycullen

Carpet Cleaning Ballycullen

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1 bedroom house carpet cleaning 100 euro

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3 bedroom house carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bedroom house carpet cleaning 160 euro

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Expert Dirt And Stain Removal From Carpets

They are unsightly and ruin the appeal of your carpet. Soiling scraped off the bottom of people’s shoes or pets paws as they walk on the carpet, layers of dust settling onto the material from the air above, food smudges that stick stubbornly to the fibres, drink spills- be it from coffee and tea or the pesky red wine stains, urine spots caused by pets in the household, ink blots at the office- they need to be got rid of. It’s not just the beauty that deteriorates. The dirt particles are abrasive, and can wear down the material, putting its structural integrity at risk, and reducing its lifespan. Carpets are expensive installations and you don’t want to watch yours get damaged by issues that can be easily avoided with regular cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Ballycullen



Office buildings, retail stores, recreational facilities, salons and spas hotels, religious centres, government institutions, art galleries, campus’ halls of residence- our services are available across the board. Since our scheduling is flexible, you get to book the session at the timing that is most convenient to your business or organisation, thus minimising on the disruption to your activities. Carpet Cleaning Ballycullen


  • Domestic Carpet Cleaning Ballycullen


We give your carpet all-round care. Starting from the pre-treatment where tough acting agents break down the soiling, emulsify greasy residue and dissolve the strains, deep cleaning using methods like hot water extraction where the grime that is buried deep within the plush pile is forced out and got rid of, to odour neutralisation that leaves behind a pleasant scent- you get to see, feel and smell the difference in your newly cleaned carpet. Protector treatments can also be applied to the carpet, increasing its resistance to oil- and water-based stains, plus the abrasion from dry soiling. Acid dye-blockers to repel stains, anti-static treatment- your carpet’s beauty, functionality and structural integrity are enhanced. Carpet Cleaning Ballycullen


  • Eco Carpet Cleaning Services


We keep up to date with the latest in carpet cleaning technology, employing products that are highly effective while still being safe for the environment, the persons on your premises, and our personnel as they go about the cleaning task. We pride ourselves in using environmentally conscious products and systems, that even come with the certifications to back their claims. You get to have the peace of mind that your family members at home, or the customers and employees at your workplace are not being exposed to harmful agents. There is also no chemical residue left behind after the cleaning, or toxic fumes released into the indoor air space. Carpet Cleaning Ballycullen


  • Quick Drying Time


You get a clean and dry carpet in moments. Certainly, you don’t want to have to wait 1-2 days before you can resume using the carpet. This is a common problem witnessed in DIY and rookie projects. When plenty of water is left within the carpet material, it prolongs the drying time, and in the process also creates a breeding ground for fungi and pathogens. Our crew prevent this from happening by using drying equipment that extracts the bulk of the moisture content from the material, cutting down the drying time from days to a couple of hours- in fact, within a single afternoon you will be able to allow foot traffic back onto it. Carpet Cleaning Ballycullen


Carpet Cleaning Ballycullen

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