Carpet Cleaning Clondalkin

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Carpet Cleaning Clondalkin

Carpet Cleaning Clondalkin

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1 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

2 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

3 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro

4 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 180 euro

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From time to time most domestic and commercial buildings will require a deep carpet cleaning service. As you know, carpeted floors are warm and cosy but they are also very absorbent and prone to stains. Carpets can provide a perfect home and breeding ground for unwanted dirt, bacteria and other infections. By hoovering your floor daily you will remove a great deal of dust and bacteria but not all of it. A professional deep carpet cleaning will get rid of all the dirt and bacteria instantly and will sanitise your carpet. It is also handy to know that a professional carpet cleaning company is only a few clicks away. Are you thinking of having your carpets professionally cleaned? Check out our deals and daily offers.


Carpet Cleaning Clondalkin – Our system

Dublin Carpet Cleaning will come to your place at the agreed time and a full investigation of your carpets will take place. Some people own pets and in this situation a pet hair removal operation needs to take place before deep cleaning the carpets. Some people have asthma and in this situation we will need to professional hoover your carpets with twin motor vacuum cleaners to remove all the dust before the carpet cleaning job can take place. Some people had an infestation and antibacterial treatments will need to take place and so on. Not all carpets are the same so not all carpets will be cleaned in the same way. After the initial cleaning and assessment is done we will start with the carpet cleaning job. High pressure steam and an eco friendly carpet softener will be sprayed into your carpets to soften and dissolve all the dirt and prepare it for extraction. The heat from the water will soften up the carpet fibre and the carpet softener will dissolve the dirt. The pressure from the pumps will break the dirt and two powerful extraction motors will extract 98% of the moisture instantly. The hot water extraction carpet cleaning system is the most efficient way of removing dirt and infections from your carpet. Is your carpet stained? We will do spot treatments and stain removing operations but you need to be aware that not all stains are 100% removable. Some stains will change the colour of your carpets for good and there is not too much we can do about it. If this is the case, we will tell you.


Carpet Cleaning Clondalkin – Drying times

We can guarantee one hour drying time with a few conditions. First of all the ventilation in your home has to be very good. Some houses have very little windows and no vents. The drying time can increase if the house is not well ventilated. Some carpets are very thick. These carpets will need more time to dry. Some carpets are fitted on concrete and will not dry as fast as the carpets that were fitted on wood. Our 1 hour guaranteed drying time is 1 hour if your home is well ventilated and if the carpet was fitted on a wood base.


Carpet Cleaning Clondalkin – Opening times

Dublin Carpet Cleaning is open for business 24/7. We can open most times if you have booked in advance. If you call us at 2 am to do a job at 3 am, we won`t be able to help you out. But if you call us at least 24 hours before the job, and if you require a very early appointment we will be able to fit you in with no problems. Same day appointments are available. Please book our services in good time to avoid disappointment.


Carpet Cleaning Clondalkin – Our machines

Dublin Carpet Cleaning owns some of the most powerful and efficient carpet cleaning machines available. Our carpet cleaning machines can remove dirt and moisture at levels unseen before. High pressure and powerful twin motor extractors have greatly reduced the need for using cleaning agents. Some carpets are not too dirty and only require a light freshen up. In these cases just hot water and pressure will do the job. If the carpet is heavily stained we will need to use carpet softeners and anti bacterial agents. After Dublin Carpet Cleaning has finished washing your carpet you can relax in the knowledge that you carpet has been professionally cleaned and is clean, fresh and bacteria free, for a while at least!


Carpet Cleaning Clondalkin – Prices

Like in anything else, price is king. We have reduced our prices to very affordable levels and we are confident that you will see that the balance between high quality carpet cleaning services and fair pricing is perfect. Paying little money for such an important job is not a good idea. After all, you are hiring a carpet cleaning company that you never heard of, so you just don’t know what types of cleaning products they are using. By hiring Dublin Carpet Cleaning to clean your carpets you can be sure that you are hiring the masters of carpet cleaning in Clondalkin. Please check out the “latest projects” page on our website. Here is a list of prices available to our domestic customers:


1 bed carpet cleaning – 30€
2 living room carpet cleaning – 45€
Stairs & landing carpet cleaning – 45€
If you go for full house carpet cleaning you can save about 30% on the final price. You can get a 1 bed house done for about 100€, you can get a 2 bed house – carpet cleaning for about 120€, you can get a 3 bed house-carpet cleaning for 140€ and you can get all the carpets done in a 4 bed house for about 160€. Bigger houses will cost more. The prices listed above are for standard size properties where no special stain removing jobs are required.


Carpet Cleaning Clondalkin – Our specialists

Dublin Carpet Cleaning employs the same people for many years. Our carpet cleaning specialists are fully trained, polite and very efficient. We have a very intensive training program and only the best of the best will end up working for us. Our carpet cleaning specialists can agree prices, agree extra work, accept payments and issue invoices. When you deal with Dublin Carpet Cleaning you know that you deal with professionals.


Carpet Cleaning Clondalkin – Insurance

Like any other professional carpet cleaning company, Dublin Carpet Cleaning is fully insured to undertake any type of domestic or commercial carpet cleaning job. We are fully insured to undertake jobs to up to 6.6 million. If you require a copy of our insurance cert please do not hesitate to contact us.


Carpet Cleaning Clondalkin – Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning represents a good part of our business. The fact that we own top of the range carpet cleaning equipment, the fact that we are open 24/7, the fact that we are highly regarded within the commercial carpet cleaning industry has kept us very busy. Dublin Carpet Cleaning can contract any size carpet cleaning job and we can guarantee that it will be completed at high standards and within the agreed timescale. We understand that our commercial customers don’t have too much time to have their carpets professionally cleaned, so for this reason we can adapt to any requests and demands.


Carpet Cleaning Clondalkin – Our products

A professional carpet cleaning company like Dublin Carpet Cleaning will advise you in good time about what type of cleaning products we are likely to use in your home. Some very dirty carpets will require stronger detergents to get rid of the dirt and some carpets will only require hot water and a bit of pressure. All our carpet cleaning detergents are from Craftex, Evans & Prochem. Heavy duty stains will require stronger carpet cleaning detergents. We buy all our carpet cleaning detergents from Any carpet cleaning products used in your home or business are non toxic and eco friendly, the only danger they pose is to dirt and bacteria, not to you.


When the time for carpet cleaning comes again please contact us to see what we can do for you. Our company cleans carpets on a daily basis in the Clondalkin area. If you require emergency carpet cleaning services please call us at any time and we will book you in as soon as possible.


Carpet Cleaning Clondalkin – we are the reliable and efficient carpet cleaning company you were always looking for!

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