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Carpet Cleaning Crumlin

Carpet Cleaning Crumlin

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1 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro


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Get Your Capet Cleaned Professionally

Carpet manufacturing companies discourage DIY carpet cleaning due to the numerous problems that develop as a result of improper procedures. There are lots of things that can go wrong. Take for instance using incompatible cleaning products. This ranges from the harsh chemicals used for descaling toilets and sinks, to the all-purpose cleaners used around the house. One may be tempted to use the cleaners to treat stains that form on the carpet, but inadvertently end up corroding the fibres, causing permanent damage. Just because a product works on your cabinet, upholstery, and furniture doesn’t mean that it won’t end up discolouring, or causing structural damage, to the carpet. In some cases, it’s all about the frustration, with your time and energy being wasted. For instance, failing to properly rinse the carpet will result in soaps and powders getting stuck in the fibres. This leaves it messy, and not to mention attracts more soiling, causing it to get dirty faster. There are also those cases when one uses too much water and leaves the carpet too wet, which lengthens the drying time. This is more than just about the inconvenience of being unable to use the affected carpet because of it being out of commission. Prolonged drying times means that mould and mildew can get a foothold and grow, which adds to your problems, since the fungi come with stains and health risks. Using inappropriate tools, such as tough brushes on the delicate fibres can cause them to lose their strength too. All this is in addition to the actual elbow grease required to scrub away the stubborn dirt and stains. Avoid the hustle by calling in our professional commercial and residential carpet cleaning team. Carpet Cleaning Crumlin

Reasons To Bring In The Expert Carpet Cleaning Team

  • Increase health and hygiene standards

The dirt and grime on the carpet puts the health of the persons in the premises at risk. In case someone in the establishment is ill, the pathogens coughed or sneezed into the air space can settle in the carpet, where the conditions are warm enough for them to thrive, still retaining their potency. For instance, the Norovirus can live on for over 4 weeks in the carpet. There are also bacteria, from E. Coli to Salmonella, and even stubborn strains like MRSA, which will easily infect the person they come into contact with- whether it’s the kids playing around with their toys on the carpet, or one drops a snack and hurriedly picks it up. In fact, that is ill advised, seeing that the “5-second rule” is a myth and you could end up with a serious health complication. Dust, pollen, carcinogens such as cigarette smoke particles and lead particles that chip off the wall painting and end up in the carpet, all come with their effects once they get into the body system. Damp carpeting allows mould and mildew to grow. With fungi releasing spores and mycotoxins into the interior environment, there will be allergic reactions and conditions such as dermatitis, mucosal irritation, organ damage and immunosuppression to worry about. Hiring professional carpet cleaning services will enable you to put your mind at ease that your family members at home, or the customers and employees in your business premises are safe. Carpet Cleaning Crumlin

  • Affordable services

Our residential and commercial carpet cleaning sessions come at budget-friendly prices. That way you get to restore the elegance to your establishment without draining your wallet. The costs themselves take into account different factors that are unique to your establishment. These range from the size itself, where the price varies with the total square footage to be worked on, to the state of the carpet. For instance, the time, energy and product resources needed to clean a lightly soiled carpet are different from those where the there is heavy soiling. The layout of the establishment also factors in, in addition to the locality and the time that you’re scheduling the services. This ranges from regular cleaning sessions to those emergency washes that are needed. In case your carpet has extra damage such as tearing and burns and you want it to be treated, it’s also considered in the quotation. Our team will provide you with a detailed pricing structure, that way you can be well versed with all the aspects beforehand. You don’t have to worry about hidden charges, as there are none. Our carpet cleaning services are also insured, that way you can rest assured that you are protected in case of any eventuality. This is further testament of the professionalism with which the business is run. The coverage caters to our personnel, the equipment they use, all through to your carpet itself. Carpet Cleaning Crumlin

Carpet Cleaning Crumlin

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