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Carpet Cleaning Killiney


Carpet Cleaning Killiney

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-commercial carpet cleaning Killiney

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Dublin Carpet Cleaning provides professional carpet cleaning services in Killiney. All our services are fully insured and highly recommended. Our carpet cleaning prices are very reasonable priced and our work quality is outstanding. Dublin Carpet Cleaning deals with many regular carpet cleaning customers in the Killiney area. Our minimum order is 50€ . If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning company, highly regarded and reliable, you should contact Dublin Carpet Cleaning now. Special rates available for regular carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning services.



Getting Your Carpet Cleaned By The Experts

Your carpet is under constant attack. People stroll on it, spill foods and drinks, and track in all kinds of dirt from the outside. It puts the carpet and people in the establishment at risk. The dirt and grime in the fibres are abrasive, and wear down the material. Each time people walk on the carpet, they grind the soiling deeper into the fibres, affecting its structural integrity. Your kids and pets enjoy playing on the carpet, and can end up picking the microbes that are strewn all over. The constant human traffic in your commercial establishment raises the dust and pollutant particles in the carpet’s fibres into the air, which contaminates it, and leads to health risks. You don’t want your clients and employees getting allergic reactions. Hire domestic or commercial carpet cleaning for your establishment, to protect your carpet and restore the hygiene of the premises.

Avoid the hassle of DIY carpet cleaning. You have to worry about the right cleaning solutions to use, as any mistake could worsen the stains and damage the carpet material. There’s also the intense work of shifting around the furniture, and hauling the carpet cleaning machines. Then you have to worry about over-shampooing or over-wetting the carpet. The former causes wastage of product and residue to be left in the carpet, while the latter increases the chances of mould and mildew growth, and risks the carpet separating from the backing. Let the carpet cleaning professionals take the load off your back.

Benefits Of Hiring Expert Carpet Cleaning

1. Effective cleaning and stain removal

The carpet cleaning team gets rid of all the dirt and soiling in the carpet- from dust and pollen particles, to mud, pet hair and dander, shed skin cells, food and beverage spills, to urine stains caused by your furry friend. The hot waster extraction used gets deep into the fibres, bringing the grime and gunk to the surface for it to be sucked away. The powerful cleaning products get rid of all kinds of stains, from coffee and wine spills to mustard and grease stains. This restores your carpet to the fresh look and feel you desire.

2. Eliminate bugs

The organic matter being held in the carpet is a magnet for bugs like cockroaches. They come to feast on the food crumbs that get spilled, and end up leaving being waste material and body fragments. It can even be pests and rodents finding their way into your home or office building in the night. Their droppings worsen the odour permeating though the building. The larger creatures can also damage the carpet as they try to pry out the snacks from the fibres with their claws. Carpet cleaning gets rid of the problem at the source- eliminating the organic residue in the carpets. It even gets rid of the microscopic bugs crawling within the fibres. The high temperatures of the hot water extraction machines kills the bacteria and dust mites, which are then removed together with the rest of the soiling.

3. Enhances hygiene levels

The carpet’s fibres hold dust and pollutants like cigarette smoke and lead particles. Whenever the carpet is agitated by simple strolling or vacuuming, they get into the air and can be inhaled. Guests in your home then start scratching and coughing. Your staff get watery eyes and running noses. Employees in your workplace can barely concentrate, and customers will walk right out of the premises to catch a breath of fresh air. Prevent this from happening by calling in the carpet cleaning professionals.

4. Safe carpet cleaning

Our team uses eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions, which are also safe for Mother Nature, and to use around children and pets. There are no toxic fumes generated, and the indoor air quality is maintained. The personnel also know the most appropriate solutions for your particular type of carpet, which will be tough on the dirt but gentle on the material.

5. Prevents mould and mildew growth

The carpet cleaning is done with just the right amount of cleaning solution, preventing over-wetting. Most of the moisture is also sucked out of the carpet, and the remainder will dry in 1 hour.

How To Get In Touch With Us

Call us on our free phone line. The booking and payment system are online, and easily accessible from your home or office. Our services are affordable, giving you professional results without denting your wallet. We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today to book your carpet cleaning.

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