Carpet Cleaning Maynooth

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Carpet Cleaning Maynooth

Carpet Cleaning Maynooth

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Bring In The Professional Carpet Cleaning Team


When it comes to carpet cleaning, making it a DIY project can lead to the ruin of your investment. Take for instance over-wettting. This is when too much moisture soaks into the carpet, whether it’s because the machines used don’t provide sufficient extraction, or one simply wanted to remove the stubborn stains and dirt sports by drowning them in cleaning solution. When the backing and the pad of the carpet get wet, the drying time of the structure is increased, leading to mould and mildew problems- and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Over-wetting can cause colour bleeding, with your carpet losing its style and glamour, leading to patches of discoloured spots popping up all over. Some carpets end up shrinking. Here, they will literally tear themselves up from your floor. Such incidences are why carpet manufacturers insist on the products getting cleaned by certified professionals in order to retain their warranties. Over-shampooing is also a common occurrence in DIY carpet cleaning. It can be that too much shampoo was used when preparing the cleaning solution, or the carpet was not rinsed adequately. This leads to the build up of soapy residue in the carpet’s fibres, which is a dirt magnet. It traps more soiling at a faster rate, causing the very problem that you wanted to resolve. Then there are cases when furniture gets into contact with the wet carpet. From the wood furniture that is dyed and can leave behind stains on the material, to furniture with metal parts which can cause rust stains on the points of contact with the carpet. These costly mistakes can be avoided when you use the services of a professional carpet cleaning team. Carpet Cleaning Maynooth


Value Of Expert Carpet Care Services For You



Our goal is your satisfaction. You want quality results and professional service delivery. Our personnel adhere to industry best practices when handling both residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs. They have been highly trained in the different products and systems of the process, and have years of experience handling projects across the scope. Moreover, they are constantly keeping up with the latest advancements in carpet cleaning technology, to ensure that you get superb results each time. Our carpet cleaning crew arrive at the scheduled time, with the truck mounted systems providing the power that is needed for the task. This allows you to accurately plan out your activities. The fast drying time reduces the inconvenience in your establishment, enabling normalcy to resume as soon as possible. The personnel themselves are courteous, offering you tips and advice on measures that you can put in place in your establishment to enhance the protection and life of your carpeting. What’s more, they will bring issues that are putting the carpet at risk to your attention, that way you can arrange to have them resolved in order to avoid future damage. They will answer any questions that you have about the carpet cleaning processes, to ensure that you are well-versed with the operations that are being carried out, in order to leave you with a smile. Carpet Cleaning Maynooth


  • Safe cleaning


The systems and cleaning products that are used are non-toxic and safe for your family members at home, and the persons in your business premises. The cleaning itself is eco-friendly, that way you get to restore the beauty to your carpet without worrying about disrupting the lives of future generations. The cleaning agents themselves have been taken through rigorous testing on biodegradability and environmental sustainability, with the certifications to prove their safety. There won’t be chemicals for your kids and pets to pick up as they play and roll around on the carpet. You also won’t have to worry about toxic fumes permeating through the interior space, and affecting the persons in the premises. The mixture of cleaning agents, dirt and grime that is collected during the hot water extraction process is safely disposed off. You get all this quality services without having to drain your bank account. Our costs have been tailored to address the unique needs of the property- after all, different establishments have different carpet care requirements. The costs factor in issues such as the type and size of the carpet, its current condition and the amount of cleaning that will go into the task, and even after-care services such as treating the carpet to increase its stain resistance attributes. Hence, by calling up our carpet cleaning crew, you get all-rounded services geared to protecting your investment and enabling you to enjoy the most out of its service life on your floor. Carpet Cleaning Maynooth


Carpet Cleaning Maynooth


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