Carpet Cleaning Portmarnock

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Carpet Cleaning Portmarnock

Carpet Cleaning Portmarnock

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Specialist Carpet Cleaning And Care Services


DIY carpet cleaning can result in tragic results. When the bottom of the carpet gets soaked with too much water, it can result in colour bleeding, as the dyes in the carpet get leached out. Overwetting also causes shrinkage, and the carpet can even tear itself up from the floor. In addition, it sets a conducive breeding ground for mould and mildew, which come with additional problems such as stains, musky odours, plus the spores and mycotoxins that they produce which lead to health complications. Overshampooing, whether it’s caused by too much of the product being used, or not thoroughly rinsing it out, causes soapy residue to accumulate in the fibres. This is a dirt magnet, causing more soiling to stick to the fibres of the carpet. Overbrushing, or using tools with bristles that are too tough, is also a concern. It distorts the yarn, causing the different sections of the pile to settle in different directions at best, or breaking down the fibres at worst. Sometimes during the DIY carpet cleaning people fail to remove all the furniture, or place it back before the carpet has sufficiently dried. The wooden parts that come into contact with the wet carpet are likely to be dyed, which will result in stains sticking to the carpet. In case the furniture’s feet is composed of metal parts, then rust stains can result. The cleaning solution used is also a key factor. Just because a certain chemical is effective in removing stains on countertops, tiles and walls, it doesn’t make it suitable for the carpet. If the product is too alkaline or too acidic, then it can cause discolouration, or corrosion of the carpet’s material. These problems can be avoided by hiring reputable carpet leaning professionals. Carpet Cleaning Portmarnock


Value Of Getting Your Capet Cleaned Professionally


Skilled services

We aim to please. As such, we have invested in a highly trained crew who have broad skills and experience in handling different carpet cleaning needs. Having worked for both residential and commercial clients, and dealt with a vast array of carpet types, plus stains, dirt and odour problems, they know the appropriate products and systems to apply for your particular situation. The products that are used are tough on the dirt, but gentle on the fibres. That way you won’t have to fret about the carpet getting frayed, colour bleeding, or issues such as corrosion and shrinkage. You can have the peace of mind that your investment is in the hands of professionals. Courteous and punctual, our personnel will arrive at your residence or business premises at the set time, and will addresses any concern and queries that you may have about the carpet cleaning process. This is to ensure that you are well-versed with each step that is being taken. Moreover, they will adhere to industry best practices of professionalism while on your property. Any issues in your establishment that are affecting the carpet will be brought to light, that way you will have ample time to focus on them, preventing things from getting out of hand in future. The fast nature of the cleaning and the drying time ensures that your carpet is ready to use as soon as possible, reducing the disruption to your daily life. Carpet Cleaning Portmarnock


Eco-friendly carpet cleaning

We are passionate about providing you with quality and satisfactory results, protecting your carpet and prolonging its life. We are also passionate about planet Earth. This fragile blue planet on which we all rely on to survive, and which future generations are trusting us to pass down to them an environment that can sustain them and help them thrive. As such, we employ eco-friendly products and systems all through the carpet cleaning. Your loved ones at home, plus the staff and clients on your business premises, are safe. The cleaning agents that are used adhere to the standards set forth by both carpet manufacturers and environmental regulation bodies, posing no risk to the carpet itself and Mother Nature. They are formulated to biodegrade naturally once disposed off. Residue is removed from the carpet through the thorough extraction processes, and there won’t be toxic fumes generated during the carpet cleaning. In addition, when it comes to the used up products and their containment units, we actively participate in recycling programs aimed at reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills. Hence, by hiring our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services, you get to eliminate the dirt grime, stains and odours that are affecting the beauty of your investment, and simultaneously play a role in safeguarding the Earth for those who will come after. Carpet Cleaning Portmarnock


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