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Specialist Domestic Carpet Cleaning Services


With the numerous hurdles that come with DIY carpet cleaning, one ends up spending lots of time and energy on the task, and it can even lead to the carpet itself getting ruined. Whether you’ve used too much shampoo, or the carpet has not been rinsed properly, residue builds up within the fibres, and it will attract dirt like a magnet. Using the wrong cleaning chemicals for the task, like going for products that are too acidic or too alkaline, can end up corroding the fibres themselves, or result in colour bleeding. The discolouration can also occur when too much water is used, that it soaks into the carpet padding. This leaches out the dyes in the material, and may also lead to shrinking of the carpet. With overwetting, you also run the risk of mould and mildew developing in the material. Fungi comes with its Pandora’s Box of problems, ranging from staining and odours, to health complications caused by the spores and mycotoxins that they produce. Then there’s the frustration that comes from using inefficient machinery. The equipment that’s rented from stores typically has smaller component parts and reduced power compared to the truck-mounted gear used by the professional carpet cleaning crew. This means that it doesn’t pack the punch needed to get rid of the stubborn stains and dust spots, and the thorough extraction of the solutions from the carpet. As such, one ends up using loads of elbow grease to get the task done. You don’t want your free time being consumed by back breaking chores, where the carpet is at risk, and there’s a high likelihood of ending up with disappointing results. Avoid the stress by seeking out the professional carpet cleaners. Carpet Cleaning Rush


Importance Of Expert Carpet Cleaning Services


-Specialised team

Our carpet cleaning team has been taking care of residential and commercial clients’ needs for years. Numerous reviews and testimonials are proof of the quality results they’ve been delivering all through. This means, in addition to stringent training, they have the experience needed to carry out a thorough job without putting your carpet at risk. They use the appropriate cleaning products and systems that will get rid of the stubborn stains and dirt buried deep within the carpet without affecting the structural integrity of the fibres, or the dyes. This means that you won’t have to worry about issues such as corrosion or discolouration. In fact, the cleaned carpet will have its beauty and strength enhanced, enabling it to last longer and look better all through. Our team will arrive at your premises at the stipulated time, with the punctuality and speed of the operations adding to your satisfaction with the whole spectrum of service delivery. Moreover, our personnel are courteous, and will readily answer the questions that you have about the measures that are being put in place, to ensure that you are comfortable with the process. They will also offer you tips and advice on steps that you can take as the property owner to further protect your carpet and get the most out of it. After all, you expert quality services all through, from the movement you pick up the phone to call us, booking your session, the cleaning itself, and the results that are obtained. Carpet Cleaning Rush


-Eco-friendly processes

In this day and age, every aspect of our lives comes under sharp focus when the survival of future generations is at stake. From our work life, transport choices we take, shopping that we do, all through to cleaning operations, there is increased emphasis of putting measures in place that protect Mother Nature. Individually, it may seem miniscule, but collectively our actions have a huge impact on the environment around us. Our carpet cleaning services are delivered with this in mind. The products that are used, plus the systems themselves, from the pre-treatment all through to the hot water extraction, pose no risk to the environment. In your very own establishment, you don’t want people being exposed to toxic agents, whether it’s your kids and pets who love playing and rolling around on the lush fibres of the carpet, to the customers and employees going about their duties in your business premises. The formulations used by our team ensure that you don’t have to worry about any of that. In addition, reducing your carbon footprint is a welcome bonus to restoring the beauty and elegance to your carpet. Our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services come at competitive prices, ensuring that you get quality results without straining your budget. The costs themselves take into account aspects that are particular to your situation, such as the type of carpet to be worked on, plus its size. Carpet Cleaning Rush


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