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Carpet Cleaning Sandyford | Rug Cleaning | Sofa Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford | Rug Cleaningl Sofa Cleaning


After a year of constant daily traffic on your carpets, the damage is clear for all to see. Some areas of your carpet are darker than others and small spots appear everywhere. Daily vacuuming does not provide satisfactory results any longer. Time for you to contact Carpet Cleaning Sandyford and have your carpets deep cleaned quickly. 12 months of dust, pet hair, grease, oils, grime, food, skin flakes & other residue will be extracted out of your carpets with heavy duty carpet cleaning technology. The obvious question is, how much it will cost?


1 bedroom house/apartment 100 euro

2 bedroom house/apartment 120 euro

3 bedroom house/apartment 140 euro

4 bedroom house/apartment 160 euro

The above prices are quoted assuming that you will get all your carpets cleaned at once. You can also select rooms individually but it will cost you a bit more. Here is the price list for specific areas:

Stairs & landing 60 euro

1 bedroom 35 euro

Living room 50 euro

***our minimum call out charge is 60 euro. Even if you get only one tiny room done, it will cost you 50 euro***

Now, let’s talk carpet cleaning and find out why hiring Carpet Cleaning Sandyford is such a great idea.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford l Rug Cleaningl Sofa Cleaning – Well established

If you are doing the same thing over and over daily, you will become very good at it. Well, Carpet Cleaning Sandyford having been deep cleaning carpets on a daily basis since 2008. We have completed thousands of jobs like yours and the fact that we are still here after such a long period of time, tells you that we must be good at what we do. Most of our carpet cleaning business comes from repeat customers.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford l Rug Cleaningl Sofa Cleaning – Technology

Knowing how to do something is all fine but not having the proper tools to do it can be a problem. Carpet Cleaning Sandyford does not have this problem. We use the finest and most innovative carpet cleaning technology. We specialise in hot water extraction carpet cleaning using only premium quality, eco friendly carpet cleaning shampoos. Basically we infuse your carpet with a combination of softeners, traffic lane cleaners, odour neutralisers and antibacterial shampoos diluted in warm water. One product will soften up the dirt, another product will kill accumulated bad odours, a different product will neutralise bad bacteria while the eco friendly carpet cleaning shampoo will soften up the fibre of your carpet to create that fluffy cosy, clean feeling.

After the carpet is sprayed with the products, we will scrub it lightly with heavy duty carpet cleaning wands spraying more product and extracting the waste at the same time. When all the dirt disappears, we stop cleaning it. We provide an excellent service and unrivalled results due to the quality of the equipment used, the high quality products and the skill of our carpet cleaning technicians. We will have your carpets 90% dry on the spot. Same process for domestic carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning services

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford l Rug Cleaningl Sofa Cleaning – Services

Our company specialises in commercial carpet cleaning services and domestic carpet cleaning services. We are happy to quote for light carpet cleaning services, heavy duty carpet cleaning services, spot carpet cleaning services and protectors. We are also happy to quote for:

Sofa Cleaning Sandyford

Rug Cleaning Sandyford

Upholstery Cleaning Sandyford

Rug Cleaning Sandyford

Mattress Cleaning Sandyford

You can also combine a number of services to create your own unique package. Book more than 5 items and save up to 30%. Free no obligation estimates are provided online or over the phone for domestic carpet cleaning services. For commercial carpet cleaning services we will have to pay you a visit to assess the size and condition of carpet and to logistically plan. Carpet cleaning is commercial units has to be planned in such a way to create as little disruption as possible.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford l Rug Cleaningl Sofa Cleaning – Eco products

Achieving good results with toxic and harmful carpet cleaning products is pretty easy but achieving spectacular results with 100% eco carpet cleaning products and locally manufactured carpet cleaning shampoos is not easy at all. We have a strict “eco” policy and we can guarantee that only the best of the best carpet cleaning products will be used to clean your carpets and upholstery. We use a number of traffic lane cleaners, pre-sprays and deodorisers from Craftex and we use Cleanfast Carpet Cleaning Shampoo as our main product. Your carpet will be left soft, spotless, deodorised and harsh chemical residue free. We are happy to show you what type of product we use well before we start performing our magic on your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford l Rug Cleaningl Sofa Cleaning – Prices

Most of our prices were detailed above but we want to explain to you how the final price works. The prices listed above are informative only. It only applies to straightforward carpet cleaning projects in average condition, average size and without any special requirements. If your carpet was cleaned 12 months ago and if your carpet only needs a refreshment, you should qualify for the basic price. But if your carpet was not cleaned in years, is full of stains and you have a lot of furniture around the price will change a bit. More work to be done, more products & time needed equals more cost for us so the costs for you will also go up. It is only logical. The standard carpet cleaning price will include shampooing of all agreed areas, light stain removal and odour neutralising. You can also include : heavy duty stain removal, anti mite treatments, carpet protectors and pet odour neutralising, for extra.

Commercial carpet cleaning projects are usually priced per square meter.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford l Rug Cleaningl Sofa Cleaning – Drying time

Our professional carpet cleaning technology enables us to leave your carpets up to 90% dry on the spot. This rule only applies to well ventilated areas with the heating on. If your carpet requires a number of deep cleans and spot removing services and if you have no heat or ventilation, the carpet is likely to take longer to dry. So while we extract as much moisture as possible from the carpets with our powerful machines, the customer and the room conditions have a part to play in how quickly the carpet will dry. Our estimated drying time of 1 hour only qualifies to properties that comply with the above requirements i.e. well ventilated and heated.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford l Rug Cleaningl Sofa Cleaning – Insurance

You are dealing with a professional carpet cleaning contractor because you want your job done fast, hassle free and with proper tools & materials. This is the main reason that you have hired Carpet Cleaning Sandyford. Besides all those basic requirements, you also want to deal with a fully insured carpet cleaning contractor. Using powerful heavy duty carpet cleaning technology and all kinds of high and low PH carpet cleaning shampoos & stain removers, could cause damage sometimes. What kind of damage? Well, a hose can burst and wet your wall, floor can be scratched, chemical reactions can happen sometimes, etc. Even the best of the best and the most skilled tradesmen may encounter some issues at some stage in their profession. But some are not prepared for it and it can end up costing you a lot of money. Carpet Cleaning Sandyford is fully insured, certified and compliant with all legislation and regulations that apply to the carpet cleaning industry.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford l Rug Cleaningl Sofa Cleaning – Odour neutralisers

All homes and businesses are exposed to some kind of bad odours. Some people cook a lot of spicy foods, others smoke a lot, some have smelly pets, others have kids that urinate on the carpet, some people spill stuff on the carpets and so on. Bad odours can come from everywhere. Having a glass of milk with some cookies is great. But having a glass of milk spilled on your carpet is a nightmare. Within 48 hours, your home will stink. It takes hours of cleaning and a number of deodorisers and odour kill to get rid of that particular odour.

The trick is to move fast when a spillage happens. Remove as much of the spill as you can and then call Carpet Cleaning Sandyford. Sorting out the issue fast is much cheaper and much more effective. Never ever use cooking products or vacuuming powders to treat a stain. The stain needs extraction and neutralising.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – Bookings

If you decide to book our services and you know what you want done, you can do it online using our online booking system. Select the services required, pick date, add your information and press send. If you prefer to book by phone, you can call our free phone line 6 days per week from 6 am to 8 pm. We are open 24/7 for emergency carpet cleaning services. If we do not answer the phone, please text us.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford l Rug Cleaningl Sofa Cleaning – Payments

We live in a technological world where everything is done online. Most people want to pay by card. No problem at all. We accept card payments over the phone or on site. You can also settle the bill by cheque, cash or EFT on the spot. We require payment after the job is completed unless agreed otherwise.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford is only one click or call away. We are a local carpet cleaning company with superb reviews and a great reputation for efficiency. We need you as our next recommendation. We are here for you, we have no hidden charges and we are very flexible.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford | Rug Cleaningl Sofa Cleaning

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