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Carpet Cleaning Sandymount

Carpet Cleaning Sandymount

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Carpet cleaning has many benefits to your carpet. Professional cleaners restore your carpets original look and also extend its lifespan. The primary challenge that many people have is maintaining their home and office carpets clean. Keeping a clean carpet gives your clients and guests a good impression as their host. There are many tricks and carpet maintenance practices that you can carry out that will always ensure that your carpet is clean and odourless. Carpet Cleaning Sandymount


No matter how hard you try to maintain you carpet clean, there will always be accidents once in a while. Either food or drink stains will find their way on your beautiful carpet. Having the knowledge on how to clear stains is important to ensure that you do not spread the stains or destroy the carpet using wrong carpet cleaners. Educate your workers and family members on how to carry our spot cleaning on the carpet when stain accidents happen. Immediate spot cleaning will save you money and time. If you have pets at home once in a while, they may pee on your carpet, and the best way to clear the mess is by spot cleaning using a detergent and a towel. However, the smell may not clear away immediately, and that is why you need professional carpet cleaning services. Carpet Cleaning Sandymount


Carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid.


  1. Over the counter cleaners.


One common mistake that home users make is buying carpet cleaning products over the counter without reading and understanding the instructions. Most products in your local supermarket marked as for cleaning carpets’ leave the mess on your carpet worse. The residue left behind by the cleaning product attracts dust, dirt, and bacteria and after that leaving your carpet with an ugly brown spot. You may think that the over the counter cleaning product will make your carpet clean, but it looks even worse if not cleared completely. Carpet Cleaning Sandymount


Naturally, soap is designed to attract dirt which is rinsed off, but when using the carpet cleaners it is impossible to clear away the residue, and that is why your carpet becomes dull with time. If you have little children and pets, you want to use a carpet cleaning product that will not harm their delicate skin while lying or playing on the carpet. Consult a professional carpet cleaning company before using any cleaning product and they will guide you on how to use the different cleaning products on the market. Again hiring carpet cleaning services is the best choice so that you do not destroy your carpet. Carpet Cleaning Sandymount


  1. Colored towels.


Never use a colored towel when spot cleaning or wiping a spill on the carpet. Most colored towels bleed when they are wet. When you use the colored towel to blot a spill on the carpet, it will make it worse by transferring its color to the carpet. For example using a blue towel on a white or beige carpet will make the carpet worse that it was with a blue stain now. Always use a white towel or paper towels to clear the messes on the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Sandymount


  1. Waiting to clear spills and soils


Act on the dreaded soils and spills as soon as they happen. Spills get absorbed quickly into the carpet’s fiber, and if not acted upon fast enough, they can damage your carpet permanently. Acidic spills eat away the carpet fibers if not attended for too long and end up padding your carpet. Carpet Cleaning Sandymount


  1. Blot-don’t rub


It is tempting to rub a spill on the carpet using all the energy you have trying to remove it. Rubbing spills on the carpet is one of the common mistakes that people make when carpet cleaning. Naturally, many individuals are taught that scrubbing is the way to clear stains and any other kind of dirt. But when it comes to carpet cleaning, it is the opposite. Scrubbing spills on the carpets makes the stain spread making an even bigger stain. Blot the stain. Use a clean white towel to blot the stain to absorb all the moisture on the carpet. Apply pressure on the stain to make the soil transfer to the towel. Carpet Cleaning Sandymount

Spills and soils happen on the carpet when you least expect them. Having the knowledge of how to carry out carpet cleaning process is the first step to making your carpet serve you for a long time. Do not strain your back trying to eliminate stains on your carpet and do it wrongly, yet you can call carpet cleaning services which will make your work easier.


Carpet Cleaning Sandymount – Professional carpet cleaning services Sandynount!


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