Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan

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Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan

Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan


Carpet cleaning technology has evolved amazingly over the past 10 years. The hot water extraction carpet cleaning systems have greatly improved and highly efficient carpet cleaning shampoos are now being used by most carpet cleaning contractors. This means that prices for professional carpet cleaning have dropped dramatically while the “eco” side of the trade has improved. Our company leads this revolution by using only highly efficient eco carpet cleaning shampoos from Cleanfast & Craftex and innovative carpet cleaning machines. We are happy to provide free no obligation estimates for commercial carpet cleaning services & domestic carpet cleaning services


Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan –  Prices


Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan offers affordable carpet cleaning services. Our minimum charge starts from only 60 euro. We have created special packages to include a single room + other services like sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning or rug cleaning and bulk packages to include full house carpet cleaning. By booking a full house carpet cleaning you will be able to save over 30%. Commercial carpet cleaning projects are usually quoted per square meter/foot but the final price will vary depending on size, condition and treatment required. 


Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan – Free Estimates


Most people have no idea how much to pay for a professional carpet cleaning job. It is for this reason that you will be provided with a free no obligation estimate before the starting date. For standard rooms or domestic carpet cleaning services we can usually provide you with an estimate over the phone or online. For commercial carpet cleaning services a site survey will be required. Our free estimates are based on the information provided by our customers. If the information is not accurate, the pricing might not be accurate.


Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan – Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Technology


There are a number of carpet cleaning systems but the most popular way to deep clean carpets is with a hot water extraction carpet cleaning system. Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan uses one of the most advanced eco carpet cleaning systems ever invented. We will shampoo your carpets with a mixture of 100% eco carpet cleaning shampoo, disinfectant, odour neutraliser and warm water. A spray and extract system will extract even the finest grain of dust from your carpets. A hot water extraction carpet cleaning system cleans deep inside the fibre of the carpet, not just the top of it. This kind of carpet cleaning system is highly recommended for people with dust allergies, for asthmatics and pet owners.


Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan – Eco Shampoos


Achieving outstanding results with 100% eco carpet cleaning technology is not an easy task but Carpet Cleaning Dublin has managed to do it. We treat all types of stains with soft stain removers from Craftex and we will deep clean your carpets with Cleanfast Carpet Cleaning Shampoo PH 13. In one single wash we will remove years of dirt deposits, we will neutralise bad odours and we will disinfect the carpet. All carpeted floors require at least one deep cleaning job per year to maintain low levels of dust.


Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan – Drying Times


We will deep clean your carpets with a “wet” carpet cleaning system so your carpets will get wet. How wet, it all depends on the type of carpet, the number of washes required & the machines used. Even the best of the best technology cannot leave the carpet fully dry on the spot, but we would estimate 2-5 hours drying times. The drying time can be speeded up by ventilating the room, putting the heating on for a few hours and by not using that particular area while drying. If you have used Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan before, you know that we will do all we can to help dry the carpets as fast as possible.


Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan – Commercial & Domestic Carpet Cleaning


There are a number of professional carpet cleaning companies that specialize either in domestic carpet cleaning or in commercial carpet cleaning. Some carpet cleaning companies are too small to contract large commercial carpet cleaning jobs while others are too large to be interested in residential carpet cleaning projects. But Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan is 100% happy to contract any type of carpet cleaning project in any condition. We own the right carpet cleaning technology to be able to contract even the largest commercial & industrial carpet cleaning jobs. Call us for a free no obligation estimate.


Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan – Experience


Our company has been providing professional carpet cleaning services since 2007. Over the past number of years we have completed thousands of commercial carpet cleaning projects, residential carpet cleaning projects and industrial carpet cleaning projects. We employ a number of highly skilled carpet cleaning specialists with years of experience. We have invested in top of the range carpet cleaning equipment and have trained our staff to deal with any type of carpet stains, infestation or other issues.


Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan – Payments & Opening Times


Our office is open for business 5 days per week standard office hours but our carpet cleaning specialists are on the road 6 days per week. We are happy to adapt to any special requirements and we are also happy to attend to emergency carpet cleaning projects. Overnight commercial carpet cleaning services are also available but please call to book an appointment. We accept card payments, cash payments, EFT payments or cheque payments.


Book your local carpet cleaning company right now. Have your carpets cleaned right with proper eco carpet cleaning technology. Pay the fair price for the deepest carpet cleaning service possible. You do not need to book a number of cleaning companies to help you out. We can also help you out with sofa cleaning services, rug cleaning services, upholstery cleaning services or mattress cleaning services. Use our free phone line to call us or book an appointment online.


Carpet Cleaning Stillorgan

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