Carpet Cleaning Tyrrelstown

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Carpet Cleaning Tyrrelstown

Carpet Cleaning Tyrrelstown

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1 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro


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The carpet is a colony of all kinds of dirt and grime, plus the microorganisms that feed on them. It catches allergens like dust and pollen from the air, and traps pollutants like cigarette smoke articles and lead compounds. Dirt from the environment is tracked in under people’s shoes and your furry friend brings in mud from the yard under the paws. In fact, if you have a pet, then there’ll be fur and dander strewn all over. There’s also the high likelihood of there being fleas hopping around in the fibres. Food and beverage spills end up on the carpet, forming unsightly stains. The build-up of gunk ruins the décor of the premises. Restore the beauty and glam of your carpet using our professional carpet cleaning services. Carpet Cleaning Tyrrelstown


The dirt and grime in the carpet puts the health of the household members at risk. As people walk on it, the fibres are agitated, and the loose particles end up being released into the air. When they are inhaled, they cause respiratory problems and trigger allergic reactions. Waste matter from dust mites clings to the skin of the kids and pets playing on the carpet, causing them to keep scratching themselves. The fleas hop onto household members and cause discomfort. Food residue in the carpet attracts insects and pests, from cockroaches to rodents like mice. Their body fragments and droppings worsen the state of the carpet. The clawed pests will damage the fibres of the material as they try to get to the caked-on food residue. Getting expert carpet cleaning services will enable you avert all this trouble. Carpet Cleaning Tyrrelstown


Value Of Expert Carpet Cleaning

1. Deep cleaning

Our carpet cleaning team uses hot water extraction to reach deep into the carpet and remove all the dirt and grime stuck to the fibres. The cleaning solutions used break down the stains, from tea, coffee, juice, soda, wine and urine stains, all through to ketchup smudges and ink blots. Powerful suction extracts the residue and moisture from the carpet. It dries in just 1 hour, allowing you to resume your day-to-day activities as soon as possible. Carpet Cleaning Tyrrelstown


2. Eco friendly carpet cleaning

Our carpet cleaning personnel uses products that are certified to be safe for the ecosystem. There aren’t any toxic fumes generated during the process, and the solutions are also safe to be used around kids and pets. The indoor air quality is preserved, protecting the persons in the premises from pollution. Carpet Cleaning Tyrrelstown


3. Protect your carpet

The soiling in the carpet is abrasive, and wears down the fibres as people walk on it and grind it against the carpet. This reduces its life and makes it appear dull and unkempt. You want to come home to a relaxing environment. You want to impress your guests with an appealing décor. Your customers will judge your level of service delivery by the cleanliness standards of your establishment. You want to give them a positive perception of your enterprise. The carpet cleaning processes enable you to achieve all that. It also keeps the carpet durable, and enables it to retain its structural integrity and functionality, allowing you to enjoy it for longer. The appropriate cleaning methods are used for each type of carpet, and the fast drying time prevents growth of mould and mildew.Carpet Cleaning Tyrrelstown


4. Health benefits

You don’t want your family members getting allergic reactions, or the customers and employees in the business premises picking up a bug. The hot water extraction carpet cleaning eliminates the insects and microbes crawling deep in the carpet, leaving it clean and fresh. Your carpet has the capacity of holding up to 4 times its own weight in dirt, so there can be billions of the contaminants residing in it. The carpet cleaning will enhance the health and hygiene levels of the establishment, making your home more comfortable and employees more productive at the business. People are more motivated to work when they are in a clean environment. Carpet Cleaning Tyrrelstown


5. Budget friendly

We offer both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning at affordable costs. The pricing is directed by factors such as the particular size and type of the carpet in your establishment.


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