Your Carpet Needs More Than Just Vacuuming

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Your Carpet Needs More Than Just Vacuuming

Your Carpet Needs More Than Just Vacuuming

Yes, vacuuming is an important part of routine carpet care. It’s vital to remove the loose debris and soiling that is accumulating in the fibres of your unit. However, the vacuuming process doesn’t get rid of all the grime. There will be sticky residue and heavy dirt build-ups within the pile with will be left behind. These are buried in the carpet, which has a capacity of locking in dirt that is multiple times its own weight. This dirt is abrasive. When it gets ground against the fibres of the carpet- which happens whenever someone walks on it, the resultant friction wears down the fibres. This reduces their strength, negatively affecting the structural integrity of your unit. What’s more, the longer that the dirt remains in the carpet- the more it will harden and become difficult to remove. Then there are those cases of greasy residue. This worsens the issue, since the greasy residue traps more dirt particles, accelerating the rate of soiling.  A deep carpet cleaning that flushes out the grime that is buried within the unit is needed. This refers to one like hot water extraction where the gunk is actually removed from the carpet, not the temporal dry cleaning methods where soiling is just pushed deeper into the pile, away from view. This would simply be kicking the can down the road, as the issue won’t have been resolved yet. 

When stains come calling

They’re unsightly. Taking away the appeal of your carpet. Those patches left behind by spills, in stark contrast of the rest of the carpet, stick out like a sore thumb. Whether it is a cup of tea that was accidentally knocked over during the morning rush to prepare for work, that mug of coffee that landed on the carpet after slipping out of your hands, red wine be it during date night or that party that you ware hosting in your home- they make unsightly messes on the carpet. Inkblots that are caused by faulty pens, cases of nail polish dripping onto the carpet, urine accidents for households with pets- where it can be as a result so behavioural changes, the puppies that are yet to grasp their training, or your furry friend is suffering from incontinence- the resultant mess ruins the carpet. With the urine stains and vomit incidences, there will also be the immediate odours that are formed, which makes the interior space difficult to live or work in. 

The colour changes of the carpet are not limited to stains. The appearance of the unit may also be altered due to issues like the gradual soiling buildup, pile flattening or the dyes that it had been treated with fading.  Whichever the case, you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re coming home to a dull and dilapidated interior, which has been caused by the sorry state of the carpet. Due to its large size, the state of the carpet has a huge impact on the rest of the décor. Even with stylish furnishings and state-of-the-art electronics, with a dirty carpet, it will put a dampener on things. This has a negative impact on your quality of life, and even makes one jittery about hosting guests. After all, no one looks forward to those awkward questions from your guests about the state of the carpet. Having to mumble through answers as you try to justify the state of things can put you on edge- and many choose not to host altogether. The deep clean carpet cleaning will restore the vibrant look and feel to your unit. 

Dealing with odours

The decaying organic matter that is within the carpet is a source of odours, that gradually drag down the décor of the rest of the interior space. Those musky smells make the room uncomfortable. Food crumbs, dead skin, faecal residue from dust mites and insects, all through to pungent stenches from urine stains- these are not conditions that you want to live in. As such, odour neutralisation needs to be part of the carpet cleaning process. Here, powerful agents are required to neutralise the odours at a molecular level, instead of simply masking the foul odour for it to recur later on. 

Turn to the professionals for your carpet cleaning needs

They have the skills and equipment needed for the task, and will accomplish it in a fraction of the time that a DIY carpet cleaning would have taken. The machinery that is used by the professional carpet cleaning team packs a punch, with more scrubbing and extraction power compared to the rental units that are available at the dealership stores. Truck-mounted machinery provides the power needed for the task, systems like hot water extraction are employed that get rid of the moulds of grime that are buried within your carpet, leaving it truly clean. With professional services, you also get to ensure that the appropriate measures are being taken for your particular unit. Issues like harsh chemicals that can corrode the fibres of your carpet, or incorrect measures where too much water is pumped into the carpet- causing outcomes like shrinkage or delamination, are avoided. The professionals understand the various approaches that are required for the different carpet cleaning needs. This ensures that your unit receives appropriate care each time. When hiring a carpet cleaning company, there are a couple of factors that you need to put into consideration. For starters, it should be duly licenced, and come with insurance coverage. Accidents happen, and industry best practices mandate that the company acquires insurance coverage to protect its clients against liabilities that can result in the event of one. 

Carpet treatment

Carpets usually come with protective fibre treatments, where the goal is to provide protection from staining and soiling. These treatments are applied during the manufacturing process, but that doesn’t mean that they will last throughout the life of the carpet. They will eventually wear off. Routine carpet cleaning will reduce the rate at which this happens. In addition, if the treatment that had been applied has already worn off, a fresh new one can be applied after the carpet cleaning, to provide prolonged protection to your unit. 

Your Carpet Needs More Than Just Vacuuming

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