With DIY Carpet Cleaning, Plenty Of Things Can Go Wrong

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With DIY Carpet Cleaning, Plenty Of Things Can Go Wrong

With DIY Carpet Cleaning, Plenty Of Things Can Go Wrong

One of the reasons why people choose to do the carpet cleaning by themselves is because of the belief that it is easy to do. However, the common result is that they give in midway, and call in the experts to continue with the task. Why? Things easily get out of hand. If lucky, it’s just a case of too much workload, and switching over to the professional carpet cleaning services will take the load off your back. Otherwise there already have been extensive damage made, in which case repairs will need to be budgeted for. Things may also not go this way, and you end up being forced to buy a new carpet, as a result of the DIY process ruining the current one. Going through the horror stories of those who have attempted a DIY carpet cleaning, one realises that it is not a walk in the park. There are so many factors that come into play, and without the necessary skills and equipment to carry out the task, you may end up wasting your time or ruining your elegant carpet. There is a reason behind the manufacturers of the carpets insisting on one hiring the licensed expert cleaners to carry out the task, or else it invalidates the warranty. Let’s look at the dangers that lurk in the DIY carpet cleaning process:


  • Mould building up


This is attributed to the material remaining wet for too long after the carpet cleaning. It can be caused by overwetting, or cases where the equipment that was rented from the department store did not have the power needed to extract the bulk of the moisture from the carpet’s fibres. As such, fungi gets a chance to grow, and it will spread throughout the material, courtesy of the habitable conditions that accelerate its growth. The mould comes with its wide range of issues. For starters, there are numerous species, and they come in different sorts of colours. Your carpet can get grey, black, and even green stains, taking away its appeal- adding to the carpet cleaning workload. That’s just the start of your troubles. Mould releases spores. These are allergens, that put the persons on the premises at risk. They can cause issues like respiratory distress, and trigger asthma attacks. Conditions like bronchitis get exacerbated, and persons with compromised immune systems are at a higher risk. There are also species of mould that produce mycotoxins. These affect the organs like the liver, and even systems such as the central nervous systems. You don’t want to expose your family members, or the customers and employees in your business premises to these conditions. Prevent things from turning out with way by hiring the professional carpet cleaning team.


  • Discolouration


This can be caused by different factors. For one, overwetting the carpet can cause colour bleeding, in which the case the dyes used on the carpet are leached out. It can also be attributed to the wrong chemicals being used for the carpet cleaning, which react with the material, and bleach it out. This is usually for those cases where the DIY enthusiast is looking to get rid of particularly stubborn stains, and ended up using harsh chemicals that worked on other hard surfaces in the building. Even though the stain may be caused by the same type of spill, the carpet cleaning agents required will be different, since the underlying material being worked on is not the same.


  • Delamination


This is another consequence of overwetting. Here, the carpet separates from its backing. This structural damage can be difficult to resolve, and will end up costing you more than the savings you were planning on making by going the DIY carpet cleaning route.


  • Shrinkage


Soaking up the plush pile with carpet cleaning solution, drenching it with water during the rinsing- these can cause it to shrink. The last thing you want is your carpet pulling away from the walls, or even ripping right up from the floor. You don’t need to expose your unit to these risks. Simply hire the professional carpet cleaning team to carry out the task for you.


  • Poor quality of results


This one makes you want to pull out your hair. Imagine spending your entire Saturday doing the carpet cleaning- scrubbing at those stubborn stains and heavy build ups of grime in the fibres, only for them to refuse to completely go away? All that time taken researching on the chemicals to use, waiting in line at the department store to hire carpet cleaning machines, and the effort to push around the heavy gear around the house, shifting the furniture in the process, and for those situations where you have to get down on your knees for closer attention when prying out the grime stuck to the fibres- and still winding up with unsatisfactory results- it can be frustrating. There are cases where too much residue is left in the material- as happens with overshampooing. This residue is a dirt magnet, trapping particles of soiling from the environment, resulting in a faster rate of resoiling. Basically, you end up being forced to repeat the carpet cleaning far much sooner than you had anticipated. What’s more, you’re already busy with your work and social life, and those free days are rare. You don’t want to spend them on a laborious chore, one which poses so much risk to your carpet, and you may not get the results you desire. Get things done right, in a fraction of the time, and free yourself, by hiring the carpet cleaning professionals.

Green carpet care

The carpet cleaning should be done without harming Mother Nature. The atmosphere is already choke full of toxins and harmful chemicals, and we each have a responsibility of using sustainable processes into the different facets of our lives. This also applies to carpet care. Our carpet cleaning services are structured with this in mind, and as such our personnel use eco-friendly products and systems for the task. This includes the entire spectrum of the service delivery, from the pre-spotters and the cleaning itself, to the waste management. The carpet cleaning solutions are also safe to use around kids and pets, and you won’t have to worry about the indoor air quality being affected.

With DIY Carpet Cleaning, Plenty Of Things Can Go Wrong

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