Why Should You Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

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Why Should You Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

Why Should You Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

Carpets are mainly installed in homes for their comfort and aesthetic appeal. They tie everything together, enhancing the decor of the space, and giving your house that “homey” feel. Sure, they come with extra benefits as well- from reducing noise levels by muffling footsteps and reducing sound reverberation through the floor, improving the air quality by sifting out the allergens from the space, all through to giving you savings on your energy bill as a result of their insulating properties that reduce heat loss from the rooms in which they are set up. When it comes to maintaining the carpets, the regular vacuuming and spot cleaning is not enough. Calling in the professionals to give it a deep clean is highly recommended – and even included as a requirement in the warranties provided by many carpet manufacturers. Here are ways you stand to benefit when you bring in the pros to clean your carpet:


  • Improving the health standards of the residence


Carpets are notorious grime havens. They are a home for colonies of bacteria and hordes of dust mites. Food crumbs, pet fur and dander, dead skin cells – these provide nourishment for the microscopic creatures thriving in the lush pile. Add this to the airborne particles like dust, pollen, mould spores and other particles that wind up on the carpet. These can trigger allergic reactions, being especially problematic in homes with children and the elderly. While vacuuming removes the loose particles and debris, it still leaves a large quantity buried within the carpet fibres. This continues accumulating, and over time you have a higher concentration of allergens and pollutants that keep getting kicked up into the airspace. Processes like hot water extraction carpet cleaning that are used by the professionals flush out this grime, leaving your unit truly clean, enabling your family to breathe easier, taking away the risks of allergic reactions and infections. 


  • Improving airflow


Your house also needs to “breathe”. As the carpet continues getting clogged up with dust and debris, the airflow is compromised – especially in areas like along the walls of the room. Things end up getting stuffy, dragging down the air quality. On the other hand, after the carpet cleaning, the space will feel all fresh and vibrant, enhancing the ambience of your home. 


  • Restoring the beauty to your carpet


The grime that was building up in the unit causes the carpet to appear all dull and unkempt. This drags down the aesthetic appeal of the space. Regardless of how elegant the furnishings are, or the artwork on the walls – if the carpet is all stained and soiled, it will have a negative effect on the room. This is not a fate you want for your home. You installed the carpet to accentuate your home, and it can be frustrating when it becomes the reason why your decor is ruined. The professional cleaning team comes in to reverse the course of things, flushing away the grime that is the cause of your troubles from the carpet, sprucing up the interior space. That way, you will have an elegant and relaxing environment to welcome you home, and your guests will be impressed and comfortable in your abode. 

Things You Should Avoid When Selecting A Carpet Cleaning Company

There are numerous brands out there, and each comes with its unique offing. When comparing the various companies, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid, including:


  • Going for the lowest prince


Cheap is expensive. Companies offering dirt-cheap prices means that there are compromises made in the process of service delivery. These can range anywhere from using low-quality cleaning products or machines, an inexperienced crew, or the company may not even be insured, which exposes you to risks of liabilities should anything go wrong. Some are simply bait-and-switch tactics, where they want to reel you in with the cheap price, then you found out that you will be expected to pay much more when they are already on the ground, which results in disagreements, time and resource wastage. You want to deal with a company that is clear from the word go, so that you know what you’re walking into. Getting a detailed quotation for the carpet cleaning service being rendered will enable you to ensure that you are fully aware of the tasks and processes that will be undertaken, and what it will cost you. 


  • Only relying on the equipment to make your choice


Sure, the carpet cleaning machinery is a core part of the process. However, even with the highest quality gear, it does not ensure that you will get a proper task carried out. The credentials of the cleaners themselves will be important. “It’s more about the farmer, than the tool“. How experienced are the personnel? What is their track record? You want to deal with a trained and experienced crew that will know how to use the equipment that the company has, in order to tackle your carpet cleaning situation to the required standards. 



You make a search on Facebook, and a random name pops up in the search results, swearing that they will give you top-line carpet cleaning services, yet when you follow through to their profiles, there is barely any trace of operations, a mention of an office, address, or even reviews. Keying in their name on the browser’s address bar, there isn’t a site matching the name that has been provided. Asking around amongst your friends and colleagues, none of them has heard of it. On engaging them through the messaging feature on the app, they are overly excited about booking a session and are cagey about providing information that you can use to check out their authenticity. Fly-by-night types not only put your carpet at risk, but they are also a security threat. Just who will be you be inviting into your home? Even for the companies with an established online presence- from the social handles to the site itself, it will be wise to go through the reviews and testimonials left behind by other clients to gauge their level of professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Why Should You Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

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