Getting Rid Of The Grime Buried Within Your Carpet

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Getting Rid Of The Grime Buried Within Your Carpet

Getting Rid Of The Grime Buried Within Your Carpet

Carpets add to the warmth and cosy nature of the home. Soft to walk on with patterns that enhance the decor, and insulating features that reduce the amount of heat lost from the interior space – they are a key part of the furnishings. However, they still pile up lots of dirt and debris. There’s lots of material lurking within the lush pile, thus the need for regular carpet cleaning. Let’s delve deeper into what is buried within the carpet:

Grime Galore


  • Body waste


This is for people and pets alike. The household occupants produce skin flakes that accumulate within the fibres. Pets also chip in with their fur and dander, and the amount increases dramatically during shedding seasons. The fibres of the carpet lock in the material, which forms a huge portion of the dust in the space. Routine vacuuming comes in handy to reduce the amount of content that is accumulating in the carpet.



As people take their snacks, some of the food crumbs wind up on the carpet. This is even more so the case for those occasional days where people rest on the carpet itself as they binge-watch shows – like during movie night where one has laid out the cushioning on the carpet. Game night, parties, to everyday meals – they can all lead to food crumbs in the carpet. These particles attract insists and even rodents. Suddenly, you will have armies of ants marching around the carpet, roaches that scamper away each time you flick on the lights of the room, and even incidences where mice make their way into the house and try to pry out the food crumbs from the carpet’s fibres. The vacuuming and deep carpet cleaning will prevent such scenarios from playing out in your home. 



All that organic matter is fodder for a horde of tiny creatures that will be residing in the carpet. These range from the bacteria that’s responsible for the decomposition of the matter – which also leads to odours, to the dust mites whose faecal residue is a leading cause for allergic reactions. As the odours become stronger and the allergies worsen, it is a sign that the carpet cleaning is long overdue. 

Harmful pathogens are also a concern. For instance, there could be E. Coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus living in the carpet, putting your loved ones at risk. The children, who enjoy playing on the carpet and have a tendency to keep touching their faces and putting their hands in their mouth, can easily come down with illnesses. With deep carpet cleaning processes that use powerful detergents to destroy the pathogens, and systems like hot water extraction where the high temperatures involved also comes in handy in destroying pathogens, you get to watch your kids playing on the carpet without a feeling of dread crawling up your spine. 



Then there are those cases where you have pests like fleas and mites being brought into the house – especially for those with cats and dogs. The pests will hide out within the carpet. Cases of household members being bitten on their feet by the tiny creatures, the resultant rashes and irritation – they make the living conditions uncomfortable. Professional carpet cleaning services come in to eradicate the infestations in your unit, for the health and safety of the peoples and pets in the household. 



When the carpet is damp for long – such as what happens when a rookie carpet cleaning service has handled the job, there will be high chances of mould and mildew forming in it. This is one of those situations where you can’t simply sit it out. The longer that you wait, the more the fungi spread through the carpet, and you will find yourself being forced to replace it. Immediate attention is required the moment you notice that there are growths that have started showing up on the carpet material. In addition, deal with spills as soon as possible, blotting them up and treating the spot. This is to prevent the liquids from seeping through the carpet fibres and getting to the padding, as it can lead to mould being formed under the carpet without you noticing. 

Opt For Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning Services

When hiring the company that will undertake the task, it’s recommended that you engage with a firm that has adopted sustainable practices. This involves the use of biodegradable carpet cleaning products, formulations that have been certified to be safe for kids and pets, and applications where you won’t have to worry about toxic agents being released into the indoor airspace during the course of the cleaning. More companies are turning to green carpet cleaning methods, in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint, protect the occupants of the premises in which they are going to work, and not pose a risk to the biodiversity around the establishment. This will whilst still using powerful formulations that break down the stubborn stains and dirt build-ups, that way you can still be assured of quality results at the end of the process. 

There will be different factors affecting the specific carpet cleaning costs in the quotation provided to you. After all, each situation is different. Issues like the type of carpet that is to be worked on are key, as the varying natural and synthetic materials each have a range of formulations that can be safely used on them. The level of soiling and stains involved also matters, since they will dictate the amount of resources required for the task. Some stains – such as the case of pet urine, require specialised formulations, such as enzyme-based products that will act on the stain effectively, which are different from those used on coffee and wine stains. The size of the carpet is also considered, where some carpet cleaning companies charge per square footage, others have size bands – where they categorise the carpets in ranges and assign a price for working on them, and some look at it based on the rooms being covered. Whichever the case, ensure that you get a written quotation describing the particular carpet cleaning services that you’re paying for, to ensure that you’re not going in blindly.  

Getting Rid Of The Grime Buried Within Your Carpet

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