Grandma’s Tips For Sofa Cleaning

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Grandma’s Tips For Sofa Cleaning

Grandma’s Tips For Sofa Cleaning

When it comes to useful house hold tips, there is no one better than the ultimate house-wife: the grandma that left her career behind in order to become a full time mother. She is the one that has the knowledge of everything you may want to know about how to keep a house clean. Grandma’s Tips For Sofa Cleaning

Today we are going to stop on a certain topic: sofa cleaning. You must know there are some stains that you can fix yourself, but, there are others that simply won’t go off, despite your efforts. Keep in mind that is the time to call in professional help. Grandma’s Tips For Sofa Cleaning

Minding all the other stains, here are some tips and pieces of advice on sofa cleaning:

–          First of all, do not let the stains dry. Clean up with a moist towel immediately after staining.

–          If you have leather sofas and you have stains on it, you have a few options you find in your home. If the leather is a bit harder, you can clean the wet stain with a cotton cloth dipped in beer, milk or ammonium. If the leather is a bit more sensitive, then use a cotton cloth dipped in egg white. Grandma’s Tips For Sofa Cleaning

Also, keep in mind that ammonium is a solution for most stain around the house, you just need to test it first on a less visible part of the stained object, in order to observe if it loses color. If it does lose color, then try using a cleaning product. If that does not work either, there is nothing left to do but calling sofa cleaning experts.

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