Hiding In Plain Sight: 10 Things That Call Your Carpet Home

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Hiding In Plain Sight: 10 Things That Call Your Carpet Home

Hiding In Plain Sight: 10 Things That Call Your Carpet Home

Never let a “clean-looking” carpet fool you. These rugs that our feet and eyes love so much are actually hiding a lot from us. This is particularly the case if you do not give your carpet the tender loving care that it deserves. By the time you are done, I hope you appreciate the need not only to have your carpet cleaning done regularly but also professionally. That way you don’t have to worry about anything from the irritating creepy crawlies to the potentially dangerous germs. So what exactly is it that is hiding in your carpet fibres?


  • Dust


Dust can basically come from anything that forms tiny particles. This includes soil, small fabric fibres and even flower. These tend to get trapped in fibres especially those on carpets. Dust is, for the most part, one of the leading causes of carpet-related allergies. This happens whether the carpet is provoked by use or sweeping or it is left unhandled. 

The good news is regular vacuuming should get a lot of the dust of your carpet. However, some particles hold on a little tighter than others so you might want to invest in some deep cleaning to get rid of the sneezing and sniffling. 


  • Skin and hair


I know this might be a little hard to accept but a lot of the dirt on our carpets is from our dead skin and hair. We are constantly shedding old skin layers and a lot of these end up on the carpet. It doesn’t matter whether it is the rug under your vanity where you do your hair or the carpet in the living room. Unlike regular dust, these particles are a lot denser and tend to hold on tighter to carpet fabric. As such, you need proper deep cleaning to get all the nastiness out.


  • Pet dander


We love our furry little buddies. Whether it is a cute fluffy cat or a super playful pup it is always fun to have them around. Until you start cleaning up after them. Having a carpet as a pet owner is particularly tricky. They shed all the time and the dander loves to settle on carpets. This can be difficult to pick especially if the carpet’s shade is close to your beloved pet’s fur. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy both the love of a pet and the luxury of a carpet. You just have to put in a little extra effort when it comes to carpet cleaning. 


  • Pet pee and poo


In addition to the fur, you have to deal with pee and poo from your pet. It happens a lot with pets that haven’t been potty trained and your soft comfy rug starts to seem appealing as a toilet option for them. However, potty training does not exempt you from the nightmare. The animal will carry particles on their fur or paws and deposit them on the carpet. In this case, your best escape is getting the carpet professionally cleaned. This will help you get rid not only of the dirt and germs but also of the inevitable odour.


  • Insects and pests


You might not see them all the time but there may be an entire colony of bugs living and wreaking havoc on your carpet. The most common in this case include bedbugs, dust mites and carpet beetles. They live off things like dirt and dead skin cells. 

They are responsible for damage to carpet fibres as well as health complications like allergy flare-ups. Some even cause skin irritation through biting. Unfortunately, vacuuming alone may not help get rid of all the insects and pests so you need to invest in professional deep carpet cleaning. 


  • Pollen


Like dust, pollen tends to settle and attach to carpet fibres and may be released at any time. This often leads to allergic reactions and asthma flare-ups with no apparent cause. There are a lot of ways to prevent this including ensuring proper aeration in the room so that the pollen grains have a way to escape. Regular vacuuming also does help to some extent. 


  • Food particles


This is one of the most common things hiding in your carpet. It could be bread crumbs from that sandwich you made your kid. Maybe it is a rogue popcorn or two after a night of movie marathons. The worst case is when you have wet or greasy food landing on the carpet. These tend to attract dirt which makes the carpet significantly dirtier. They could also attract pests like carpet beetles which makes the entire situation a whole lot worse.


  • Mould and fungal spores


This happens mainly when there is some form of water retention on the carpet. It could be anything from inadequate drying after a deep cleaning to uncleared liquid spills. The dampness offers the perfect environment for mould, mildew and other forms of fungi to grow. In addition to staining the carpet, these could have negative implications on your health. Therefore, it is important to get the situation handled as soon as it is noticed. 


  • Carbon particles


These come from things like fireplaces, cigarette smoke and ash as well as emissions from water heaters. The particles settle on the carpet fibre and may cause dark staining. The longer this is left unaddressed the higher the chances of forming more intense carbon stains that are significantly harder to remove. 


  • Microscopic germs


Finally, your carpet could be harbouring germs waiting to wreak havoc on your household. These take advantage of things like dust, dander and food particles to thrive and build colonies. In the long run, this could have negative health effect including respiratory, digestive and skin issues. 

Let the pros handle it

With so much to deal with in one rug, it is safe to say that the occasional vacuuming and sweeping might not be enough to get the job done. It is always a great idea to call in the big guns with professional carpet cleaning. With their skills, equipment and experience, no invisible bandit will get to call your carpet home. Just do your homework to get the very best services around you and you should be good to go.

Hiding In Plain Sight: 10 Things That Call Your Carpet Home

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