Hiring Carpet Cleaners Can Be Beneficial In Multiple Ways

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Hiring Carpet Cleaners Can Be Beneficial In Multiple Ways

Hiring Carpet Cleaners Can Be Beneficial In Multiple Ways

With the carpet being a key part of the indoor décor, you want to ensure that it is in good shape. Its state has a ripple effect on the surrounding areas, where it can either improve or deteriorate the ambience based on its condition. Taking care of the carpet goes beyond the routine vacuuming and occasionally rearranging the furniture in the premises. A thorough deep cleaning is needed, and getting the professionals for this will enable you to ensure that the right measures are put in place to restore the charm and elegance of your carpet. With residential and commercial carpet cleaning services being available for home and business owners respectively, you stand to benefit in various ways, including:

  • Ward off wear and tear

With the difficult economic times households and businesses are facing, you want to put in place measures that will enable you to protect your furnishings and carpets, to avoid costly repairs and replacements. The carpet accumulates dirt and grime on a daily basis, and this will compromise the structural integrity of the installation. The gritty debris grinds down the fibres, and coupled with the abrasive effect when people walk on the carpet and force the dirt dieter into the material, can result in the fibres breaking and tearing. The carpet was definitely an expensive purchase, and you don’t want to watch it get ruined by excessive wear and tear. Scheduling routine carpet cleaning services is key to flushing out the grime, protecting the unit. 

Part of preventing damage to the carpet is ensuring that the right processes are used on it. DIY blunders, where the wrong chemicals or tools are used on the carpet, can ruin the unit. Working with formulations whose pH is incompatible with the particular carpet material can lead to corrosion of the fibres. Overscrubbing on the other hand accelerates the wear. Soaking the carpet in too much water can lead to issues like colour bleeding and delamination, and without powerful drying equipment, too much moisture left behind in the carpet brings about the risk of mould growth. With a professional contractor, you won’t have to worry about any of this happening. 

  • Enhanced health standards

The soiled carpet is loaded with allergens, pollutants and pathogens. In business environments, you don’t want your customers getting allergic reactions, or to reduce productivity due to the employees taking more sick days. At home, you don’t want your family members to put their health at risk, inhaling all the allergens that are kicked up into the airspace when they walk on the carpet. Kids, who enjoy playing on the carpet, touch the fibres and then put their hands on their faces and in their mouths, causing the transfer of whatever gunk they have come into contact with. 

Have you noticed increased cases of allergic reactions – from coughs and sneezes, to outright asthma attacks in the premises? A majority of the particulate matter causing this is definitely in the carpet. In business premises, if there are increased incidents of employees taking sick days, then it points to the environment they’re working in being in an unhygienic condition. Having professional residential and commercial carpet cleaning services carried out in your premises will get rid of the threats, allowing occupants in the building to go about their activities without worrying about their health. 

  • Psychological benefits

Living in a soiled environment has a negative impact on your mental well-being. Coming home to a soiled and stained carpet ruins your mood. Having guests questioning why there are odours in the premises is an embarrassing situation that no host wants to be put through. In the workplace, your employees want to carry out their duties in a premises that has been well maintained, not spend the day being assaulted by allergens and pollutants. The perception that customers accessing your premise will have about your business is tied to the state of cleanliness of the interior space, or lack thereof. Given the impact that the state of the carpet has on the surrounding space, this is not an issue that you want to overlook. Residential and commercial carpet cleaning services enable you to ensure that your unit is in elegant condition, improving your comfort at home and creating a conducive atmosphere for the customers and staff in your business premises.

How Much Will The Carpet Cleaning Cost? 

Prices vary from one situation to the next. Residential and commercial carpet cleaning services come with their different sets of requirements, and this will impact the final pricing. Here are factors that will influence the cost:

  1. Carpet size

Here, the contractor can have a flat rate for each square foot of the carpet, or charge per room. Usually, a representative from the carpet cleaning company will visit our home or business premises to measure the size of the area in question, so that they can give you an estimate. Note that for the companies that charge per room, they can place a limit on the size of the room for a specific price, and then charge extra for the larger rooms. There are also those businesses that choose not to focus on the size of the carpet, but instead charge by the hour. 

  1. Carpet material

The particular material of the carpet will determine the kind of cleaning products that can be safely used on it, as well as the amount of soiling involved. The natural and synthetic fabric carpet each have their requirements and specific range of formulations that are compatible with them, since you don’t want a case of harsh cleaners corroding the carpet. The twists and loops that are on the carpet will influence how much dirt and grime has been held by the material. Even the thickness and absorbency of the carpet impact the staining. For instance, for the very thick carpets, it will take more resources to extract the dirt and stains that have soaked into the material. Berber carpets are some of the easiest to clean, followed by the cut and level loop carpets which are more challenging in comparison. Materials like cotton and wool are some of the hardest, calling for specialised carpet cleaning systems. 

  1. Method to be used

Here, this is determined by the carpet tile, pile length, the condition of the carpet itself, all through to the particular machinery that the contractor works with. There are both dry and wet carpet cleaning methods. Shampoo cleaning, encapsulation, bonnet cleaning, to hot water extraction – various approaches can be taken. Even the kind of stains that are in the carpet factor in. How long it will take to clean the carpet is also considered. Having a comprehensive discussion with the contractor on the methods they intend to employ to clean your particular carpet is key, and ensure you get a written quotation. 

  1. Room preparation

The carpet cleaning contractor may request that you clear any personal and delicate items from the area before the task begins. Many of the companies take care of shifting the light furniture themselves – but if there are heavy furniture sets that need to be removed from the room, then this may come at an extra cost. Ensure that you get a confirmation from the carpet cleaning company on whether or not they will charge for the furniture removal. 

  1. Staircases

Get a clarification on whether cleaning of the carpets on the staircase is included together with the rest of the square footage estimate, or whether it will require an extra fee to be charged. 

  1. Distance

This is not usually an issue for local carpet cleaning companies. However, there are occasions when the company’s reputation has expanded way beyond its usual service region, and clients from far-flung areas want to hire it. The company in question may charge extra if they will need to travel long distances to get to your premises – so ask if there will be fees required for the contractor to come to your residence or business premises. 

  1. Additional services

Usually, professional contractors don’t limit the services to carpet cleaning. Similar approaches can be used to removing the stains and odours on other areas around the premises – and their range of services will depend on the capacity of the particular contractor in question. Additional services that you can get from the same firm include:

  1. Upholstery cleaning

Are there furnishings in your premises that could benefit from a thorough cleaning? From units upholstered with natural fabrics, to the synthetic materials, you can have them worked on for the dirt and grime that has accumulated in the material over time to be removed. 

  1. Rug cleaning

Those entry maters and area rugs around the premises serve a critical role in reducing the amount of dirt that gets transferred onto the carpet – and they should not be neglected during the rest of the carpet cleaning. Flushing out the grime that is building up in the rugs will enable them to retain their effectiveness in trapping soiling that would have ended up ruining the carpet. 

  1. Pet urine and odour removal 

Pet urine stains are particularly troublesome, and call for their unique cleaning methods. The urine crystals that are in the carpet need to be removed, as well as the odours that are pervading the indoor air space. After all, you don’t want to be left with lingering odours after that carpet cleaning has been carried out. This also applies to the upholstery cleaning, for those whose furry friends made a mess on the seats, mattresses and other areas in the premises.

  1. Water damage

Are you dealing with a case of water damage? For instance, this can occur if there has been a flooding incident in the premises, causing the carpet to get clogged with water such that it even gets to the padding. High-powered extraction machinery is needed to remove the water. 


Retaining The Vibrant Look And Feel Of The Carpet

The professional carpet cleaning restores that elegant look to the carpet, and you want to keep it that way as long as you can. For those with kids and pets in the premises, the chances of grime accumulating are higher. Here are some times to maintain the newly cleaned carpet:

  • Avoid walking on it while it dries

When the freshly cleaned carpet is wet, walking on it will easily lead to more dirt being trapped by the material. Keep the kids and pets off the area as well. If it is really necessary to walk on it, you can wear clean white socks for this – and take the shortest route possible. You can speed up the drying by ensuring that the room is well-ventilated. 

One of the benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaning team is that they come with high-powered equipment to suction out the bulk of the moisture from the carpet. These extraction systems reduce the drying time, enabling carpets to be cleaned and completely dry within the same day. That way, the disruption to your activities is minimised, and you also won’t need to worry about mould and mildew growing in the carpet. 

  • Vacuum frequently

The goal here is to reduce the amount of dirt that accumulates within the carpet’s fibres. Those tiny particles of soiling are a threat to the carpet material, being slowly abraded against the fibres. Don’t rush the vacuuming. Make a couple of passes over each area, even working in a crisscrossing pattern in order to capture as much debris as possible from the carpet.

  • Avoid going barefoot

It’s widely accepted that wearing outdoor shoes in the house is bad for the carpet. However, even walking around barefoot isn’t ideal. This is as it results in the natural oils and sweat from the feet getting transferred onto the carpet, and this attracts more dirt and germs. Wearing socks or slippers is preferred – and this footwear should be restricted to being used indoors. 

Allowing them to remain on the carpet for long causes them to be more difficult to remove. Blot up spills the moment they occur, using an absorbent cloth to remove the excess liquid, then following through with a spot cleaner to get rid of any residue. Note that the particular formulation selected for this should be suitable for cleaning the specific type of carpet being worked on. After all, you don’t want a case of harsh agents corroding the carpet material. 

Hiring Carpet Cleaners Can Be Beneficial In Multiple Ways

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