How To Keep Your Carpet Clean As A Pet Owner

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How To Keep Your Carpet Clean As A Pet Owner

How To Keep Your Carpet Clean As A Pet Owner

Keeping your carpet spotless as a pet owner seems like a far cry from the realm of possibility. With everything from muddy paws to potty accidents, it may feel like you are constantly investing your time, money, and effort in carpet cleaning for one mess after another.

While it might seem tedious, all this is necessary to avoid having your rugs and mats turning into embarrassing sites and emitting mortifying odours. In the sections below, we shall dive into exactly what it is you will be dealing with as a pet owner as well as a few carpet cleaning tips to keep your home as fresh and clean as possible. 

What are you dealing with?

Before we get into details about carpet cleaning as a pet owner, it is important to understand exactly what it is you are dealing with. For a big picture view, here are some of the most important reasons why you need to take active care of your carpets in a home with a pet. 


  • Pee and poop stains


This is easily one of the main reasons why you would have to get a carpet cleaning crew to your home as a pet owner. Whether it is an untrained dog or a misbehaving cat, these stains tend to get worse with time so make sure to get the pros on it as soon as possible. 


  • Pee and poop odours


The only thing worse than stains when dealing with carpet cleaning for pet messes is the odours. Sometimes you could have a carpet smelling funky even without any visible stains. This happens mainly when the pets drag small amounts of poop or pee onto the carpet attracting bacteria which then cause the odours. 


  • Bugs


Outdoor pets in particular are often at risk of pest infestation. This includes mites, fleas, and ticks. All these thrive in carpeting where they hide, lay their eggs, or do both. Carpet cleaning in such cases helps to not only spare you the stress of dealing with creepy crawlers but also puts our beloved furry friends out of their misery to some degree. 


  • Fur accumulation


Carpet cleaning as a pet owner is about so much more than poop, pee, and bugs. Fur is also very problematic especially on an aesthetic level. The shed hair is usually problematic with dark coloured carpets where the fur is easier to pick out visually. 


  • Dander in general


This often requires not only carpet cleaning but also air filtration systems as a lot of the dander floats in the air and later settles on surfaces like upholstery and rugs. This could cause all sorts of issues from odor formation to staining if it gets stuck on carpet wet spots.



  • General pet odour


In addition to poop and pee, your cat could cause your carpet to smell for a variety of other reasons. These include general body odour, wet fur, or even anal gland secretions. In this case, carpet cleaning is important to get rid of those invisible causes that could make a space unlivable in. 


Tips to keeping your carpet clean as pet owner

There is clearly a lot to deal with as far as carpet cleaning needs go for a pet owner. The last thing you want is a home that smells funky or a carpet full of stains as a result of all we have already discussed. That is where the following 6 carpet cleaning tips will come in handy. 


  • Keep the pets off your carpet


The best way to save money on carpet cleaning is by simply eliminating the need for it in the first place. This means keeping your pets off the carpet completely. However, it is easier said than done and unless you train the pet from an early age, it might not be the best way to go. 



If keeping your pet off the rug to save on carpet cleaning is not an option, you could invest in protective covers. The best option here are pet mats that you can put on carpets or even furniture. That way, your furry friend has somewhere to lounge with you in your living space without turning it into an absolute mess. This will definitely reduce your carpet cleaning needs.



You could also minimize your carpet cleaning responsibilities by just keeping the pet clean. Trust is, it is way easier and cheaper to give your pet a bath or clean their paws than it is to clean up after them on surfaces like carpets and furniture upholstery. 



The secret to effective carpet cleaning for things like potty accidents or mud and grass stains associated with pets is to clean up as soon as the mess happens. This includes picking up any poop parcels, soaking up pet pee, and using simple home remedies like soap and water for simple stains like mud.



Regular carpet cleaning is a complete non-negotiable as a pet owner if you want your home looking and smelling nice. This helps you get rid of both visible and invisible messes associated with your animal best friends to avoid embarrassing turns of events. So find and stick to a professional carpet cleaning schedule. 



In addition to the regular carpet cleaning timetable, you should be ready to call upon the services of a professional crew in case of accidents like pet poop and pee stains. There is no need to suffer through unsightly stains or funky smells simply because it is not yet time for your next carpet cleaning session. 

To DIY or not to DIY, that is the question

Carpet cleaning as a do it yourself project is always a bad idea and often has disastrous results. You could get away with something simple like mopping up liquid spills and using soap and water for simple stains. 

However, you should never attempt a full-on deep carpet cleaning as a non-professional. You could end up damaging the carpet fibers, causing water damage, or even spreading stains. And no matter how much research you do, the results will never be as good as those of a professional carpet cleaning business. 

Instead, just take your time and find a carpet cleaning business near you that will take care of all your pet mess needs. 

How To Keep Your Carpet Clean As A Pet Owner

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