Keep Your Office Furniture In Top Shape

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Keep Your Office Furniture In Top Shape

Keep Your Office Furniture In Top Shape

While business owners acknowledge the importance of clean furniture for the sets in their waiting rooms, lobbies, all through to the office spaces, it can be difficult for one to remember to consistently carry out the maintenance. Given that there is so much involved when running a business, sofa cleaning usually one of the issues that gets procrastinated, which ends up doing more harm than good. Pushing this critical aspect maintenance to the back burner puts the health of the employees and customers and the longevity of the furnishings at risk. Here are some tips that you can put in place to protect your set:

Set up a sofa cleaning routine

As a bare minimum the upholstery in commercial establishments should be given a thorough deep clean at least twice a year. The busier that the premises is, the more frequent this should be done. For those in industries with strict regulations are well – like childcare and healthcare, the sofas will need to be worked on more often as well in order to comply with the set regulations.

Work on the overall cleanliness

The grime that is on the rest of the space can easily be transferred onto the upholstery. After all, it is an interconnected system, and all aspects, from the surfaces to the cabinets and carpeting, work together to impact the decor, and need to be clean to protect the health of the employees and customers alike. Cases of panels, conference tables, cubicle dividers and other surfaces in the workspaces being glossed over will be a disservice. Countertops and desks in the facility need to be worked on too. All bases should be covered to ensure that the indoor environment is healthy for those in the facility. Allergens that trigger the flu-like symptoms, unclean sofas causing flare-ups for those with existing respiratory conditions – these are not issues that you want your staff or clients being exposed to. Protect them by ensuring that a comprehensive cleaning is carried out in the facility, where some areas are not overlooked.

Additional treatments

Some upholsteries will require more to be done after the sofa cleaning. For instance, with leather, it’s recommended that you have the upholstery moisturised. Here, treatments are applied to restore the lost oils in the upholstery, to ensure that it retains that soft and supple feel. Stain-proofing treatments can also be applied on the fabric upholsteries, which increase the resistance of the material to those accidental spills that wind up on them. Note that this is not an excuse to allow the spill to dwell on the furnishings. It should still be treated as soon as possible. The stain-proofing treatment simply reduces the chances of the liquids getting soaked up by the absorbent upholstery.

Picking The Right Commercial Sofa Cleaning Company

You want to be sure that you’re bringing in the right team to work on your premises. Here are some tips on what to look for:

Past reviews

While running your business, you must be cognizant of the value of reviews. After all, they determine the amount of trust that new customers will have on your products and services. The same applies in the sofa cleaning industry. There are different companies offering the services, and the feedback provided by their past clients will enable you to gauge the level of trust that you can put in the firm. A sofa cleaning company with a good track record is sure to have testimonials that you can look up, and it’s also recommended that you go over their pages on the different social media platforms to see what others

have to say about it.

Certification and quality of the personnel

You want your property to be in safe hands, so you should be sure about the work of about the commercial sofa cleaning company. Ideally, they should be able to give you a rundown – even though it’s brief, about their hiring process. Ask them to walk you through it, especially about whether they screen their employees, carrying out background checks on them, as well as the employee training to ensure that they were well versed with the services they provide. What kind of certification do they have, and is the company accredited? These will help you in deciding if you can trust them on your business premises.

The types of services offered

Definitely, it’s not just the sofa that needs to be worked on. Aspects like carpeting, all-round cleaning that caters to the hard floors and even the windows, you can get more in the package by dealing with a company that provides a broader range of services under its banner. This enables you save on costs and the resources that would have been incurred by hiring a different company for each specific task. What’s more, by hiring the same company for the all-round cleaning, you get to plan for a schedule that will enable the different areas to be worked on more conveniently, with a team that has the equipment and personnel needed to deliver a quality lean each time.

Also look into the kind of experience that the cleaning company has when dealing with businesses in your industry. For instance, you may be running a medical facility where there are strict guidelines involved, and you want to be certain that the cleaning company will adhere to them. With regards to the schedule, the flexibility that the cleaning company has will play a big role in their suitability for the job. For instance, you may want the cleaning scheduled at off-peak hours where there will be minimal interruption to your business activities, smack in the middle of the day just as long as there are safeguards put in place to protect the customers and employees in the facility, or outside the normal operating hours. Enquire about the optimal schedule that will enable the cleaning crew to get the task done, while also protecting your business operations. It’s all about striking a balance, and in this you want to deal with a cleaning company that will be more attentive to your needs.

Keep Your Office Furniture In Top Shape

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