How Long Will My Newly Cleaned Carpet Take To Dry?

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How Long Will My Newly Cleaned Carpet Take To Dry?

 How Long Will My Newly Cleaned Carpet Take To Dry?

Just as the carpet cleaning itself is important, so is the drying time that will follow. When the carpet remains wet for too long, a couple of problems will crop up, and they will end up frustrating you. The main cause of this is when excessing moisture is left behind in the carpet. This can be as a result of overwetting during the cleaning, for the services that had been hired having weak extraction gear, thus lacking the capacity to remove the bulk of the moisture content. Environmental factors also kick in, such as the surrounding temperature and humidity conditions. However, had most of the moisture been removed in the first place, then the carpet would dry relatively faster even during those cold days. 

Troubles Of Wet Carpets

The most immediate issue is the inconvenience involved. Every cleaner will be telling you not to walk on the carpet before it has fully dried – and this is with good reason. At this state, it will be likely to get soiled fast. The wet fibres will absorb dirt and grime at a very fast rate, which will make a mockery of the carpet cleaning efforts that had been undertaken. Knowing this, you will have sealed off the commercial space, made stern warnings to kids in the household, or even gone to the extent of locking the rooms involved to prevent people or pets from accessing the area and messing up the carpet. This is all fine and dandy if the carpet were to dry in a few hours. What happens when it remains wet for more than a day? The disruption to your living or working life is lengthened, inconveniencing the building’s occupants. From businesses, where the everyday traffic flow of your customers and employees is hampered, to homes with energy-filled kids and pets who will be more difficult to control as the duration in which the carpet is wet lengthens, this will put more strain on you. 

Then there is the fungi issue. The longer that the carpet remains wet, the higher the chances of having an all-out fungal infestation in your unit. The spores are usually floating around in the indoor air space- which is normal, and some land on the carpet. This happens daily. However, without moisture, they will simply be allergens that can be vacuumed up together with the rest of the dust. With the moisture, you can have mould and mildew growths sprouting in the carpet. What’s worse, it usually starts at the inner layers of the carpet- those dark and moisture sections- so by the time the visible signs are showing- those green, black, pink, and other kinds of colourations, the growths will have already extensively spread on your unit. 

The mould is not just unsightly – it also poses health risks to the persons on the premises. There will be a larger concentration of spores getting released into the indoor air space, triggering more bouts of reactions amongst the occupants of the building. There are also species of the fungi that produce mycotoxins. Once these agents get into the body, they affect organs like the liver, all through to the central nervous system. These are certainly not issues that you want your family members at home, or the employees and customers in your workplace being exposed to. 

What does the mould feed on as it flourishes in the carpet? The carpet itself. The fungi get nourished by the fibres and lush pile. This compromises the structural integrity and functionality of your unit, reducing its lifespan. You wind up having to purchase a new carpet far much sooner than you had anticipated- all this because of a carpet cleaning process that went awry by allowing excessive moisture to remain in the fibres of the material. Avoid this by getting the professionals to do it.

Thorough Carpet Cleaning and Quick Drying

When high-powered machinery is used for the cleaning, like hot water extraction systems that come powered by truck-mounted units, the carpet receives a deep clean, getting rid of the grime that is buried in the unit. Powered vacuums then come into play, sucking out most of the moisture from the carpet, a process which leaves it slightly wet to the touch. This residue moisture can then dry off in as little as 3 hours- which will also be affected by the atmospheric conditions of the space. 

Opening the windows, cranking up your air conditioning unit, turning the fan on – these will aid in speeding up the drying process, avoiding the troubles that would have ensued. 

Turn To Our Qualified Team For Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

We have been in this industry for years, growing our client base and making strides into winning over the loyalty of residential and commercial clients alike. This is because we focus on both the actual cleaning, and the customer service all through the process. The products and systems that our personnel use gets rid of the stubborn dirt and grime, while our crew also maintain industry levels of professionalism while on your property. Any questions that you may have about the processes that are being undertaken will be addressed, to ensure that you are well versed all through the process. 

Our experienced crew will be quick to point out aspects in your establishment that may be putting your carpet at risk. That way, early arrangements to have them resolved can be made, for you to avoid costly repairs that would have cropped up down the road. When it comes to our pricing, we have tailored it to suit your individual needs, from the type of carpet that is to be worked on- including natural and synthetic fabrics, the level of soiling that has accumulated in the unit, cases where you want particular stains like pet urine stains to be removed, routine carpet cleaning sessions, those emergency situations such as plumbing accidents that wreaked havoc in your residence – these are all looked at when setting the final quotation. Duly licenced and fully insured, you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands, and that you are covered in the event of an accident while the job is being carried out. This is in line with industry best practices – and our crew will still put in place safety measures that will prevent accidents from occurring in the first place. 

How Long Will My Newly Cleaned Carpet Take To Dry?

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