Myths On Sofa Cleaning

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Myths On Sofa Cleaning

Myths On Sofa Cleaning

There have been numerous presumptions in the sofa cleaning industry that have resulted in home and business owners being misled. While one can’t really point out the source, the myths grow into strong convictions, and usually result in the wrong measures being taken during the sofa cleaning. These include:


  • The hottest water will give you the most effective clean


Water- and cleaning solutions by extension, when used with high temperatures tend to give a deeper clean. It also reduces the need for relying on harsh alkaline-based formulations, which would have otherwise caused colour bleeding. However, this does not cut across the board. There are materials where the high temperatures itself will discolour the fading of the fabric, or cause fabric distortion. The water temperature used, plus the pressures involved, will depend on the particular type of upholstery being worked on.


  • Dry sofa cleaning is the safest


This is presumed to be the case because issues such as fabric shrinkage, cellulose browning and colour bleeding are usually associated with wet cleaning methods. Here, it also comes down to the particular situation.  The dry cleaning solvent that is used may not be compatible with the natural synthetic sofa upholstery, or even not be effective in removing the dirt and stains that are on the material. The right combination of cleaning products and systems is based on the type of the upholstery, the kind of stains and odours being removed, all through to the depth of cleaning that is desired. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all-approach, hence approaches are customised based on every individual situation. 


  • Spot tests are baseless


Relying solely on the tags that come with the sofa when deciding the cleaning method to use puts the unit at risk. While they are a core factor, they are not the only aspect to consider. This is moreso the case due to the wide range of cleaning products that are available, each with its target function. The tests are performed to assess the suitability of the product and observe the outcome. That way, the appropriate technique for removing the soiling can be followed. You don’t have to run these risks through a DIY process. Letting the professional sofa cleaning crew take on the task will ensure that the right measures are taken for your particular situation. 


  • It’s all-systems-go with synthetic fabrics


They are not hassle-free. Simply because they are developed to have more durability compared to the natural fabrics doesn’t mean that just any products or systems can be used on it. For instance, cases of high temperatures being used for the processes can result in the fabric getting permanently damaged. Dry cleaning solvents being used on the materials that are not colourfast can also result in discolouration. You also don’t want to expose your set to the risk of fibre distortion. With professional sofa cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about that. 



That’s waiting too long. By the time the colour of the upholstery is changing, or the odours coming from it become concentrated- there will already be a heavy dirt build-up within the unit. The frequently used sets, from commercial establishments handling numerous clients on a daily basis, to the modern-day busy homes with the kids and pets occasionally making messes- will require the sofa cleaning to be carried out on a more regular basis, in order to protect the set, and ensure that you have a healthy environment.

Why You Should Hire Professional Sofa Cleaning Services 


  • Detail-oriented


Our professional sofa cleaning team have been serving residential and commercial clients in this industry for years. They are passionate about what they do, and are a friendly lot who aim to ensure that you are comfortable with the entire service. They will handle your property with respect, treating it with care as though it were their own. Adequate safety measures will be put in place to protect the persons in the premises, and they will also be sure to point out any issues in your establishment that are putting your furniture sets at risk. 

Whether you have a tuxedo sofa where the back and arms have the same height and it has a formal vibe; a chesterfield sofa which can blend into both living room sand formal offices; mid-century modern sofa that adds a retro feel to the space, and features a linear structure and exposed legs;  the camelback sofa that may have an arch or two that resembles the humps on the camel- where upholstering it in luxurious fabric gives it a formal style; cabriole sofa where the exposed elegant legs and distinct silhouette takes one back in time to the Louis XV era; Lawson sofa that is ideal for family rooms; the barrel back design where the curved back seamlessly extended to the sides to form the arms; rollback sofas that are set up in sections where the back is not placed up against the wall; or a sofa that doesn’t have arms, which may have styles ranging from the chesterfield with its tufted back, to mid-century modern flair; the sloped arm sofa with its contemporary feel and works for both casual and formal spaces, or even the English Roll arm sofa which is a classic design, you can rely on our sofa cleaning crew for quality services each time.


  • Healthy indoor air 


When there is dirt and grime on the furniture, the quality of the indoor airs space takes a hit. It can range from a simple case of musty smells hitting you whenever you lay your head on the cushions, or pungent stenches that reek up the entire room- like when there are pet urine stains on the sofa. Smoke, dander, the decaying organic matter- they all produce smells, that make the interior space uncomfortable, dragging down the decor. This affects your personal comfort, that of your family members at home, and makes the employees and customers in your commercial establishment feel like rushing out of the building. It’s certainly not an image that you want to portray, whether it is to the guests coming over to your home, that dashing date with whom you’re planning on taking things to the next level, or the in-laws who are dropping by for a visit. For businesses, the smelly furniture will reflect poorly on your brand, as your customers will take it as a sign of operations that are not properly handled. Even your employees are unable to focus fully on their tasks. After all, one can barely maintain a conversation when there are odours assaulting their nostrils. During the professional sofa cleaning, this is taken care of. First, the source of the odours is got rid of. In addition, odour neutralizers are used, that have been developed to actually react with the molecules of the odour, making them inert. This is far more effective compared to simply masking the smell, which could have caused it to recur. Fragranced products can be used for the task, which leave behind invigorating scents, enhancing the ambiance of the interior space, and enabling you to enjoy the freshly cleaned sofa. The products used are not toxic or corrosive, thus safe for both the persons on in the establishment and the furniture that is being worked on. 

Allergens also have an impact on the indoor air quality. The dander, pollen, dust and other particles that are accumulating in the sofa irritate the respiratory system once inhaled. You may be going into a bout of coughs whenever you use the couch, or immediately start sneezing. No, you don’t have the sniffles- it’s simply a reaction to the allergens that are released from the cushions into the surrounding air space, affecting you. Watery eyes, nasal congestion, all through to cases of asthma attacks being triggered- the allergens have a wide range of ramifications, and is certainly an environment you want to raise your family in. In commercial establishments, you don’t want your customers who are relaxing on the furniture waiting to be serviced to start coughing and sneezing and being all-round uncomfortable. Even your employees’ health comes on the line, where you want them to have a conducive working environment, not one where their health standards deteriorated. The allergens are got rid of during the sofa cleaning, improving on hygiene levels of the interior space. 


  • Long term savings


When dirt and grime is allowed to accumulate on the sofa unabated, it results in deterioration of the material. The structure is at risk, from the fibres being worn down, to cases of insects and rodents rummaging inside the furniture weakening it as they such for the food crumbs that are stuck to its crevices. Without routine sofa cleaning, you end up spending much more money on making repairs, or even being forced to place the whole furniture set. This can easily be avoided by simply having a routine sofa cleaning program in place. The measures that are put in place by our personnel get to the gunk that is the source of the problem, removing it through deep cleaning processes, thus preserving the structural integrity of your unit. What’s more, this even enables you to have a higher resale value should you decide to dispose the furniture later on in life through a yard sale. Are you a realtor marketing a fully furnished space? To impress the prospective tenants, investing in a thorough sofa cleaning is vital. This will enable you to portray the premises as one that is well taken care of. This also applies for the AirBnB hosts, looking to provide their guests with a clean and welcoming space. Speaking of which, with the high turnover of guests checking into the home, different families, couples and solo-travellers, the frequency of the sofa cleaning will need to be higher. 


  • The right tools for a deep clean


The success of the sofa cleaning job is hinged on the equipment that is employed. Can the machinery get to the grime that is buried deep within the material, extracting it to ensure that the sofa is truly clean? Towards this end, we have made heavy investments in the latest in sofa cleaning technology. The machinery that our personnel use comes with high power and capacity ratings, delivering the cleaning solutions deep into the upholstery and scrubbing out those stubborn stains and dirt spots. The extraction that follows removes the mixture of gunk and cleanings solution from the sofa, and even the bulk of the moisture content after the rinsing. This has the welcome benefit of cutting down the drying time of the furniture, meaning that you can resume using it much faster- even within the same day that it has been cleaned. It prevents the furniture from being out of commission for long, and also avoid the growth of mould and mildew on your set. 


  • Free time for your family


Those weekends are already rare. The time passes by so quickly, and it’s back to work again. On those evenings when you get back from the office, fieldwork, clinic, or other workstation, you’re already exhausted. Social life, with friends panning activities, the occasional brunch, night-out to blow off steam- they are also planned into your itinerary. Adding arduous chores like the sofa cleaning to your to-do list can strain you. Those free days should be spent on things that light up your heart, not scrubbing for hours at stubborn spots that refuse to budge. This is in addition to the risks that come with the DIY sofa cleaning, where using the wrong chemicals or tools can permanently damage your set. It can also be frustrating when you wind up with low quality results after spending lots of time and resources on the task. Colour blending, the fabric distorting, the upholstery getting frayed or corroded due to harsh chemicals- these are not outcomes you want. There are also those cases where hazardous chemicals are used- especially when turning to harsh products in an attempt to get rid of those difficult stains. Toxic fumes being released into the indoor space, chemical residue on the seat that puts whoever uses it at risk- these can all be avoided by leaving the task to the specialist sofa cleaning services. 

 Myths On Sofa Cleaning


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