Pet Stains On Your Carpet

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Pet Stains On Your Carpet

Pet Stains On Your Carpet- Frustrating, Right?

Cute and cuddly, large and furry – we love our pets. They are part of the family, injecting their energy and enthusiasm into our everyday lives, but it’s not always cheer and laughter. As every pet owner will attest, there will be times when your furry little friend will make you frustrated- especially when it comes to dealing with the messes they make. Urine stains, in particular, can drive you on edge. They stick stubbornly onto the carpet fibres, refusing to come off. They can’t also be ignored, courtesy of the pungent odour that will reek up your home. It’s not just the discomfort that is a problem. The acidic nature of the urine will cause it to gradually corrode the carpet material if left unattended to. Having a professional carpet cleaning team on speed dial can go a long way in alleviating your troubles. 

So why does Fluffy keep peeing on the carpet? For puppies, it is usually because they are yet to grasp their potty training. However, even for the dogs that have been previously brought up in a kennel environment or outdoors, and then adopted into a new home, potty training will still be an issue. For the pets that were already house-trained, then it can be medical – a problem with their physical health, such as a UTI. Stress-based responses are also a common cause. For instance, the pet may not be used to the environment, or a new dog has been brought into the home, and the “resident tenant” feels threatened. Some may result to marking their territory, which unfortunately means leaving a pee blot on your favourite carpet. Separation anxiety is also an issue, where the simple act of leaving the pet alone gets it worked up. For the old dogs, then it’s probably a case of reduced control over their bladder as the years go by. While you get the health or training issues taken care of, the carpet that has already been messed up cannot be left unattended to. 

Why Residue Pet Urine In Your Carpet Is A Problem

This stain is more problematic compared to the normal food and drink spills. Its chemical nature is corrosive, causing it to wear down the fibres of the material. Since the carpet padding is likely sitting directly on the subfloor, the urine soaking through it can reach the subfloor, where it will cause rotting of the material- especially if the subfloor is made of wood. This is a common case for repeated pet accidents that cause the subfloor to get more saturated with the contents. This is exacerbated by the pet marking that particular region as its go-to spot, increasing the risk to your installation. Next is the potential for fungal growth. Remember that the urine components attract more moisture over time. As is soaks deeper into the material of the carpet, the chances of moulds like penicillium growing in your unit increase. There is a wide range of fungi that can crop up, each with their health risks. Speaking of health issues, that spot will become a bacteria haven- with persons who have compromised immune systems being at the greatest risks, plus the young kids and the elderly in the household. Perhaps the most notable issue with this particular type of stain is the resultant ammonia odour, that gets worse over time. As the water that’s in the urine evaporates, the resultant spot will have more concentrated ammonia- with the odour affecting everyone in the room. 

Getting Rid Of The Stains

You don’t have to spend an entire afternoon scrubbing the pet stain on your carpet. Get in touch with our professional cleaning crew who have been trained in handling pet stains for the wide range of carpet materials. Our team has been providing the services for years, attending to both residential and commercial clients, turning their frowns upsidedown. Powerful extraction machinery is used for the cleaning, and the chemicals that are employed for the task break down the stain easily, speeding up the process. The stains are removed together with the rest of the grime that is buried within your carpet, leaving it truly clean. This also includes the mounds of pet fur and dander that have no doubt accumulated in the lush pile- which are a common allergen. Thus, you end up with a cleaner and healthier space. 

Dealing With The Odours

Next, that foul stench needs to be got rid of. Soaking the carpet in vinegar or baking soda will not do the trick. Blotting the spot with laundry detergent and cold water will just take up more of your time and energy – and even put the carpet at risk if it is not compatible with the chemical formulation of the detergent used. When dealing with a professional carpet cleaning service, all this is avoided. Odour neutralisers that have been specially developed for the situation- and which will be safe for your particular type of carpet, are used. What’s more, the professionals have access to a wider range of chemicals that are not easy to find over-the-counter, providing them with more options to work with when combating your particular stain problem. This, coupled with the training and years of experience, enables them to deliver quality results, restoring the fresh look and feel to your carpet.

Our pet urine removal services are available at affordable rates. We understand the discomfort that they bring, and your desire to have the issue resolved as soon as possible- without having to tear a hole through your wallet. We have been in the carpet cleaning industry for years, and have invested heavily in state-of-the-art cleaning systems. This, coupled with our dedicated team of professionals, allows us to have enhanced operational efficiency. This reduces the amount of time and resource wastage that would have otherwise been witnessed, resulting in lower operational costs. The savings that are made here are passed over to you, as will be seen in the quotation provided. Get in touch with our carpet cleaning team today, and let’s talk about how you can have that pet stain problem solved quickly. 

Pet Stains On Your Carpet- Frustrating, Right?

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