Preparing For The Holidays: Make Things Easy With Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

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Preparing For The Holidays: Make Things Easy With Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

Preparing For The Holidays: Make Things Easy With Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

Planning for festivities can get hectic. Fun activities for everyone, travel logistics for those friends and relatives coming over from distant locations, sleeping arrangements that will be convenient for all involved, meals to the nitty-gritty like ensure people know where to park to avoid conflicts with the neighbours. Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or your gearing up for the Christmas holidays, week-long family gatherings during summer breaks, you want your family and friends to have lots of laughter and cheer. The free-spirited parties, heart-to-heart conversations in the middle of the night, that occasional uncle who kicks off a political debate over the dinner table, and the siblings who will swing from hugs to brawls based on the time of day – the house really comes alive. Being the host, there will be lots of pressure on you for things to go smoothly. Even when it is not really spoken out loud, at a personal level you will have the urge to ensure that your guests are comfortable and happy in your home, and make a positive impression while at it as well. Part of this involves providing a clean space for your loved ones to relax in, which includes tending to the furniture. 


  • Giving your guests a social environment 


When you tell your guests to take a seat and feel at home, what sight greets them as they get to your sofa? Dirt spots and stains don’t exactly state “Welcome”. They will be understandably worried about the grime that is on the furnishings getting transferred to their clothes- from the stains to the pet fur, which would put them on edge. Some may simply overlook it and shift to a different section of the sofa, while others will boldly point it out and ask about the state of affairs. With siblings and other family members, they are not likely to reserve their comments, right? It’s those closest to us who shoot straight and speak their mind when it comes to such matters – and we do love them. In cases such as where you have your in-laws coming over, you want to ensure that you set a positive image, making an admirable impression. As the host, there is the need to ensure that your guests are relaxed in your space. Scheduling a deep sofa cleaning that gets rid of the grime on your unit will aid in this.

When it comes to odours, these can’t be ignored. Hanging in the air and assaulting the senses of everyone in the household, it becomes difficult to hold a simple conversation. From musty smells from decaying organic matter in the furnishings, that stale smell caused by the body oils and sweat that had been absorbed by the upholstery, all through to pungent stenches such as those from urine stains caused by the pet on the cushions of your favourite sofa – these all need to be got rid of, as they take away the comfort of everyone in the room. This is a two-part process: first getting rid of the source of the smell, then using odour neutralisers and part of the sofa cleaning process, which will react with the odours at a molecular level, not simply masking them. That way, you won’t have to worry about the odours recurring. Fragranced products can be used, which leave a pleasant scent in their wake, further accentuating the indoor ambience. 


  • Creating a healthier space


A soiled sofa is a germ haven. From the bacteria feeding on the decaying organic matter, pathogens like E. coli, Campylobacter and the Norovirus that have been transferred onto the upholstery, the flu season where lots of coughing and sneezing on the sofa causes the viruses to be strewn all over the cushions, infecting other household members who will use it – these all pose a risk to the those coming over for the holidays, since the sofa will be the main area where you will be entertaining your guests from. Even pets are not spared. For instance, there may be pests like fleas hiding out within the cushions, brought over by the resident cat or dog from its escapades in the outdoors, which will be a nuisance to both the people and other pets that they will be coming with. For infections like Parvo, when the case has been had in the household a thorough cleaning is required, covering all the upholstery, carpeting and other sources in the home.

What about the allergens? There are loads of them in the sofa. Do you find yourself coughing, getting nasal blockage, a runny nose or watery eyes whenever you use the sofa? It may be as a result of the dust, dander and other allergens that are on the upholstery. This is not an environment that you want to expose your guests to. It’s not just about the discomfort that is caused by a couple of sneezes. Allergens can trigger asthma attacks, and worsen respiratory conditions like bronchitis. An in-depth sofa cleaning that gets to the grime that is buried in the unit will come in handy. 



It didn’t come cheap. Being one of the largest furnishing items, plus its importance in holding the house together, the sofa is an investment. In fact, it is one of those items in the household that stays with you for the long haul, moving with you from one stage of life to another. A welcome benefit of the sofa cleaning as you prepare for the holidays is the ridding of the dirt and grime which would have accelerated the wear and tear of the unit. From dirt particles that abrade the upholstery when they are rubbed against it, which occurs whenever anyone uses the furniture, to the food crumbs that are a magnet for ants, roaches and even rodents, which will damage the structure of the future when they come scouting for the free meals, the sofa cleaning removes the source of the problem. This enables your unit to last for longer, and you get to enjoy it all through. 

Preparing For The Holidays: Make Things Easy With Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

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