Preparing For The Open House: 4 Things To Have Cleaned Before Your Property Hits The Market

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Preparing For The Open House: 4 Things To Have Cleaned Before Your Property Hits The Market

Preparing For The Open House: 4 Things To Have Cleaned Before Your Property Hits The Market

Competition in the real estate market is brutal. More property developers have flooded the space with units targeting the different levels of income earners on one hand, and on the other, buyers and tenants are being more particular about their working and living conditions. From costs, the space available, amenities provided, to the aesthetics of the space- they all factor in your ability to attract interested persons to your property. You need every advantage you can get in your real estate venture. For those who are selling or letting out furnished units, there will be more scrutiny involved, with the different items that have already been availed. Thorough cleaning, to professional standards, is required. Outsourcing the task to a company that is fully equipped for the task will enable you to present the property in positive light, generating more leads and bringing you a step closer in sealing that lucrative deal. 


  • Tile and grout cleaning


Over time the colour of the tiles and grout gradually change- even the occupants of the building may fail to notice it given that it is a slow process. However, when you compare it to pictures of how it looked like during the early days of the installation, the stark difference can be astonishing. When your current tenants move out, or you’re having the premises renovated in readiness for a sale- these areas will need to be attended to. You’ll be surprised at the difference that a thorough cleaning with a truck-mounted and high-powered system can achieve for your space. 


  • Carpet cleaning


These are grime hoarders. From homes to office spaces, carpets act as air filters, trapping the dust and allergens floating about. They also scrape off the soiling that is under the soles of people’s shoes, holding grit withing the fires. Did you know that carpets can lock in 4 times their weight in dirt? That’s a massive amount of grime that needs to be dealt with. A dull and dilapidated carpet will bring down the decor of the space, hence the emphasis of a deep carpet cleaning. Here, professionals use methods like hot water extraction to get to the grime that is buried deep within the lush pile, as opposed to approaches like shampooing which simply removes the surface soiling and pushes the rest deeper into the carpet. Getting this done also goes a long way in enhancing the lifespan of your unit. The process gets rid of the abrasive soiling that is the leading cause of the material wearing down. The enhanced aesthetics also play a role in setting the standards that you would like the property maintained at- which is key in aspects such as letting agents and landlords who are bringing in new tenants, or even AirBnB units with different guests checking in all through the year. 


  • Window cleaning 


They have a direct impact on the curb appeal of the space. Your windows will be the first thing interested parties will see even before they’ve walked through the front doors. What does the state of your windows say about the space? Smears on the glass panes, gunk on the sills, and dirt spots that cast shadows into the room will result in a negative image- which is not what you want with all the marketing effort that you’re putting in for the space. On the other hand, a top-to-bottom clean that leaves the glass sparkling will make the space more welcoming, even letting in more natural sunlight into the rooms as you showcase the property. 


  • Upholstery cleaning 


Stains and greasy smears on the furniture are an instant turn-off. During the open house that will be conducted, the goal is to give the prospective buyers and tenants a look and feel of the space- and allow them to picture themselves living in it. Soiled furnishings will come in the way of this. Even for the pictures that you will be sending out and posting on your social media platforms to market the residential or commercial space, you want to portray the space in the best possible image. Having the sofa cleaning carried out as part of the preparations will come in handy here. 

Engaging A Professional Cleaning Company For Your Particular Needs

There are plenty of rookies out there- and you don’t want to risk your property on them. This is an investment on your part as well, from which you would like to see positive results. dealing with an experienced company- with an established track record that you can personally assess- including the reviews and testimonials from its previous customers, will aid in narrowing down the choices for the optimal service to hire. Are its personnel trained, and they have certification to prove it? How long has the company been in operation? Asking for this information from the particular company’s personnel will further enable you to gauge their level of quality in the service delivery. 

When it comes to the pricing for the services, remember that each situation is unique. Let’s take carpet cleaning for example. When you want the carpets in your residential or commercial space worked on, the size of the units involved, plus the material of the carpets themselves will need to be factored in. There are also those cases when you’re dealing with particularly stubborn stains. For instance, the previous tenant or AirBnB guest may have had pets in the household that left messy urine stains on the carpet. These will certainly require specialised formulations and processes to remove, as opposed to the general dirt and grime- and it will affect the quotation that you will be provided with. Having the carpet cleaning personnel walk you through the process that will be used for your unit will give you a clear picture, and enable you to be certain of what exactly what you’ll be agreeing to. In this regard, a site visit is recommended to assess the scope of the task and measures that will be required to work on the unit, for you to get a more accurate quotation. 

Preparing For The Open House: 4 Things To Have Cleaned Before Your Property Hits The Market

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