Preparing Your Carpets For The Holidays

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Preparing Your Carpets For The Holidays

Preparing Your Carpets For The Holidays

They are those days of the year that we look forward to with zeal. Time to take a break away from the rush of the workplace, to relax and bond with your family. Then there are those that coincide with festivities, where you even invite friends and relatives over to celebrate the special occasions. One thing is certain: you want this to be in a hospitable environment, and that cannot be achieved when the carpets are all soiled. 

Your Carpet Needs More Than Just Vacuuming

Sure, vacuuming is an important aspect of carpet care. Doing it weekly keeps the critters and allergen levels under control. However, a deep cleaning will still be required. Let’s take a look at the kind of grime that the carpet holds: 


  • Dust and debris


This ranges from the particles floating around in the airspace that slowly accumulate on the carpet, faecal pellets of the dust mites crawling around within the fibres, fingernail filings, dead skin shed by the household occupants, even paint chips and textile fibres riddling the unit, plus soiling that was brought in from the outdoors under people’s shoes. The abrasive debris will be particularly problematic when there are more people in the house as will be seen over the holidays, since they will be grinded against the carpet fibres more intensely, causing them to wear down. Flushing them of the lush pile with a thorough carpet cleaning is key to protect your unit. 


  • Stains 


When your once-elegant carpet is riddled with stains, it can be frustrating. These clash with the rest of the colours and patterns of the carpet, taking away its beauty. What’s more, they are a constant reminder of chores that are pending, and will likely pop up in conversations you have with your family members. The last thing you want is your in-laws asking how long some stains have been there on your carpet, or those awkward moments when you’re mumbling off an explanation about the state of affairs of the household. Note that when it comes to stain removal, the carpet cleaning products used should be safe for the particular material. Just because a particular solution was effective in removing a coffee or tea stain on the upholstery doesn’t mean that it will be effective on the carpet. 


  • Odours


You don’t want guests walking into your home being hit with a whiff of nasty odours coming from the carpet. These odours can be from a myriad of substances within the carpet. For starters, the decaying organic matter will continuously emit odours as more microbial action takes place to break down the material. Add these to substances like the sweat from people walking barefoot on the carpet, plus the odours absorbed from socks won. Pet fur and dander especially on those section of the carpet where the furry friends enjoy napping and playing on, all through to the pungent stench caused by the urine stains from cats and dogs with behavioural issues or health problems – these all need to be resolved. With odours, one cannot ignore them, which makes even holding a normal conversation difficult when the smells are pervading the nostrils. 

Benefits Of Holiday Carpet Cleaning


  • Reduce pressure on hosts


When the family is deciding which member will get to host the annual party or get-together, the process can occasionally be a pain. It’s not always an easy pick – unless a family member volunteers for it. It’s more frustrating when it’s a last-minute arrangement, and you end up as the selected host. There is plenty that needs to be done. Deciding on the menu, sourcing for supplies, arranging for the decorations to be set up – there is barely sufficient time to give the house a thorough clean, let alone work on the carpet, which is a tough job by itself. With the amount of time and energy that goes into this particular task, it can end up draining you, causing you to delay on other arrangements that needs to be done. Hiring a specialised carpet cleaning service will enable you to strike this one thing off your to-do list. In fact, many companies offering the service also extend to give the whole home a thorough clean, including appliances like the oven which can sure use a good scrub in preparation for all the baking that is to be done. 



It is much more important to have a clean and healthy space when the guests are staying over for extended periods. You don’t want to force them to endure a night of coughing and sneezing because of the allergens that are in the carpet, or for your guest to be assaulted by odours that are emanating from the unit. The rooms in which they are to sleep need to be taken care of, to ensure that they are tidy and comfortable. This includes arranging for extra blankets and pillows, and making sure that the room has received a thorough wash. 

Cleaning Up After the Holidays

After the merrymaking and games, those nights of hearty meals and laughter, there will be a reckoning when it comes to the chores. Accidental spills all over the house, some that have soaked into the upholstery and carpets, the dirt and grime that was tracked into the house, soiled countertops – these all need to be cleaned up for normalcy to resume. It can seem like a daunting task. After all, you are already likely tired from all the responsibilities that you had while hosting the whole family. Adding an intensive cleaning task to your plate can take a toll on you. Hiring a cleaning company to come in to handle the task will be a load off your back. Here, you can go for a firm that offers an all-round approach, from the sofa care, oven cleaning, working on the windows and worktops, all through to delivering an in-depth carpet cleaning. This will leave the house all fresh and spruced up, ready for you to resume your normal life, and look back at the memories of the holiday with fondness. 

Preparing Your Carpets For The Holidays

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