Professional Pet Stain Removal For Your Carpet

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Professional Pet Stain Removal For Your Carpet

Professional Pet Stain Removal For Your Carpet

While DIY jobs can be thrilling – you get to save costs in the different household projects and take on a challenge in the process, things aren’t that straightforward when it comes to dealing with pet urine stains that are on your carpet. Taking on this job as a DIY poses risk to both your carpet and your home. Let’s delve into the different ways that it can go wrong.

Risks Of DIY Pet Stain Removal

Sure, it’s important to attend to a stain as soon as the pet accident has occurred. This minimises the extent of damage that would ensue. However, in the process, the DIYer can actually make the situation worse. 

One of the common mistakes witnessed is using too much detergent for the task. This is not one of those situations where you can simply soak the spot in cleaning detergents and watch it get broken down. What’s more the cleaners need to be particularly suited for the task. Working with the conventional laundry detergents can damage the material and ruin its fibres. Other cause the stains to set deeper into carpet and become problematic to remove- which is definitely not how you want things playing out. 

Carpet manufacturers insist on buyers of their products getting them worked on by professionals for a reason. The different carpet materials come with their unique cleaning requirements. You don’t want to use a product that is so harsh that it ends up ruining the fibres of the material, affecting its functionality. The temptation of this is higher for the DIYers dealing with pet urine stains, due to the threat the stain poses, and the pungent odours that it produces. This sees them going for the powerful homemade solutions in a bid to get rid of the stain, but end up ruining the carpet in the process. Note that damages made to the carpet in this mode are not covered by the warranty, meaning that you will end up being forced to dig into your own pocket to repair or replace the unit

The odours are also an issue. With pet stains, the odour-causing crystals can be left behind in the material, plus the bacteria that continues to break down the urine. Whenever the spot gets wet, the odour intensifies. The carpet cleaning measures carried out need to ensure that the crystals and bacteria have been removed from the unit, in order to completely deal with the situation. 

Call In A Professional To Remove The Pet Urine Stains

These stains can be frustrating, especially when the carpet is riddled with them. From ruining the aesthetic appeal of the carpet, the odours that are produced, to the risk posed to the structural integrity of the material due to the carpet’s fibres being chemically attacked – these are not issues that you want affecting your unit. 

Dial up the carpet cleaning experts to remove these stubborn spots from the material. This comes with a myriad of benefits. For starters, you get to ensure that the right products and processes are used for the task, meaning that you don’t have to worry about issues like colour bleeding or delamination of the carpet. Secondly, they deal with more than just the pet stains – going further to remove those spots that were left behind by issues such as beverage spills on the unit. Thirdly, you get to avoid the intense workload that comes with the process. After all, you should be relaxing on your weekends and days off from work, not spending hours scrubbing at stubborn stains on the carpet. It even enables you to retain your warranty – so be sure to keep the receipt for the carpet cleaning services. 

We’ll Get Rid Of The Pet Stains On Your Carpet

Our team utilises pet removal treatment process that will completely remove the pet stains and the odour-causing crystals, so that you won’t have to worry about the stenches recurring. What’s more, the process will be safe for the carpet, with the team having the skills and experience needed to determine the appropriate approach for your particular type of carpet. 

We use industrial-grade carpet cleaning systems to get the task done, reducing the amount of time and labour required for the process. This translates into lower operational costs, the benefits of which you will see in the affordable quotation that will be provided. Our team is also friendly, and will be sure to answer any queries you have about the process. While carrying out the job, the personnel will keep an eye out for issues in the residence that are posing a risk to the longevity of your carpet, and also bring these to your attention so that you can arrange to have them resolved early in order to protect your unit and prolong its life. 

Preventing Future Pet Stains On Your Carpet

Protecting your carpet from the pet accidents is not a one-time event. It’s an on-going process, from those with new puppies to those with old dogs. Here are some behavioural technique that you can carry out in order to ensure that your pets relieve themselves at the appropriate locations:

  • Placing paper towels that have been stained with the cats’ or dog’s urine at a spot where you want them to relieve themselves, be it in the designated litter box, or at a particular section outdoors. Pets have a strong reaction to the smells, taking cue to mark those sections where they detect the odours. 
  • Use more positive reinforcement especially when your pets relieve themselves at the required spot. This can be in form of treats or simply verbal praise. It helps in ingraining the good behaviour of your furry friend. Just be patient though. It will take some tie for the animal to fully grasp the training. 
  • Avoid punishing pets when they have urine accidents. However, you can interrupt them right in the middle of the act, moving the cat or dog to the appropriate spot, and then following through with some praise for using the right spot. 

Professional Pet Stain Removal For Your Carpet

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