Quality Care For Area Rugs

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Quality Care For Area Rugs

Quality Care For Area Rugs

With area rugs, you are able to make the indoor space feel grounded. It pulls together the different elements in the room. For instance, it complements the furniture, creating a cosy and intimate space. Positioning the main furniture items – whether it is the sofas, tables or the loveseats – and setting a large rug or simply having the front legs on it gives the furniture a “floating” effect. Add this to the decor impact of the rugs- which is definitely one of the main reasons why people get them in the first place. The rugs come in different patterns and styles allowing you to set up the ambience that suits your particular tastes. You can mix and match different colours, go with a laid-back look for a relaxing effect, or have bold colours that capture one’s attention the moment they walk into the room. Moreover, the rugs create a warmer setting. That way you won’t be placing your feet on the cold hard floor underneath. Cushioning the soles of the feet adds to the comfort of those in the premises. To continue enjoying the benefits that the rugs bring to the household, proper care is needed, which is where the rug cleaning services come in.

Why You Should Hire A Professional For Your Rug Cleaning

Do you really want to spend hours poring through blogs and YouTube videos, researching the right mix of cleaning chemicals that will be suitable for your area rugs and the different stain problems? Add this to the time taken queuing at the dealership store to rent equipment like the extraction systems needed to flush out the grime that is buried deep within the area rugs and furnishing items. All this is before the cleaning task has actually commenced – which takes a huge chunk out of your free time, especially when dealing with the heavily soiled rugs and upholstery. On the other hand, the professionals already come equipped with the machinery needed for the process, and have both the training and experience required for handling the different types of rugs, with the different dirt and stain situations. This enables them to complete the task in a fraction of the time that a DIYer would take, while getting superior quality results.

When the rug cleaning is done routinely, it prolongs the life of the units. They are key furnishing items, and must have cost you quite a significant amount of money to purchase the ideal area rugs for your interior space. You don’t want their appeal getting degraded by the grime and stains that are accumulating on them, or watch the rugs get ruined because of inappropriate processes being used for the cleaning. Get the job done right from the word go by hiring a professional rug cleaning crew. This enhances the health standards of the premises and gives you peace of mind.

Red Flags To Take Notice Of When Choosing A Rug Cleaning Company

There are numerous companies marketing their rug cleaning services. Which will you trust? As you decide which firm you will hire, there are specific issues that will help you sieve away problematic ones. These include:

No business licence

This should be a basic requirement of any rug cleaning company you engage with. Usually, the companies offering these services will have a wider range of other activities they handle, such as upholstery and carpet cleaning, even end of tenancy cleaning services. Regardless of the product offering, the company itself should be duly licensed and registered. You don’t want to deal with a shady firm that only exists on Facebook, and end up getting ripped off, or worse still inviting crooks to your premises.

Lack of insurance coverage

Not even the most experienced and well established business is immune to accidents. There is also a risk of something going off the rails, whether it is when handling the area rugs being cleaned, the machinery being used, or the personnel safety risks that are faced while on the line of duty. Insurance comes in to protect you as the property owner from liabilities, and also provide workers compensation should the rug cleaning company’s personnel get injured on the job. Ask about the kind of insurance coverage that the company you’re seeking to hire has before you hand over the job to them.

Rock-bottom prices

While you want pocket-friendly prices for the rug cleaning, there is a difference between affordable and down-right cheap. For a company to set prices way below that of their competitors, it means that something will have been compromised. Remember, cheap is expensive. The company may be relying on low-capacity machinery and cleaning agents, causing stains and residue to remain in the units being worked on. The personnel they’ve hired may be rookies who are coming to learn the ropes on your premises, exposing your furnishing items to risk of damage. The company may have also skipped out on getting the insurance coverage due to the pricy nature of premiums, but this means that if there will be any damages made during the job then you’ll end up footing the repairs out of your own pocket. It may also be a bait and switch tactic, where you’re reeled in with the attractive prices, only to have them increased down the road.

Failing to give you a detailed quotation

You want to know exactly what you’re paying for, and not just some arbitrary number pulled out of the air. Rug cleaning costs vary from one premises to the next. Issues like the type of the rugs being worked on, their construction material to the level of soiling, as well as cases where you’re having other furnishings items in the premises worked on like the upholstery, are taken into account. The time at which the rug cleaning sessions are being booked also weighs in, especially for cases where you want the area rugs in your residence washed outside normal working hours. Whichever the situation, getting a detailed quotation – preferably in writing, will enable you to walk into the arrangement with a clear picture, and avoid disagreements later on.

Quality Care For Area Rugs

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