Residential Sofa Cleaning Services To Keep Your Furnishings In Pristine Condition

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Residential Sofa Cleaning Services To Keep Your Furnishings In Pristine Condition

Residential Sofa Cleaning Services To Keep Your Furnishings In Pristine Condition

Busy schedule? We understand. Every day one has so much to do, balancing their work and social life. As you push yourself to achieve your goals, pick up and perfect those skills that will see you rise up the corporate ladder, and actively keep up with those in your inner circle, you barely have sufficient time to get all the chores done. For some like sofa cleaning, it demands a lot of effort, and without the requisite machinery or skills it can end up taking ages to get completed. With kids and pets in the household, the workload intensifies, which can even put you on edge. It can be frustrating to come home to soiled furnishings, and still have the nagging feeling of guilt about the chores that are demanding your attention. Even hosting guest becomes an issue- after all, how will you explain those stains that are on the furnishings? No one looks forward to having to reassure guests that the stains “will not transfer to their clothes”. Let our sofa cleaning team come in and check it off your “to-do” list.

It’s not just your peace of mind that is on the line. The soiled furnishings ruin the indoor air quality of your home. The dust, mould spores, pet fur and dander, dust mite waste and other allergens that pile up on the upholstery result in allergic reactions, which will especially affect those sitting on the sofa. If you find yourself suddenly sneezing, having nasal congestion or watery eyes whenever you use the sofa, it points to a build-up in allergens in your immediate environment, which in this case is those cosy cushions. Persons with pre-existing respiratory conditions, from asthma to pulmonary bronchitis, will be at a greater risk, as the increased allergen concentration will exacerbate the conditions. Particles like dust mite waste on the other hand, are a leading cause of allergic rhinitis, and you can be certain that there are mounds of the material within a sofa that has stayed for months without being cleaned. These are certainly not the conditions that you want for your home. A deep sofa cleaning comes in to flush out the allergens, that way you will be able to sit back in comfort. 

Industry level of professionalism

As our client, you are our #1 priority. Our goal is to ensure that you’re satisfied with the entire spectrum of the service delivery. First, certainly, is with the quality of the results. Here, you want the dirt build-ups and stubborn stains to be got rid of in order to bring back that charm and appeal to your set. Those dull sections of the sofa, cases of spills that were absorbed deep into the sofa material, tough acting products are used to resolve them, and the commercial-grade machinery that is relied on to get to the gunk that is buried within your sofa. Eco-friendly formulations are used, that will be safe to your household members. 

When it comes to customer service, we aim to please. A friendly team that actually enjoys what it does will enable you to feel comfortable with the process, answering any questions that you have about the task. Given that this is your home, you also want to be assured of your security. In light of this, we ensure that we have thoroughly vetted each individual and taken them through background checks before bringing them on board our sofa cleaning team. Our services are also licensed and insured, giving you coverage in case of any accident while the services are being provided. To reduce the chance of them occurring in the first place, our personnel will put in place safety measures to protect your property throughout the course of the job. 

Give us a call and schedule a sofa cleaning appointment today. Let us know if you have any particularly disconcerting issues that you would like resolved, like pet urine stains that are on your sofa. Our services are flexible, and the same goes for our pricing structure, where we tailor the quotation to match your particular needs. This includes taking into account the particular type of sofa that you want to be worked on, the size of the sets, from the armchairs and recliners to the larger sectional sofas, plus the material that the upholstery and the level of soiling. Our team will stick to schedule, arriving at your residence at the determined time, with the equipment needed to hit the ground running. 

Maintaining Your Sofa After The Professional Cleaning 

After the task has been completed, you will have a fresh and vibrant sofa, and no doubt you want it to remain that way for longer. You don’t have to place plastic covered on the furniture, or keep getting all worked up whenever some food crumbs wind up on it. Here are simple measures that you can take to protect your unit in between the sofa cleaning sessions:


  • Using armrests and slipcovers


These are the areas that are most prone to wear. Daily use sees them take the brunt of the dirt, oil and grease residue, plus wear that affects the furniture. Getting covers for them will enable you to protect the unit, without you having to sit on plastic on the rest of the cushions.



This is to lift the dirt and oils that win up on the sofa- especially when it is being used often. You don’t have to do much here. With just a dust buster, and occasionally whipping out a moistened cloth, it will be enough to quickly wipe way that surface soiling, to reduce the rate at which it is building up. 


  • Vacuum regularly


Crank up your vacuum and pass it over the sofa, to pick up the loose soiling and debris that is on the upholstery, and in the crevices of the unit. Since these particles are a threat to the unit, the vacuuming will go a long way in protecting the set from damage, and also reducing the amount of indoor pollutants, thus improving the air quality and overall comfort for persons in the premises.

Residential Sofa Cleaning Services To Keep Your Furnishings In Pristine Condition

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