Risks Of DIY Carpet Cleaning

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Risks Of DIY Carpet Cleaning

Risks Of DIY Carpet Cleaning

The carpet, a core part of the interior furnishings, needs routine cleaning. All that time spent on the floor, picking up dirt and grime from the surrounding environment- be it particles from the air or the gunk that is under peoples shows, absorbing odours and cigarette smoke particles, and hoarding insect waste and pet dander- the gunk needs to be got rid of. Add to this issues like staining, which ruin the appeal of the unit. How do you go about the carpet cleaning? This is a job that should be left to the professionals- in fact, it’s what the carpet manufacturers insist as the terms of their warranties provided for with their products. Why? Attempting a DIY carpet cleaning can result in lots of harm. Here is a look at what can go wrong:


  • Poor results


Removing those pet stains and dealing with the water leaks on the carpet is not as easy as it seems. First off, you need to get the equipment needed or the task. The machinery that the professional carpet cleaning companies use is different from that which is available at the department stores. For the latter, capacity has been reduced. The units come in smaller component parts, in order to enable you to easily fit them in the trunk of your family car, and be able to move these carpet cleaning units around the house without much hustle. However, this compromises on the power needed to deliver a deep and thorough carpet cleaning. Some are plugged into the house’s normal sockets, and others run on weak batteries. This is not comparable to the truck mounted systems relied on by the professionals. These are expensive and not feasible for the occasional carpet cleaning job at home, so renting machines from the store comes off as the next option. However, as you can see, you’ll be operating at lower levels of efficiency. As such, right from the onset, the DIY enthusiast is already at a disadvantage. You end up spending more time, money and energy to carry out the job. For the carpet cleaning to be successful, the gunk that is buried deep in the fibres and pile needs to be removed, which will be a tall order with the rental units.

It’s not always about the equipment. Using the wrong approach for the carpet cleaning- like in those situations where the dirt is simply pushed deeper into the pile instead of actually being removed, or overshampooing where excessing residue is left in the material- these affect the quality of the carpet cleaning results. In addition, when residue remains in the carpet, it is a dirt magnet, causing it to get soiled at a much faster rate, taking you back to the beginning and forcing you to redo the task. Why put yourself through all this when the carpet cleaning professionals are just a phone call away?


  • Smells emanating from the carpet


These can be due to a myriad of reasons. A common one with the DIY carpet cleaning is when the carpet is left wet for too long, resulting in a musky smell. Then there are those cases where ineffective odour neutralizers are used, or simply the source of the stench was not adequately removed from the carpet itself. The odours ruin the ambience of the interior space.


  • Mould


With overwetting during the DIY carpet cleaning, the drying time is prolonged. This encourages fungi to grow. Not only is this unpleasant- since they come with stains of all sorts of colours, but the mould is actually a threat to the health of the persons on the premises. They release spores into the interior space, and these are allergens that will cause a myriad of reactions. There are also those species which produce mycotoxins, putting body organs at risk. The DIY carpet cleaning ends up putting your health in jeopardy.


  • Delamination


This occurs when the carpet gets separated from its secondary backing. It is also caused by overwetting, a common mistake made during the DIY carpet cleaning. Your goal is to get rid of the dirt and grime, not to ruin the expensive carpet. By hiring professional carpet cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about such issues occurring.


  • Shrinkage


The culprit here too is overwetting. The excess moisture can cause the carpet to shrink, pulling it away from the wall. Costs of repair and replacement end up going through the roof. Since it was a result of the DIY carpet cleaning, the warranty will not have this covered, and you are forced to dig deeper into your wallet to get a brand new carpet. This is not the fate that you want. The DIY process started off as a way to save money, but eventually results in you spending far much more than you had anticipated. Avoid the risks and protect your investment by calling in the carpet cleaning professionals.


  • Give your carpet quality care


Our carpet cleaning crew have been taken through intensive training for the task, and also have the know-how, accumulated over the years of service delivery for both residential and commercial clients. They understand the various techniques and chemicals needed to deliver a deep clean without putting the carpet’s structural integrity at risk. The products used are from leading brands, with attributes ranging from high effectiveness to eco-friendly carpet cleaning formulations that can be safely used around kids and pets. With a dedicated staff on call, ready to address your concerns, and a friendly crew who will walk you through the entire process to ensure that you’re well versed with the measures being undertaken, our goal is to ensure that you’re satisfied with the entire spectrum of our services. After all, you’re our #1 priority, and we aim to ensure that you get high standards on each carpet cleaning session.

Our carpet cleaning services have been affordably priced. The cost structure itself will account for the particular situation that you are in, looking at factors such as the type and size of the carpet, to how frequent you want to schedule the services. It can be anything from routine carpet cleaning, spring cleaning, to those emergency sessions where you want the job done ASAP. Our crew will be punctual, and will arrive on site fully equipped to hit the ground running.

Risks Of DIY Carpet Cleaning

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